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  1. Back in the TFC golden days teams would start at BMO with a defensive lineup hoping to keep the score close for 65 mins. Then if they we're still in the game would sub in their best players and attack more. Would like to see Canada do the same vs Mexico. Don't want Davies gassing in the 60th min vs Panama like he was vs USA.
  2. Anyone know how to access pre-sale codes for other parts of the stadium?
  3. Damn didn't realize the TSN website feed was behind. Read about the goal before it actually happened on my stream. I'm OK with that!
  4. Listening to his interview, such a thoughtful player. What frustrates me is how TFC and Canada Youth overlooked him. If he was developed through strong academy and national youth he would be further along. Another problem is TFC youth development has been hilariously garbage as GTA born Canada players have come through sources other than TFC.
  5. Crazy how in 2019 we had for RB Godinho / Brault-Guillard, since then Johnston and Laryea have materialized to establish 2 solid RB options. Looking back on this thread I see that Johnston made his MLS debut just over a year ago, and this thread was only created when drafted in Jan 2020. Funny how we track all these players for years as they hop around every type and level of league only to have the 'RB Solution' pop up out of seemingly nowhere.
  6. Watching him in MLS his best crosses seem to be diagonals from above the box, don't really recall seeing many dangerous byline/deep crossing. Could be his skill is at picking out a runner rather than delivering a corner that is tricky enough to evade set piece defenders.
  7. Not sure how accurate this is FIFA Rankings Site, but they have Canada jumping 11 spots to 59 following the GC run. Now 5th ranked in CONCAF leaping over SLV and HON. 09. USA 10. MEX 44. CRC 50. JAM 59. CAN 63. SLV 66. HON 75. PAN 77. CUW
  8. God damn again so proud of these guys they took it to Mexico in a pretty much away game and had them. When we finally have the chance to welcome them home we need to come out with 110% support.
  9. Versus Davies and David? Mexico were pretty much full squad while Canada was missing those 2 plus Larin and Hutch
  10. Doneil had a great 2nd half. So proud of the fight in this team. Man these guys are on a trajectory!! They had thim on the ropes! Penalties and a great gol by a classy player beat them. Octo watch out
  11. I'll say it now because its past but I expected a VAR review. Still under shock from years of CMNT abuse
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