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  1. Article on the league's website says Kah indicated a domestic fullback was on trial and set to be signed. Eddie Edward? Did Chris Serban re-up in Calgary?
  2. Roberto Saputo at Bologna - is this a coincidence?
  3. There would have been enough dates, particularly if they dropped next year's GC. The format was already flimsy at best and the lack of a "complete rankings cycle" exposed it further, thankfully we appear to have caught a break (for once?) The only question now is how they can lay an easy path for the US and Mexico but still have them play each other
  4. Dunfield is killing me, being partisan is fine but don't yell into the mic ffs
  5. Bekker could grab a free kick or two against some poorly organized walls and make some highlight reels early on
  6. If Quebecois strikers are coming out of retiremne t If Quebecois strikers are coming out of retirement then Ali Gerba has to be available!
  7. tbf the Island team hardly needs to do preseason training in a warm-weather climate, but if the other 6 teams are going they might as well squeeze in!
  8. Good call on Blake Smith as the mystery Smith, he got cut from Cincinnatti last month and just recently "liked" a tweet from Mark Village about Pacific FC. That was me on reddit, I think I was confusing Jose Pina with "Pena" and assumed it was Adrian. AFAIK Adrian Pena isn't involved.
  9. Brilliant draw, especially because I assumed Cuba would've been secretly kept from drawing either Canada or the US, a bit like how UEFA keep certain nations from playing each other. The Cuban team usually don't leave with the entire squad when they play up here IIRC
  10. John's Herd, Man. That's great, not sure about the rest of the opening post from Roberto there. If anything, I think the "false dawn" repeated itself leading up to that WCQ at BMO Field against Jamaica (2008?) when Onstad punched it into his own net. Things went downhill from there.
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