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  1. In the example above, I wonder how they would determine the 4 quarter-final matchups once the group stage was finished. Would the seeding create the QF matchups in a 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5 format? Would they put the top 4 seeded group winners in a pot, the bottom 4 in another, and draw the matchups that way? I would hope it wouldn't be an open draw as there's a big difference between getting Panama as your next opponent and getting Saint Kitts and Nevis. You'd think CONCACAF would want to guard against a scenario where totally unbalanced quarter-finals could occur from an open draw (1 could end up playing 2, while 7 could end up playing 8), but you never know what CONCACAF thinks is logical.
  2. Since we're talking about when the intercontinental playoff draw will be done in the 2022 WCQ threads, it made me think of another placeholder draw that hasn't happened yet: The draw to determine which League A group winners will face each other in the semi-finals for the Nations League. Is CONCACAF waiting to see who might emerge as group winners before telling us what the semi-final matchups could be? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wonder if the higher ups want to take a similar approach to this as the Gold Cup, where they don't want to have the potential of Mexico and the US meeting until the final. If so, I wonder if a draw will even be done or if they will just announce what the matchups are between 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D. Who knows with CONCACAF. It could be a bit of a silver lining being in Group A with the US. If they want to try and avoid a potential Mexico/US matchup before the final, they wouldn't put 1A with 1B in a semi-final. From a FIFA ranking point perspective, wouldn't it be nice to win the group and know that your semi-final opponent was going to either be 1C or 1D and not Mexico.
  3. Last year, it was being reported that the intercontinental playoff draw would happen 2 days from now, on July 17th, when they draw the groups for the early rounds of the AFC qualifiers. Back in February 2018, an outlet in New Zealand published an article saying pencil in July 2019 on your calendars because that's when we'll know who the winner of the Oceania region plays in the intercontinental playoff. It seems like all of that has changed now as everything I've been able to find recently on the intercontinental playoff draw says it will be determined at a later date. I don't know why a placeholder draw would need to be pushed back, but maybe they want the dust to settle a bit first from the changes to our region's qualifying format.
  4. It's disappointing to see that we would only receive around 11 points for a win against the US. Combine that with the 3 or so points that we would get from each match with Cuba, and that 28 point gap is going to be tough to make up. My hope right now, in addition to lots of friendlies against comparable teams to us, is that CONCACAF is drawn with Oceania or Asia for the intercontinental playoff. The non-Hex side would be exciting if we knew it didn't eventually lead to a playoff with a South American country. I can't believe that if today's rankings were to hold a year from now, El Salvador would have an automatic spot in the Hex. The one time I would feel pretty good about our chances in a home and away aggregate series with either El Salvador or Honduras, we may not get the chance because they could both have automatic spots in the Hex.
  5. Imagine we won the group stage/knockout phase side of the qualification and Honduras finished 4th in the Hex. I honestly can't decide what emoji to put with that, so I'm just going to leave it blank.
  6. The next FIFA rankings are scheduled to come out July 25. If we're gunning for that 6th spot in the rankings a year from now, in the FIFA points calculation, friendlies played during the international window have an importance factor of 10, Nations League group matches are 15, and Nations League playoff matches are 25. We need some big results against the US that would win us the group and get us into the Nations League playoffs. Say the current rankings held and El Salvador got that 6th spot, you could see Panama, Haiti, Curacao, and us being the 4 teams that are trying to win the other side of qualifying. I'd like to think we have a good chance to come out of that as the winner, but who knows. It would be a very interesting rematch if it came down to us against Haiti in a home and away to win that side of qualifying. What a marathon of games it is to try and get that .5 spot. So you win the non-Hex side of the qualification, you get the 4th place team from the Hex, and then if you get by that, you get one of South America, Asia, or Oceania. So much rests on the intercontinental playoff draw and whoever is picking a ball out of a bowl. I wonder how soon we know who CONCACAF gets paired with in the intercontinental playoff. If it's CONMEBOL, you'd rather be 6th in the June 2020 rankings and try to get one of the top 3 Hex spots. If it's CONCACAF with New Zealand or Asia, you'd rather go through the marathon qualifying route. Play through all the minnows and the mid-tier teams so that you could get the 4th place team from the Hex, then you'd have New Zealand or Asia as your final hurdle.
  7. I really wish El Salvador had qualified for League A now for the Nations League and had been drawn into Mexico's group. According to the projected July rankings upthread, we'll be 29 points out of 6th and we have a year to try and make that up. Panama and Curacao will of course be trying to do the same thing. Imagine how close we would be for 6th with that QF win against Haiti, if our Gold Cup victories against French Guiana in 2017 and Martinique this year had been victories against actual FIFA members, and if our last Nations League qualifier (a 4-1 win over French Guiana) had been a victory against a FIFA member. With El Salvador playing League B teams and Panama playing Mexico twice in the Nations League, if we could ever come up with something incredible against the US (once at least, preferably twice), I wonder if that 29 point gap could realistically be closed within a year, through a combination of the Nations League and friendlies scheduled against comparable teams to us.
  8. Jonathan David's 6 goals, the most of any player in the tournament! Congratulations to Jonathan on winning the Golden Boot! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  9. I'm more excited to see if Jonathan David wins the Golden Boot award (making it 2 Golden Boots for Canada in consecutive Gold Cups) than I am to see who actually wins tonight's final. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  10. OZ's Twitter game is still on fire. Made me laugh this morning. He tweeted an ESPN article about various off-field challenges that countries had at the Gold Cup, and in the article was a mention of Canada having a "Mind Room" at their hotel. https://www.espn.com/soccer/concacaf-gold-cup/0/blog/post/3886005/mexicos-60-strong-partycanadas-mind-rooms,-cubas-travel-travails-gold-cups-off-field-challenges OZ's reply: "This is fascinating and makes me wonder whom is in the "Mind Room" now..." ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. I was going to check the CONCACAF rankings today since all of our Gold Cup matches would be reflected in the July 1st update, but the page I had bookmarked for the men's national team rankings now gives you a 404 error message. When you click on the rankings drop down menu, men's national team isn't even one of the choices. I'm not sure if the latest CONCACAF rankings determine anything for the not yet announced WCQ format for 2022, but if they do determine something, I'll admit that my first thought was a cynical one: They've pulled the rankings off the website so that they can make up whatever WCQ format they want. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Well, that was not at all how I thought my first Voyageurs viewing party in Toronto would go. Not deterred though as a new CanMNT fan. I'll be at BMO for the 2 Nations League home matches, so hopefully we see some improvement to our back line between now and then.
  13. I was thinking the exact same thing. All of our scouting preparation for Costa Rica may not go to waste. ๐Ÿ˜€ Provided we get the job done tonight vs. Haiti (I think we will), how amazing would it be to still end up facing Costa Rica, just in the semis and not in the quarters.
  14. The Gold Cup has chosen who they feel have been the best eleven players from the group stage. Congratulations to Jonathan David and Derek Cornelius! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  15. I take no pleasure in seeing Honduras finish last in Group C. (sarcasm) ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's not very often you see a team finish last in a group with a positive goal differential.
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