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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Stryker911 in Canadians Abroad Feb 28th - March 5th 2020   
    Henry is playing AFC Champions league game this morning against Johor. Corbin-Ong is playing for Johor.
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Kadenge in NEW Mother of all Canucks Abroad (and domestic)   
    The word is out ....Canadians can play footie ☺
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Ian Kennedy in Canadians Abroad Feb 21st - 27th 2020   
    Scott went back to Austria healthy and played in 4 friendly matches.  Unfortunately, in the last friendly before the 1st game of the 2nd half of the regular season, he was injured.  He will need approx 4 weeks to heal.  He remains positive and looks forward to helping the team get promoted (Klagenfurt is in 2nd with 37 points).
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Crazy to say that this way 8 years ago today  . Not a lot of people know but Liam was soon CUT from The TFC academy for being to small.(some here do) ... to his credit he didn’t sulk or loose faith he put his head down and went to prove them wrong... 
    sorry for sharing this but all players Are on a different pathway a different road and sometimes it’s good to share that things were never easy. People loose sight of that sometimes. He has a long way to go but has come so far !!
    my message to all players is to never give up ...

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    WheatsheafSK reacted to shamrock in Canadians Abroad Feb 7th - 13th 2020   
    This was a rematch of a game that was halted in November because the lights went out. A replay means you have to have the same squad as in the original game.
    Also, I think it still was a game in the Apertura and not the current Clausura.
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Unbelievable performance from back to front from the whole team. To come out and beat a league one team with basically a u20 team. Brilliant 
    so incredibly proud of Liam asked to do a job to press and push and run. He put a proper shift in and did all that an more. That dummy near the end and if Curtis would hve put him in he would have scored for sure. 
    so so proud. . No one can ever take that away from him having played for Liverpool FC in the FA Cup team  a winning team. 
    lost for words time for a beer 
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to narduch in Liam Millar   
    How will they grow the game if they don't televise the match?
    (Sorry, I though this was the CPL sub-forum).
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    He has he’s played there twice for the u23s And once with the u18s ... 18s was the fa youth cup quarters vs Arsenal they lost 3-2 don’t remember the u23s games but a crazy place to play...
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Liam Millar   
    Media are reporting he's likely to start in the the left of the attack tonight. 
    This is one of those matches I wish I could see live. 
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to nolando in Iain Hume   
    Earned his UEFA B Coaching  License recently. Way to go, Humey!

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    WheatsheafSK reacted to deschamp86 in Amer Didic   
    As said above, they are both on trial at Whitecaps. Word is either that Didic is a free agent, or has a clause in his contract that allows him to move to an MLS club on free transfer.
    Sissoko also apparently has a similar clause or would be allowed to leave on a minimal fee
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    WheatsheafSK got a reaction from toontownman in Amer Didic   
    I am confused and/or missing context - Are Didic and Sissoko on trial somewhere?  Didn't Sissoko just join Wanderers and Didic is still at FC Edmonton?
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Unnamed Trialist in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Commenting on @Obinna above and others. I've watched quite a bit of them this year, try to almost every week if I can, and a few things I see that are positive, and a few little details to improve.
    First, being back where he is he not hacked and rarely is subject to hard tackles. As a wing it was habitual, as we have seen at Canada, and at Caps, so I think that might help him avoid injury.
    Then, I see they give him freedom, and he interprets it carefully. He goes forward but not a lot, and does not always take on defenders, and does not abuse his speed. They have him pacing himself. Another reason why he is more consistent, and probably a bettter defender. 
    Related to the above, since he does not have to push forward a lot, we have not really seen his stuff in attack, it is all rather subdued. I don't mind this--as said, it'll emerge eventually, he'll get his chance.
    What I see about his play that could improve. He has an overly long control and/or dribble when he tries to take someone on. Sometimes it is a first touch. He overextends the play and loses control of the ball. This also happens when he accelerates to set up a give and go, for example, he can rush a pass and gets caught out. I think with his speed, here too, he needs to keep it close and safe, and let the speed do the talking with the ball under control.
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Obinna in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    I know we all know this but I will say it anyways...
    What I love about Davies is that he is very skillful, has good technique, and has world class athleticism. That is such a deadly combination and it is very rare for a player to have all 3.
    Not only that, but he has such a fantastic attitude. He is humble and wants to learn and this is surely why every time he steps up a level he figures it out.
    His soccer IQ is not "off the charts", like Jonathan David, but it's high enough that when you factor in his coachability/attitude, the result is that he makes the right decision more often than not.
    Making the right decision is easier when the game is in front of you, which is why I believe he has thrived at LB for Bayern.
    The next step is for him to make better decisions in the final 3rd. I think it will naturally come in a few years. As he continues to train and develop alongside these world class players, the game will start to slow down closer to goal.
    Once he figures that out I think Bayern will begin to play him further up the field. I predict that slowly, but surely, he will evolve from a left back into an all-around dominant world class left-sided player. Sometimes we will see him at left back, sometimes we will be see him left wing, but always he will be on the field. As the article says, he cannot find his way back to the bench. He will ultimately become undropable, if he is not already.
    Until then we should all enjoy his incredible rise as a left back at one of the best clubs in the world!
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to SpursFlu in Tristan Borges   
    Belgium league is a trampoline league, MLS is not structured to move players along to bigger clubs and leagues. Tristan probably feels it's a better place to showcase himself for a bigger move over the next couple seasons
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    WheatsheafSK got a reaction from shorty in Lucas Cavallini   
    I agree.  I am more concerned about his incredible lack of judgment. 
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Bison44 in Lucas Cavallini   
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to grigorio in Lucas Cavallini   
    But Scott isn't an idiot and even if he felt such a thing clearly would have the understanding that stating such a thing as a leader on the team would be an idiotic thing to do. 
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Ballou Tabla   
    He was good enough for Barça B so that should be taken for what it is worth. Lots of guys older than him there and only now getting 1st team minutes. They transferred him to a 2nd division team but he did not get minutes. Maybe that was bad luck as he never showed badly. At Impact he was only mediocre. 
    For me he hasn't taken his chances and I don't see a clear learning curve. I also think he has some mentality or self esteem questions. 
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Ruffian in Ballou Tabla   
    And still lose!
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Bison44 in Ballou Tabla   
    Yes TFC guys are cheering for him too!  I hope Ballou gets a brace against TFC.  With the assists going to Shome and Waterman.  
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    WheatsheafSK got a reaction from johnyb in Camp Poutine 2020 in beautiful California   
    Here are my two worthless bits:
    Wow - Canada is having a camp... in January... and Friendlies to boot! So why are so many whining on this forum? So nice that Canada is taking on a better team in a friendly for what feels like the first time in, like, forever.  It is about time that CMNT starts challenging themselves against teams that are above them in the rankings, play a different style and are not part of CONCACAF.  It is almost as if CSA is looking beyond the next tournament for once.  CMNT will beat Barbados (assuming they don't use it as a training exercise), and they can beat Iceland if they play to their potential.   It is big squad, but nice to see CPL and other new faces be included. Weak in midfield, but otherwise there are options at most positions.  In particular, this is a big opportunity for Crepeau. Look forward to seeing who steps up (and who falls into oblivion). 
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    The vast majority of the killie fans are sad to see him go sorry. Have a look on twitter look at liams post. im the first to admit we would have liked more output for sure but very tough in a team that hasn’t won in 11 hasn’t scored in 6 and he was playing in a very defensive 451 as a left mid really. He did the best he did. He fought and leaned the best way possible. 

    the truth be told is he is a 20 year old footballer on his first loan who managed in on year to get 35 pro appearances under his belt earning a starting place in a very tough physical SPFL The purpose of his loan was get experience mins and toughness which he did. 
    now he returns for a reset and regroup and possibly heads out again if possible hopefully to a championship team...or try to get involved with the first team sqUad. 
    A welcome challenge for sure but one that’s up to him..
  24. Haha
    WheatsheafSK reacted to El Hombre in Liam Millar   
    From a completely selfish perspective, if he stayed at Liverpool, that would increase his chances of being available for Olympic qualifying.
    Good for his development?  Debatable.
    Would make El Hombre happy?  Most definitely.
    And isn't that what's most important?
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    WheatsheafSK reacted to Obinna in Camp Poutine 2020 in beautiful California   
    This camp is probably very important for Chapman.
    Not only does he get a chance to play his way back into the Canada picture, but he also gets a head start ahead of his Inter Miami pre-season camp.
    I am hoping the early extra reps with Canada give him a leg up on the other midfielders who will be vying for a place in the team. It's a brand new club so Chapman really has a chance to cement a spot and grow into his potential.
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