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  1. How do you create your own thing on that website using the same templates?
  2. Got a good laugh out of those. Love the "there was in article... In the mainstream sports media!"
  3. I realize he's taking his time and weighing out his options but c'mon he's established himself at Blackburn and should at least give an indicator on his international selection before he signs a contract
  4. I think that at least one point hoilett wanted to play for Canada but it's always been his dad getting in the way instead of letting his son make the choice
  5. I know he's said this a lot but Blackburn's manager expects the contract to be done in the next few days. However my personal thoughts are that it might be awhile until he makes a decision internationally
  6. When hoilett gets his contract sorted out, when can we realistically expect him to make a decision? Would he make a choice by round 3 of qualifying?
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