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  1. El Salvador is the only goalless team after the first window. They were my pre-Octagonal pick to finish 8th. Even though they're not 8th right now, I will be surprised if they don't finish last. We could use their help though in this window. It would be nice if they could start October by taking some points off Panama at home. Given what we saw from them at BMO Field to end the first window, it's hard to believe they had an automatic spot in the final round before the format changed.
  2. I think the primary focus needs to be on the Jamaica and Panama matches. I'd be very satisfied with a draw in Jamaica and a win at home against Panama. I think 4 points is a successful window. 6 points would be fantastic. If we have a chance at a result in Mexico late in the match, then go for it, but I don't want us to start guns blazing and sacrifice anyone's fitness for the 2 matches with better points-earning potential that come after. It feels like Panama has punched above their weight in the first window (compared to where the FIFA rankings would have them). The US plays away in Panama on October 10th. They could do us a favour with another away result like they got in Honduras.
  3. Excellent on being 4th ranked in CONCACAF now, knocking on the door to 3rd. It's nice to see us firmly in contention to be a seeded team in the next Gold Cup draw. FIFA updates the rankings on their website next week.
  4. I felt the exact same way. When it was 1-0 Honduras, I was loving the thought of the US on 2 points after 3 matches. Then I shifted to thinking the draw was best since it would have prevented Honduras from reaching 5 points. By the end, I was thrilled with Honduras staying at 2 points and having a -3 goal differential.
  5. I'm very happy with our 5 points, but if we had defeated Honduras, would we not be leading right now since our GD would have been better than Mexico's +2? I'm excited for the October window. A result in Jamaica of some kind and a home win against Panama would be fantastic.
  6. Silver lining to the 4-1 US result: It keeps Honduras at 2 points and puts them in a hole on goal differential as well.
  7. I think a draw between Honduras and the US would be perfect as well. As much as I would love to see the US at 2 points, I don't want to see Honduras at 5 points. Honduras at 5 points would be a fantastic start for them (a perfect home record and 2 away results out of 2), so let's have them drop a few points at home as well.
  8. Costa Rica and Jamaica finish 1-1. So far tonight, we're the only ones to pick up 3 points! 😀
  9. With our match finishing before any of the others, a win would put us temporarily in 2nd. 😀
  10. Any news on whether El Salvador received permission for all their fully vaccinated players to play? There was a report yesterday that only 14 players were cleared to play since the others had been vaccinated with a vaccine Canada hasn't approved, and that El Salvador was seeking permission from CONCACAF for the rest. I'm curious to know how all of that played out.
  11. Let's hope Jamaica sacrifice the middle again when we play them next month. In the first half on Sunday, Panama could pass the ball around at will without any pressure put on them whatsoever. I'm also hoping for an empty stadium again. No one is expecting anything from the away match in Mexico, but after Jamaica's performance on Sunday, I think an away point (at least) is not out of the question. Combine that with a home win against Panama, and it would be nice to add 4 points (or possibly 6) to whatever our total is from this month.
  12. That was my first thought as well. The Our World in Data website says El Salvador is vaccinating with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Sinovac, so they must have received the Chinese vaccine.
  13. @Approve My Account Pls I wondered the exact same thing. Here are the steps: - In Twitter on the tweet you want, click on the 3 dots on the right hand side of the tweet - Click embed tweet - A new window will open. Copy the url in the "What would you like to embed?" box - Paste the url into the box you would type a reply in on a thread and click submit reply
  14. I think Honduras is in a great spot as well. 2 away draws is a fantastic start. I'm torn on what to cheer for in their match with the US on Wednesday. As much as I would love to see the US with only 2 points after their first 3 matches, I'm not sure I want to see Honduras at 5 points (with a perfect home record and 2 away results out of 2). Maybe a draw is best so they're both at 3 points. Edson Alvarez picked up a 2nd yellow late in the 2nd half last night. How convenient. He misses Mexico's match on Wednesday against Panama, but then he's available again for the first match of the next window, which is against us.
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