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  1. I am confused and/or missing context - Are Didic and Sissoko on trial somewhere? Didn't Sissoko just join Wanderers and Didic is still at FC Edmonton?
  2. I agree. I am more concerned about his incredible lack of judgment.
  3. Here are my two worthless bits: Wow - Canada is having a camp... in January... and Friendlies to boot! So why are so many whining on this forum? So nice that Canada is taking on a better team in a friendly for what feels like the first time in, like, forever. It is about time that CMNT starts challenging themselves against teams that are above them in the rankings, play a different style and are not part of CONCACAF. It is almost as if CSA is looking beyond the next tournament for once. CMNT will beat Barbados (assuming they don't use it as a training exercise), and they can beat Iceland if they play to their potential. It is big squad, but nice to see CPL and other new faces be included. Weak in midfield, but otherwise there are options at most positions. In particular, this is a big opportunity for Crepeau. Look forward to seeing who steps up (and who falls into oblivion).
  4. I always thought the rivalry was between Toronto and Ottawa: The Battle of Ontario 😜
  5. I agree with so much said above. I really appreciated UT's insights, and as a result, I was willing pardon his tone. If he crossed the line, then there are consequences. I am willing to accept that the admins had good cause as they seem present enough to know who is saying what and who is a regular contributor and simply talking s**t. I am hoping this is a temporary ban and not permanent so that UT can be back.
  6. Dejan Jakovic makes a rare appearance coming on for the last 16 minutes against the Galaxy as LAFC advance 5-3. Kaye not on the bench, so not sure if is a bad sign for next week. If he was close to being back from his hammy injury, I would have hoped that he would have been on the bench last night.
  7. Checking out Soccerway, it appears that Nikola is number 2 or 3 on Le Havre II. The 19 year old - Fofana - is the No.2 for the senior team and gets the odd game with the reserves. The 17 year-old started the first game for Le Havre II, but was pushed to the bench to give Fofana time. With Fofana playing, Nikola was pushed off the game day sheet. He got 640 minutes in the fourth tier last year. I suspect that he will again get some game time in the fifth tier, but that might be reliant on injuries further up the latter.
  8. He was rock solid for them in 3. Liga as Paderborn was promoted to B2. He was injured in preseason and only returned to training in the winter break. In the last week of the transfer window there were reports that he was available for a transfer. Not sure how legitimate those reports were, but for a guy coming back from injury to a team now playing in a higher division, I get why he may have tried to stay and break back into the first team. Unfortunately things did not pan out. I would be surprised if he gets anytime in the Bundesliga not having played in B2. Feel bad for him because he was so important to Paderborn as they went for promotion over a year ago, and then injury intervened. Best hope would be that he can land in a B2 squad, but more likely he is in a lower league.
  9. Except for those two years in Norway, 2017 with Edmonton and a few trials around the world in between. It could be as simple as staying in 3.L with possibility of moving to B2 is more attractive (and possibly more lucrative) then coming home to be a big fish in a small pond. CPL is starting. It will grow and as it does more players will choose it. Until then, nothing wrong with sticking with the European option.
  10. Hard to argue that Barcelona and Ajax do not have a "special" relationship considering the influence that Michels and Cruijff have had on the two clubs, and the shared philosophies. In fact it is that shared philosophy in developing academy players that undermines your suggestion that Ajax abuses the loan arrangements more than Barca. I agree that Barca and Ajax are not attached at the hip and Barca has bought numerous great players from PSV and Feyenoord as well (e.g. Romorio, Ronaldo, Larsson, Koeman, Van Bronkhurst). However, that combination of shared philosophies, managers and influential players do set Ajax and Barca's relationship apart. I would not want Tabla to join Ajax as I would be concerned that he would end up with Jong Ajax in the Ereste Divisie (second divisions) which would be below his current team's competition. As to your point about big club buying success - I could not agree more. The only good thing about this rumoured agreement between Ajax and Barca is that it is public. The problem with such agreements is that they are never made public and there is no clear way to evaluate them. That said, I much prefer this openess to the hidden agreements e.g. Chelsea-Vitesse where Chelsea has loaned approx. 50 players to Vitesse, Abramavich is alleged to have financed the purchase of Vitesse, yet both clubs maintain there is no special relationship. Chelsea has bought so many youth players and have used to Vitesse to dumped them off Chelsea's books while placing them in the shop window. I don't mind the when a team makes key purchases (e.g. de Jong to Barca) but I dislike when the entire team (and potentially the development squad) is filled with transfers.
  11. Can't help but feel that he is heading back overseas. He had a contract for 2019 and an option for 2020. At 32, he still has a few years left. Does not seem logical to walk away from a contract at this stage of the game unless he has equivalent options elsewhere. Even if MDS indicated that he would have a limited role going forward, at 32 I would think he would stay and fight for his spot while still under contract. I would be surprised if MDS told a versatile player like de Jong that he had no future with the Caps - especially as the team needs experienced players. I would not be surprised that he gets picked up for the remainder of the season at a lower-league Eredivisie side.
  12. This is great move for Cordova as the Caps have a lot of positions that need filling. The loan agreement is good testing ground for both caps and Cordova. Plus it will be nice to be able to see what this kid can do in the MLS. Re MDS signing Canadians - my perspective is that they are trying get domestics at low cost to fill slots. These players may be underrated and it is a great opportunity for them, but I don't see them walking onto the team. MDS has been good to Canadians - but he has also been smart to slot in bigger talents or more experienced players as well. MDS is basically having to rebuild the entire squad - recent signings provide depth but I suspect bigger signings are coming. I would not be surprises if a more experienced defensive re-enforcement arrives in the next month or during the summer transfer window.
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