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    Football (real football, not North American hand-egg) and baseball. And science fiction. And good food. And my kids. Not necessarily in that order.

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  1. I'm definitely in for Jamaica. Already booked the vacation time from work! I recall for San Pedro Sula there were only five or six of us there and we all made our own travel and hotel arrangements, and Morgan Quarry got us our tickets. It was much the same for Belize. Would we work it the same way now, or are we thinking of making some kind of group arrangement?
  2. Bad news for Haiti but good news for us, I guess. I can't watch the match live because my family is taking me out for my 60th tonight, so now I'm torn between just reading the result after or staying up after midnight to watch the replay on One Soccer and being a zombie at work tomorrow. Whatever, because I'm 60 today, I'm predicting 6-0 for Canada. Allez Les Rouge!
  3. Unconvincing, but we have a lead to take back to Chicago. Better field, better weather, hopefully a better ref, and we should be through to the Octagon.
  4. At least ref got the card right this time. Dreadful challenge.
  5. Our boys look like the only thing they want is to get out of there.
  6. We look like crap this half. Need some changes.
  7. Honestly, it hasn't been much of an inspiring match from either team. Canada might have 75% possession but we're doing next to nothing with it. I'd like to see us come out in the second half with a little more spring in our step. I don't think Haiti would be too upset with only being down 0-1 going into the second leg. We need some more goals.
  8. About smegging time for the yellow card for all the fouls on Davies!
  9. Davies seems to be having more trouble with the sticky pitch than anyone else. Looks like he can't get the ball out of his feet when he's trying his close control.
  10. I've refereed on 4G pitches that have been freshly rubbered. It's like running in glue. If there's any spin on a lofted ball it changes direction when it bounces.
  11. Oh my goodness, how is that not a booking?!
  12. Well worked goal. Excellent dummy by Laryea and a super cross from Osorio.
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