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  1. PayPal put it through today. Now hope Things didn't get messed up.
  2. I had the same thing happen but I ordered both games together and have 16 tickets pending.
  3. Awesome job guys. A big thank you as always is going out to all involved. I also have 3 first timers coming with me.
  4. Got 6 tix 3 of them newbies. Can't wait.
  5. seems to have slipped by but a chance for another youngster in camp.
  6. I was thinking the same thing when I seen the squad selected.
  7. So you are saying only WCQ games in the Hex are important? How do you think you get to the Hex?
  8. Not saying that Adekugbe should or shouldn't start but possibly he looked a little better last game having MDJ playing in front of him. A little extra defensive help.
  9. Concacaf page does have our game at 7:30pm kickoff.
  10. New coach, some new players(or old players finally accepting a call, hmm hmm cav) brings new optimism. I agree with Alex. I think we will finally score in the run of play.
  11. which in turn boosts our fifa ranking giving us an easier qualifying group in the next wcq cycle
  12. Saying he is "sitting them out" is assuming he hasn't already decided to retire from international play. We may need to start thinking we have already seen his last game in the red and white.
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