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  1. If we can get a positive result on Friday, the ultimate icing on the cake would be to have Costa Rica take Group D so that Curacao is prevented from earning points in the semi-final, final, or 3rd place match. If Curacao won at home to Costa Rica on Thursday, they would be very close (around 1338) to where we are now before our match with the US (1339).
  2. Really hope we can duplicate the exact same mindset and commitment that we had in the 2-0 win at BMO. If we were successful Friday in obtaining another win (or a draw even), wouldn't that be a nice psychological advantage to have in the event that we made the Hex and played the US twice again. The Football Rankings website has us at 1339.28 points. Factoring in Kent's calculations of the points that would change hands depending on what happens Friday, we will either have 1356 (W), 1344 (D), or 1331 (L) when FIFA updates their rankings November 28.
  3. It looks like Panama is trying to change their November 19th friendly again. It was originally against the UAE and then it was changed to Bolivia. According to the Panamanian federation's Twitter page, Bolivia requested this morning to play the match during the June 2020 window instead because of the current political protests from their recent election. The article states that Panama is still going to try and find someone to play on the 19th.
  4. While I would be extremely happy with a draw because it would win us the group and we would advance to the semi-final, the door would still be open a bit for some potential CONCACAFery. I could just see a situation develop where Panama gets an unexpected draw with Mexico, and Honduras wins out, putting Honduras 1st with Mexico and us as the 2 vs. 3 matchup.
  5. Even though it's going to be a long 2 weeks waiting for November 15th, I'm getting really excited for this match. We can totally win this group. It's about this time right before a CanMNT match that I get nervous checking the individual player threads because I start to think: What if people are posting a lot in that thread because someone is injured? 😅 Maybe I'm the only one, but right before a CanMNT match, I don't want to see the threads on Davies, Cavallini, David, etc. at the top of the forum just in case. 😉
  6. As of today's update: 5. Honduras 1368 6. Canada 1339 7. El Salvador 1336 8. Curacao 1323 9. Panama 1310 If ELO is accurate, Panama's friendly on November 6th has been deleted. It's nice to know that with a draw or a win in Orlando, we would have 2 more matches as the Group A winner, either a semi-final and a final or a semi-final and the 3rd place match. El Salvador definitely won't have that, and Panama most likely won't (never say never with CONCACAF). 😉
  7. Should El Salvador win their group, at least we know that once November is over, they won't have any more matches with a 25 multiplier since League B doesn't have any kind of a championship playoff round. Curacao's match with Costa Rica a few days ago was going to earn them 15 points if they won, so I would imagine that a similar number of points will be on the table again when they play each other next month. It seems like we are about 16 points ahead of Curacao now, so even if Curacao did defeat Costa Rica at home, it wouldn't be ideal but we would still be pretty much even, and we'd have the chance to stay ahead of them when we play our November match in Orlando.
  8. What an amazing night at BMO Field! Thrilled to have been there to see such a significant victory for CanMNT. The next FIFA ranking update is October 24th. I think it will look something like this. (Thanks, Kent, for crunching all the numbers on the previous page for the countries that were close to us!) 5. Honduras 1368 6. Canada 1339 7. El Salvador 1336 8. Curacao 1323 9. Panama 1310
  9. Curacao temporarily moves ahead of us by 1 point, 1323 to 1322. What a shame Costa Rica didn't win as that would have taken Curacao down to 1310. After our match with the US on Tuesday, we will either have 1339 (W), 1327 (D), or 1314 (L). Assuming either Curacao (5 points with 1 match left) or Costa Rica (2 points with 2 matches left) win Group D, the maximum number of points either one can get is 8. We don't know how November will unfold, but that could be the lowest of all the group winners. If it is, it would rank the Group D winner 4th and it would put them in a semi-final with the 1st place group winner.
  10. You can tell how badly I want Canada to win their group because this actually crossed my mind today. If Cuba had to forfeit tonight's match in Washington because of player defections, the US would be given a 3-0 home victory by CONCACAF. (How amazing would that be for goal differential!) 😂
  11. The south end will be full! There isn't a single blue dot left on Ticketmaster from 112-118! 😃
  12. Just noticed this morning that tickets are being sold now on Ticketmaster for the first 7-10 rows of sections 219-227. Nice! 😃
  13. It's interesting that of those 6 friendlies Panama scheduled to close out 2019, 3 of them no longer appear on ELO. It looks like their September 25th friendly against Saint Kitts and Nevis never happened as it's not listed under results, their October 10th friendly against Curacao has been deleted, and so has one of their November friendlies (November 19th against the UAE). If ELO is accurate, Panama's only match now in the October window is Mexico away. El Salvador plays 2 away matches, one in Montserrat and the other in Saint Lucia. Hopefully Montserrat can give El Salvador a real run for their money again like they did in Nations League qualifying. Honduras plays twice, but can only earn ranking points from their match in Trinidad and Tobago. Curacao plays once, in Costa Rica. CanMNT and the US is getting closer as it's basically 2 weeks away now!
  14. We started the month 30 points behind El Salvador and 19 points behind Panama. Now we're only 5 points behind El Salvador and Panama trails us by 6 points. I'm getting really excited about next month. What a chance to gain points, a 25 multiplier against the US at home, while El Salvador plays 2 away matches. Curacao is in a very good position as well, so hopefully Costa Rica can take care of business and prevent Curacao from advancing past the group stage. Let's get that November friendly finalized. It would be great if there was a country with a super-inflated ranking and the logistics worked out perfectly, but if not and we're looking within our region, I think the mid-tier underneath Haiti would be ideal. Perhaps an Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, or Trinidad and Tobago. High enough that we would feel good about our ability to get a result (we've defeated Trinidad and Tobago 2-0 and Saint Kitts and Nevis 1-0 recently) but not low enough that the points would be almost meaningless. Even if the friendly only gave us another 3 points, I would rather play it safe and take that, than shoot for the moon by playing a very high ranked team and lose.
  15. Can't wait for the next rankings update on September 19th. 6th is definitely in play now for the Hex. Get that November friendly finalized!
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