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  1. A good look at the schedule problem in Russia with regards to the weather. http://sfunion.net/?p=1315
  2. Grozny had an awful result on the weekend against Nalchik. Grozny had a good run in the first half, and should have scored a goal or two, but it ended 0-0 after the first. In the second half, with the snow starting to fall, the hosts (Nalchik) scored 3 goals to win the match 3-0. The result is not the best for Grozny going into the winter break. The Premier League has been split into the championship group, and relegation group for the Spring season (and the last ttwo matches before the winter break). Grozny are in the relegation group, and need to turn things around in the Spring, because things look quite close at the bottom. I'll be watching Anzhi vs CSKA (downloaded) later this week, should be a good one.
  3. Good on the Czech FA for fining the Czech players and staff after 'disgraceful' scenes following the victory over Montenegro. They set the fine at 2,000,000kc (or about $120,000). "The fine followed a display by players — some of whom had stripped down to their underpants — who danced and chanted vulgar slogans against a former international striker who has harshly criticized their qualification performance. The display took place in full public view at Podgorica airport after the 1:0 away win against Montenegro secured the Czechs’ place in the finals next year." http://www.ceskapozice.cz/en/news/society/czech-footballers-staff-fined-euro-2012-scenes
  4. Mohamed Aborig, a Canadian (?, born in Libya) according to wiki (I know), is apparently at ZP Sport Podbrezova in the Slovak 2nd division. He played last year, I think, in the CSL. Více zde: http://www.zpfutbal.sk/teams/muzi-a/ Another website says that he is Libyan, so I don't know. http://www.ligy.sk/player/16504/show
  5. Ah, looks good on Bosnia! The Czech Republic managed to qualify for the Euro 2012, despite having a rather average side. It'll be interesting to see how they do next year.
  6. Montenegro, not Macedonia.
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