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  1. Ryan Nelsen “When we came in the club, the club had done nothing,” Nelsen said. “No recruitment, no scouting, no nothing, so we literally have to start from scratch here and we feel like we’re four or five weeks behind everybody because we had to deal with cap issues and we had to deal with squad issues AS I THOUGHT. SO GLAD MARINER IS GONE.
  2. IMO NASL is the best option that we have. I would like to see the NASL and USL pro merge into one league with an East and West Divisions (to keep costs down). It could have 10 teams in each Division and allow 5 Canadian teams into the League (because of the 25% quota). Having 8 Pro Canadian teams is a good next step. IMO a Canadian league would not fly. For some reason more people would come out to watch if theres an American team involved.
  3. A CSN article has put TFC's 2012 season as the 6th worst MLS season by any club. So i went back to look at what those teams did the following season (coaching wise). 1. New York (1999) -- Bora Milutinovic fired. replaced by Octavio Zambrano. 2. Tampa Bay (2001 -- Perry Van der Beck Clubs final season in MLS. 3. Chivas (2005) -- Hans Weserhof fired. replaced by Bob Bradley. 4. Kansas City (1999) -- Ron Newman fired. replaced by Ken Fogary (interm rest of season). replaced by Bob Gransler. 4. RSL (2005) -- John Ellinger stayed on. (RSL first season in MLS) 6. New York (2009) -- Juan Carlos Osario fired. replaced by Richie Williams (interm rest of season). replaced by Hans Backe. Following season 1. New York -- new coach finished 1st in the East 2. Tampa Bay -- folded 3. Chivas USA -- new coach finished 3rd in the West 4. Kansas City -- new coach finished 1st in the West and won MLS CUP 4. RSL -- same coach second season in MLS 6th in the West 6. New York -- new coach 1st in the East All but two teams replaced head coaches or interm coaches and went on to make the playoffs the following season. The other two teams. One folded and the other was an expanssion team.
  4. here are a few quotes from Plymouth fans about Paul Mariner. really wanted him to succeed but he's been found out. Too many opposition managers have outwitted him during games. His tactics and formations and timing of subs have been poor. I would like an experienced manager. To add to that, the set pieces have been piss poor most of the time for which there is no excuse when you consider they've got all week to work on them and TBH lately we've looked even more disorganized than when Sturrock was in charge. Great player maybe even great coach but will never be a great manager. Simply out of his depth and that naivity was there for everyone to see. When he says I believed we could get out of it but we came up short - what he should have been saying was we were a million miles off we should start with fresh players ,management,and board ,we need a total overhaul Nope i think we need an experianced manager, the final straw for me was the newcastle game, 2-0 down at half time in a game we needed to win for survival and we play with 3 defensive midfielders up until the 76th minute. we should av went all out attack second half, didnt matter if we lost 2-0 or 10-0 we were relegated so at least make an effort ffs Mariner had the time and a small amount of money was made available to him. He could have and he should have turned it around. Nobody expected him to produce free flowing football and a mid table finish but there is no excuse for performances that were delivered like the performance against Watford, it was simply unacceptable. I can accept relegation but relegation without so much as breaking sweat is not only a slap across the face for the fans, it’s like puking on them afterwards! I had been a Mariner/Carver fan, but Sundays lack of effort from the players showed, as far as I'm concerned, the current management team are unable to motivate players
  5. In Today's Sun Earl was asked why has it been “like (this)?” “Turnover,” Cochrane said. Since Earl and Mariner have taken over IN Quincy Amarikwa Eric Hassli Darren O'Dea Andrew Wiedeman Freddy Hall Out Joao Plata nick soolsma Julian DeGuzman miguel aceval and last weeks in game interview he told Jason Devos that we are 4 starters and 3 bench players away from being competitive. That would make it 16 changes in less then a full year. These guys say one thing a do the opposite. This shows how bad this FO has been and will continue to be. THIS NIGHTMARE WILL NEVER END.
  6. Can somebody answer me how Toronto FC can keep Paul Mariner as Manager. I would like one example of a Manager or Coach that has succeeded when most of the fan base doesn't approve of him. If MLSE keep this guy around it further proves that they have no clue of how to run a sports franchise.
  7. I'm one that believes Mariner is not the answer for TFC. His style of play is just bad for the eye, his antics on the sideline is juvenile, and the way he doesn't hold himself accountable for anything makes me want to vomit. I know people are trying to send a message by not going to games, but the way to send a message is for ALL supporters groups to unite and make banners MARINER OUT, chant MARINER OUT all game long. Put pressure on the FO for all to see. With only a few home games remaining now is the time or we'll be stuck with Mariner.
  8. This may be one reason why the players are not putting in an effort for TFC.
  9. Mariner is the worst manager on the planet. This guy has no clue about the modern game. He has brought in plenty of his players (F.Hall, O'dea, Amarikwa, Hassli, Wiedeman) and other Winter signings have his fingerprints all over it (Dunfield, Eckersley, J.Hall, Lambe, Emory) his job before being the Manager was scouting, recruiting, and signing players so he should take some of the blame for the Winter firing. But i guess people see what the want to see. By the way he has won 12 out of 48 matches in his coaching career.
  10. Mariners all time coaching record is 12 wins in 48 matches.
  11. I think Frings can still be a good player for one more season, but NOT UNDER MARINER. Mariner's hoof ball style just doesn't benefit anybody that resembles a Football player.
  12. Rumor has it that Frings told TFC he will not be back if Mariner is still around.
  13. As poorly as David Edgar played last night the goal was not his fault. Canada was zonal marking and his responsibility was the back post AREA not guarding the back post. The goal came from Hainault not being quick enough to the cross and to whoever is responsible for not putting a man on the post(Lars or Hart). David Edgar would be the last guy guarding the post because of his height and quality in the air.
  14. Theres no question in my mind that Hart will put a defensive line up on the field. This would be my guess. 4-5-1 lars Edgar, McKenna, Hainault, Jazić Ledgerwood, Hutchinson, de Guzman, de Jong De Rosario Jackson
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