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  1. Depends really. New Zealand we should beat, the Asian team (Korea? Saudi?) would be a lot trickier. South American team we'd be rank outsiders
  2. Don't get me wrong, I want Arfield in the team because I want our best players, especially when Weston McKennie will be in that American midfield next time, I just get the vibe that Herdman decided it's better for the squad atmosphere without him there
  3. Arfield might be done. The Hoilett tweet and his exclusion this time makes me think he just doesn't get on with the younger mostly (?) GTA-raised squad
  4. Well it's hardly one or the other, if there's space he'll run into it. If the play is static and no one is finding space in the middle, he's entitled to try and FIFA Street his way through
  5. Agree with everything except this. He can take guys on all night if he wants to
  6. surely January can't be anywhere else? The pipes would freeze if they turned the water on at pretty much any other outdoor stadium except Langford (too small) and BC Place
  7. I think he mentioned he had been to both markets this year as well. Quick look at his Instagram shows he travelled from the island to the Okanagan at least once, and I doubt there was much other travel given the pandemic 🧐 Kelowna and somewhere in the Valley/Surrey? Weren't there rumours of an Okanagan-based academy putting a team in the proposed BCL1? Maybe they're thinking bigger
  8. Apparently his Sudanese background had caused delays when Foothills crossed the border in previous years, can't imagine this will help
  9. Omg. Won't someone think of the municipal bylaws?? And "they"? So I suppose you're responsible for anything a Pacific supporter does? Or we can be like you and just blame Ted for it until someone else points out that we have the wrong guy? I know you're about 0 for 5 with the barefaced lies here but I was sitting there and no one told me it wasn't a "supporters section", I assumed that's where they dump the away fans given how many FCE shirts were in the area
  10. So blame whoever works in ticketing and put them there. The tickets were bought with the caveat that it was for Edmonton fans looking for a section. Obviously corrections are welcome, ideally you shouldn't need them after a rambling "here's what happened." post where you accuse people of breaking things
  11. You gonna edit that one a few times too? Or not making sh*t up this time? Also, swearing in a supporters' section is bad now? Gimme a break...
  12. It's on the whole team. Goalkeeper mistake yes, no way of knowing if they would have tied it up eventually. Not like the team looked like they would have seen it out at the end anyway, can only ride your luck so long. Onwards next week
  13. They've tried groups (4 and 3 team) in recent history and dropped them, are we really advanced enough to go back? The whole point seems to be maximizing MLS vs. Mexican games (especially in the US). I could see preliminary groups with everyone else played in a neutral location (i.e. Forge hosting a 4-team group of Central American and Caribbean teams, or in Miami) before getting to dance with the big boys over two legs
  14. This saves the most headaches - TFC and Forge go into CCL and everyone's happy. If the game must be played, they can have it between CCL matchdays to keep fit
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