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  1. October 7th - Croatitan 3rd tier Josip Granic started and played 90 minutes for NK Zagreb in a 1-0 loss away to Kurilovec.
  2. Andres Fresenga is now back in Uruguay. He has returned to his former club Cerro Largo (2nd tier) https://t.co/LC4lc0SFQU https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrés_Fresenga
  3. Faroe Islands - 2nd tier Frantzly Zephirin played for B71 in a 2-0 win away to HB II.
  4. Bulgarian 2nd tier Dominic Iankov started and played 90 minutes for Ludogorets II in a 1-0 win away to Arda Kardzhali
  5. Radzinski started up front in this match with Jan Koller.
  6. Toje

    Czech soccer [R]

    9th tier Biskupice vs Želeč - Village of around 300 people.
  7. I am only eligible for Canada. However, I will hopefully be adding Czech citizenship soon.
  8. He signed with Deportivo Guadalajara back in July (Spanish 4th tier) http://nuevaalcarria.com/articulos/korolev-jony-pantxi-y-santino-los-cuatro-nuevos-fichajes-del-deportivo
  9. Italian 2nd tier 18 year old keeper, Axel Desjardins, was on the bench for Spezia in a 2-1 win over Carpi.
  10. Czech Republic 3rd tier Papa Dione came on in the 56th minute for Hodonín in a 3-1 win vs Rýmařov.
  11. Czech Cup 3rd round Ahinga Selemani started and played 90 minutes for Vlašim in a 4-1 loss away to Příbram.
  12. Czech Republic 3rd tier Papa Dione started and played 76 minutes for Hodonín in a 2-1 loss away to Vrchovina.
  13. Three keepers in Italy over the weekend.... - Alessandro Busti was on the bench for Juventus U23 in a 2-1 loss vs Alessandria in Serie C - Sebastian Breza was also an unused sub for Potenza in a 1-0 loss away to US Catanzaro in Serie C. - Axel Desjardins was on the bench for Spezia in a 2-0 loss away Cremonese in Serie B.
  14. Czech Republic - 3rd tier Sep 15 Papa Dione started and scored in the 26th minute for Hodonín in a 2-2 draw vs Velké Meziříčí. He came off in the 84th minute.
  15. He has resigned with Mjondalen for the 2019 season. https://t.co/behFZR2a9h
  16. He just finished up his season with Valentine Phoenix FC in the Australian 2nd tier. Radio interview from today - http://www.abc.net.au/radio/newcastle/programs/breakfast/mele/10230130
  17. Just some random information. There are still 3 players who are active who played in the Canadian U23 14-0 win over the USVI in 2003. Atiba Hutchinson, Elliot Godfrey (7th tier in England) and David Masciantonio (6th tier in Italy).
  18. Josip Granic who has played in League 1 Ontario is now with NK Zagreb in the Croatian 3rd tier. https://t.co/gBcP1wPn9X https://t.co/OmFWS9vRv9
  19. E Mozzo, Raejae Joseph, J Engerman, C Labrada, Derrick Smith, T Andrew, B Pierre, D Dyer, A Dennis, J Mack, J Saintil USVI starting line up
  20. Sep 8th - Czech Republic 3rd tier Kroměříž 2 Hodonín 0 - Papa Saltigué Massamba Dione started and played 90 minutes for Hodonín.
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