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  1. How can you choose to reclassify a friendly as a training match days before though? That doesn't seem fair. Should be whatever was scheduled as, training match or friendly stays. Way too easy to game point this way. Oh we have injuries and cant field our best A team Training Match! Oh Concacaf is stupid and is now gifting us the Hex Training Matc If the request was actually denied. its more likely Iceland wanted to keep it as an offial Friendly and not that FIFA denied the request.
  2. James made the first huge mistake, then Crepeau should have smothered that ball. Godinho mistimed a crazy front of goal challenge, it was the least of the 3 mistakes. Goal is on James first of all then Crepeau 2nd.
  3. Next official window need to schedule 4 friendlies, make ES come out of hiding.
  4. All the best to Doneil I have been a big supporter since he signed and made his way with TFC. But man he needs to eliminate the lapses in concentration for gals against and stupid red cards.
  5. Vanney din't bring in Laryea to be a midfielder he saw him as a RB/RWB. I can't remember a single penetrating pass from Laryea through the lines this year, he would be a terrible midfielder hence why Orlando never gave him a chance. Out wide he drew penalties running into the box and delivered dangerous byline crosses. Vanney saw that potential when Orlando did not.
  6. MLS staff writer Matthew Doyle believes Inter Miami plans on converting Norman to a CB ... please lets hope so. We saw how successful this type of re-training worked for Laryea going from attacking mid to RB. Hopefully those at Inter Miami have the same eye for talent as Vanney and Norman can develop into a quality defender. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/20/armchair-analyst-state-miami-nashville-rosters-post-expansion-draft • Did they get David Norman Jr. with the intention of converting him to center back? He's a big, competitive kid who's a pretty good central midfielder and played most of this year in Canadian Premier League, but probably lacks the vision and footwork necessary to play in the middle of the pitch at the MLS level. If that sounds something like Aaron Long five years ago, or Nat Borchers before him, well, that's where my head is, too. There's a pretty rich history of young CMs who have the physical tools to do so being converted to center back. (For what it's worth, if I was a Canadian men's national team fan reading this I'd be rooting like hell for Norman to be converted to CB, which is the thinnest spot on Canada's roster.)
  7. Not to be over dramatic but I'm almost at my breaking point like what am I doing to myself spending my Saturday night watching El Salvador vs Montserrat at the edge of my seat? Surely there's a more enjoyable way to spend my scarce free time? And even if Canada managed to stumble their way into a final 6 position we all know they would land in 5th with a final game result which saw them blow a sure top 3 finish .
  8. How fair is it that 2 nations playing in league B get to walk into the world cup qualifying round while 8 others who have rolled them over get no chance at it.
  9. Was getting nervous watching the Mex vs Pan game that panama could somehow manage to eek out a result but now Mex back on top. Pan would need another gift miracle goal at this point.
  10. Davies has kicked it up another gear since the last times we saw him. he is developing exponentially at Bayern. he seemed quicker and way more confident in dribbling past not 1 but sometimes 3 opponents. In the past he used to knock the ball forward then try to run on, now he is controlling the ball and rounding the defenders. Crazy he is still only 18
  11. Finally a result that might light a fire. I remember the Honduras away game thinking that was the chance to get Hoillet and J DeGuzman on board . No need to remind everyone how that turned out.
  12. Again, they likely offered to sell it back over to the major networks at a price that didn't make sense such as 1 Billion Dollars as the Dr Evil gif above mentions.
  13. I ranted about him being a snake oil salesman always talking but never delivering the goods. Well tonight he had the team play with incredible intensity and passion. I have never seen anything like that. He's learned and adapted from the Haiti loss and so have the players. Kudos to Herdman he managed perfectly.
  14. How credible is that? Twitter is not exactly a top source. Why would OneSoccer pay for the rights to Nations League then turn around and hand over broadcast rights to their competitors? More likely the offer was give us x$ and we will release this game to you where x$ was a decent amount.
  15. Osorio was great as well, was up and down the pitch cutting off passing lanes then jumping up field helping unlock the US defense. Everyone was pretty much great this was the most complete/focused I have ever seen Canada perform.
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