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  1. Anyone know the date for the match in Cuba? I'm thinking of going.
  2. Is there a thread for the Nations League group stage matches in the fall? I'd specifically like to know when the match in Cuba is taking place and if we're going to organize a road trip.
  3. Assuming the above schedule is correct, does anyone know actual dates that these games would be taking place? I'd like to start thinking about saving up money for a trip to Cuba!
  4. That wouldn't bother me a bit if their second match was against us.
  5. We might not have all of our best players available but FG are missing even more. 4-0 to the red and white!
  6. When are the tickets we've bought going to be shipped out? Only three weeks to go now, I'm looking forward to this!
  7. Tickets bought, thank you very much! When you assign the seats, an aisle would be appreciated as my friend is mobility challenged.
  8. That's a brutal challenge on Sinclair! At least the ref pulled out a card for that one. Is it my imagination or have Costa Rica taken a lot of unpunished cheap shots at our ladies?
  9. Need to clear the ball more than six yards.
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