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  1. We should probably ask to qualify for the gold cup, but I don't know if the CSA will be willing to do that. It would definitely benefit us as we would get extra matches and since the Central American groups are unbalanced (as pointed out earlier) it works out to 2 groups of 4. It would be mainly MLS players and maybe young international players, so we will get to possibly see more new faces and if they fit in the system. So more playing time for those who may not get much in other matches.
  2. After losing to arguably a minnow and years of mediocre/disappointing results, I'm wondering if we really should have an automatic bid to the gold cup. I don't want to go over poor results from recent memory to back up the fact that we are not an elite CONCACAF nation like Mexico or USA (who receive automatic bids to the gold cup) So we probably don't deserve to automatically qualify based on rankings and results. So I ask you, should we have to qualify like many other nations? We would have the benefits of additional matches to let floro work his system and ultimately gel as a team. The
  3. I think all coaches at an elite level should have to take the CSA 'A' liscense because better coaching = better players. I really like what the mls academies are doing so I think there should be an academie set up in Edmonton and Ottawa (NASL). I feel that would really help as we would have 5 academies to grow players. I also think it would be great if the CSA sent a guy like tony fonseca to a few cities (not Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver) and run a few sessions with different clubs. This would show a few techniques that the coach can use to improve their players and also gives a first hand
  4. Sorry if i wasnt too clear, What needs to be done to improve players 14+ so that we will be better in the next 2 cycles? Right now it's the young age groups (u8, u9) that the focus is on for a long term plan. But they won't be effective players for Canada in a long time, so should we also shift our focus to the youth in order to get positive results in the next 2 cycles. The last thing we need is to continue to do poorly and lose fans, that's why I think it's vital to improve our youth programs now.
  5. Well we all hope that drastic changes will be made at a young grassroots level to eventually make better players for Canada. However, my question is will/should any changes be made now at the youth level? I know it is short sighted, but if the youth players were to improve due to some changes, it may lead to a stronger side sooner. Would it be worth it for them to put the funding to improve programs for players 14+ at the moment, or would it be better to wait a little while? Personally I think there should be more exposure to national opportunities which would certainly inspire others to
  6. Haha odaine demar on twitter "Dear Mr. Hart, I kindly ask that you give me a call. #CanMNT
  7. Rankings came out today: 61st in the world and 6th in concacaf
  8. I doubt part of this will happen but could you imagine if USA somehow didn't make the hex and we did? I know USA will probably make it but if they didn't that would greatly increase our chances of completing mission 2014
  9. Our boys are looking very strong but we got to finish our chances. I can smell a goal coming
  10. We should end the round right now, we would be first place in the group In all seriousness great to get 3 points thats all that matters. Hopefully it will be a draw between panama and Honduras but if not, who would you rather want to win?
  11. Game day! I think we have an upset and win 1-0. We would really move up the rankings which could lead to more support or WCQ
  12. Armenia Roster announced: http://canadasoccer.com/armenia-roster-announced-for-canada-friendly-p149336
  13. The Ottawa fury have had players go to England and Brazilian academies and had gotten interest from mls academies too. So it would be easy to set up an academy and possibly add some local talent when it's 2013/14
  14. Ottawa is confirmed either 13/14 as it depends when the stadium is completed. They somewhat have a academy as John Pugh who was a big part to get the franchise, runs the Ottawa Fury which not only have PDL but have youth teams that have produced some pretty good players and some may go on to play in the NASL
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