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  1. If we finish our home match on March 27th against Jamaica and there's a scenario where 3 points or 1 point from the final matchday made the difference between top 4 or not, I think a few of us would be looking up very last minute trips to Panama!
  2. Excellent. Formal sanctions for the chant. A closed door match when we visit Mexico in October. The original tweet said Mexico will be without fans for their first 2 Octagonal matches against Jamaica and Panama, but we're definitely their 2nd home match. Here's the corrected tweet.
  3. I wonder how soon we'll get the intercontinental playoff draw. If CONCACAF is drawn with Oceania or AFC, the race for 4th will be so exciting.
  4. Just looking at the balance of when our home and away matches fall, the likelihood of finishing in the top 4 would seem to be greater if we're in an excellent position by the end of the first 3 windows (November 2021). We're very home-heavy at the start. A majority of those home matches are against countries we need to get results from. - 5 of our 7 home matches are between September and November - 4 of those 5 home matches are against Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and Costa Rica (Mexico being the 5th) Once we hit 2022, of the final 6 matches we play between January and March
  5. CONCACAF has tweeted out confirmed September, October, January, and March Octagonal dates: September 2, 5, 8 October 7, 10, 13 November TBA January 27, 30, February 2 March 24, 27, 30 September 2 Home vs. Honduras September 5 Away at USA September 8 Home vs. El Salvador October 7 Away at Mexico October 10 Away at Jamaica October 13 Home vs. Panama January 27 Away at Honduras January 30 Home vs. USA February 2 Away at El Salvador March 24 Away at Costa Rica March 27 Home vs. Jamaica March 30 Away at Panama
  6. Not loving that Honduras gets Mexico on the 2nd last match day. Mexico will have qualified and could field whatever team they want. The exact same thing played out on the final match day of the 2018 WCQ group stage, where Mexico fielded a weaker side and Honduras was the only country in our group to take points off of them.
  7. Beyond thrilled we've made the final round! 🙌 😀 Honduras and El Salvador at home are must wins. I'd be over the moon if we could start the Octagonal with 7 points in September (2 home wins and a draw in the US).
  8. Some financial motivation for Haiti. Guerrier has offered $4,000 to his teammates if they defeat us tonight. Foot - Élim CDM 2022: Donald Guerrier's promise to boost the Grenadiers! - Media Sport Haiti Google translation: "Indeed, there will be something more to gain for the Haitian squad if they manage to topple Canada this Saturday at the Sylvio Cator Stadium. Jean-Jacques Pierre's men will have 4000 US dollars to distribute among themselves, promised the player of the Apollon Limassol, Donald Guerrier."
  9. Found a short clip of our arrival. Maybe an airport worker wanted to check out the competition. 😀
  10. Thanks for the link. Interesting to see that the weather delays are increasing at Chicago Midway. We're almost at 2 and a half hours now. I wonder if we'll see one of the usual Canada Soccer videos of the MNT arriving and training before a match, or if we just skip it this time, given that we probably want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. 😂
  11. I'm cheering for Curaçao as well in the C vs. D matchup with Panama. If we made the Octagonal and found ourselves within 3 points or 1 point of the intercontinental playoff spot on the final match day, I'd rather try and get that win or draw in Curaçao.
  12. Guatemalan fans must be in disbelief to get eliminated with a record like that. If Curaçao had scored 1 fewer goal on Saturday against British Virgin Islands, defeating them 7-0 instead of 8-0, last night's 0-0 draw would have seen Guatemala through. Curaçao's 8th goal in that match? 90'+1.
  13. Could one of our points gurus calculate how many points these 2 matches against Haiti might be worth? So far this window, it seems like we could have 10 more points in the bank (I saw a website that said 3.3 for defeating Aruba and 6.9 for defeating Suriname, but I can't find it now). That would put us around 1,350. Haiti could have close to 1,300 with their 2 wins. Since Haiti is ranked much higher than Suriname and Suriname got us around 7 points, I'm hoping these 2 matches could each be worth 10+ points.
  14. I'm glad to see there's no crowd at the Haiti/Nicaragua match. In the event we're playing there on Saturday, that's less of a home match for Haiti than I was expecting.
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