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  1. With the news of Remko Bicentini being added to our staff, that could make for a really interesting finish to the Octagonal, supposing we're in it and Curacao is there too. Looking way too far ahead (but that's half the fun), if we're there and our final match had the potential to be a difference maker somehow (maybe for the intercontinental playoff spot or the 3rd automatic spot), it's away at the C vs. D winner (potentially Curacao). Before adding Bicentini, I was actually preferring Curacao to potentially come out of the C vs. D matchup over Panama, even if they have a very strong team
  2. Nothing listed yet for us, but Elo has updated their website with 7 January friendlies in the region. We already knew about Puerto Rico's 3 matches (01/19 at Dominican Republic, then 2 in Guatemala on 01/23 and 01/26). Panama has 2 away friendlies (01/19 in Martinique, 01/22 in Guadeloupe), and the 2 that were added to the website today were Serbia at Dominican Republic on 01/25, and Serbia at USA on 01/31.
  3. It's nice to have confirmed dates for the first 2 rounds of WCQ! First round for CanMNT: Thursday, March 25 - Home vs. Bermuda Sunday, March 28 - Away at Cayman Islands Saturday, June 5 - Away at Aruba Tuesday, June 8 - Home vs. Suriname Second round, assuming we win our first round group: Saturday, June 12 - Away at Winner of Haiti's group Tuesday, June 15 - Home vs. Winner of Haiti's group
  4. If we make it to the Octagonal as the B vs. E winner, assuming September, October, January, and March are now 3-match windows, here is what our 14-match schedule would look like: September 2021 Matchday 1 Home vs. Honduras Matchday 2 Away at USA Matchday 3 Home vs. Winner of A vs. F (El Salvador's group vs. Trinidad & Tobago's group) October 2021 Matchday 4 Away at Mexico Matchday 5 Away at Jamaica Matchday 6 Home vs. Winner of C vs. D (Curacao's group vs. Panama's group) November 2021 Matchday 7 Home vs. Costa Rica Matchday 8 Home vs. Mexico Ja
  5. Just seeing this on Twitter about the Octagonal. Sounds like some calendar changes have been approved by FIFA. "Men's International Match Calendar: For CONCACAF, to extend by an additional day the existing windows of September 2021, October 2021, January 2022 and March 2022 to facilitate the playing of three matches, in place of the existing two, in each of these windows." Maybe the Octagonal now starts in September 2021 instead of June 2021. If so, that would mean each country's 14 matches would be condensed into 5 windows: September 2021 (3 matches), October 2021 (3 matches),
  6. I wonder if anyone at CONCACAF is sweating behind the scenes about our group, knowing that their desired Mexico/US final hangs in the balance of who finishes 1st and who finishes 2nd in the group stage. Imagine if we pulled off the group stage win. The US would have to play Mexico in the semi. Someone at CONCACAF is probably thinking: "See, this is why we usually don't do real draws for this tournament!" 😂
  7. That's 3 Gold Cups in a row that we've had a non-FIFA member in our group (French Guiana 2017, Martinique 2019, and Martinique again in 2021). It's unbelievable how often this happens to us. We also had to play French Guiana in one of our Nations League qualifiers last year.
  8. Our group: USA, Canada, Martinique, Winner of Haiti/Saint Vincent and the Grenadines vs. Bermuda/Barbados We could potentially have the US, Canada, and Haiti vying for 2 spots to get out of the group stage. In the QF, the winner of Group B plays the 2nd place finisher from Group C, while the 2nd place finisher from B plays the winner from C.
  9. If we win Group B, we get our own side of the knockout stage bracket as 1B doesn't meet 1A (presumably Mexico) until the final.
  10. A nice draw for Montserrat in the qualification tournament. If they're successful against Trinidad and Tobago, they would avoid Haiti and Guatemala, and play the winner of Cuba and French Guiana to be one of the final 3 teams to qualify.
  11. September 28th at 8 pm ET it is. It's nice we'll be able to watch it on One Soccer. So now that we know Mexico is in Group A, the US is in Group B, Costa Rica is in Group C, and Honduras and Qatar are in Group D, we can see who collides with 1A in the knockout stage according to the tournament bracket. In the QF, 1A plays 2D, so if we're drawn into Group D, it would be best to win it. In the SF, 1A plays the winner of 1C vs. 2B. If you want to be on the US side of the knockout stage bracket and potentially avoid Mexico until the final, the best positions after the group sta
  12. If Trinidad and Tobago has to forfeit any of their WCQ matches and doesn't advance from Group F, imagine the path to the Octagonal for the winner of Group A. If all the top seeds from the first round advance, they were already going to get the lowest-ranked top seed anyway in round two, but if that team is out, you win your first round group and all that stands between you and the Octagonal is a home and away series win against a country that's not even in the top 11 in the region.
  13. In the Octagonal, of course every match is important, but look at the 4 matches we would play between October 2021 and November 2021: Home vs. Costa Rica Home vs. Mexico Away at Honduras Home vs. USA Wow. Huge. Throw in the last part of the September 2021 window as well (Home vs. Winner of C vs. D) and there's a stretch of 5 matches where 4 would be at home for us.
  14. If we make it to the Octagonal as the B vs. E winner, here is what our schedule would be: June 2021 Matchday 1 Home vs. Honduras Matchday 2 Away at USA Matchday 3 Home vs. Winner of A vs. F Matchday 4 Away at Mexico September 2021 Matchday 5 Away at Jamaica Matchday 6 Home vs. Winner of C vs. D October 2021 Matchday 7 Home vs. Costa Rica Matchday 8 Home vs. Mexico November 2021 Matchday 9 Away at Honduras Matchday 10 Home vs. USA January 2022 Matchday 11 Away at Winner of A vs. F Matchday 12 Away at Costa Rica March 2022 M
  15. From @FIFAWorldCup on Twitter: The stage is set for today's CONCACAF WCQ draw!
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