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  1. There are two types of PDL contracts from the Whitecaps. One the player gets paid, one they don't. So the younger ones still in highschool sometimes get paid. The unpaid contract allows a player to play in the league and is covered by insurance. Anybody the Whitecaps want to keep around to see how they progress and not let another team have them is paid. Ben Fisk is under this category. Adekugbe was too before he signed his pro contract last summer. From what I hear there are a few more like this.
  2. Keegan, Soccerpro and Grizzly have all said it well in regard to Stalteri. Part of coaching is inspiring. At the international level this is very important. Young Canadian players need to believe in themselves, that they belong on the world stage. Stalteri can certainly do this. I am sure he also knows a thing or two about intense training and work ethic. This is a good foundation for coaching. He has to start somewhere. Glad he even cares to get into it, give back. I hope he would show up at a u17 camp to inspire those players for the world cup coming up.
  3. In regards to Froese not at the camp. You can only play in one world cup at U17. Concacaf does not have that stipulation. There is a U18 camp in Spain starting August 8, he is on that roster. The team needs to start preparing, first camp since Concacaf. It is hot in Florida, school is out. Mexico again is hot and most players are from Canada so easy to get to logistically.
  4. I was told that Pasher was a winger and TFC tried to make him a left back, just like Ashtone Morgan.
  5. I am recording it to my DVR, but not technically capable to upload it. Very sorry.
  6. I purchased Sportsnet World for one month. This way I can watch both the gold and bronze medal games on Friday too. I figure it is like going to the movies so not expensive when I look at it that way. My provider confirmed I only need to keep it for a month.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aston_Villa_F.C._Reserves_and_Academy I know you can't always go by wiki. It does show him in the team list as a 1995 there.
  8. The QPR duo was spotted by Marc Bircham at a U18 camp last November. Marc was there as an assistant coach to Rob Gale. Marc invited them to QPR for a trial.
  9. Appears to be a 95, the current U17 team is for 96 and younger.
  10. 1-0, Hanson Boakai with the goal.
  11. Canada vs Panama 1-0 win! Laurent with the goal. One more game vs Panama on Sunday.
  12. Canada lost to UAE 2-1. Goal scored by Bustos. We had strong domination in the first 5 minutes. Great goalkeeping again. Homeward bound tomorrow.
  13. In April, the very first game the team played at their first camp together, they tied Mexico 1-1! It was an exhibition game before the tournament started. Should be an interesting game today. Yes Unnamed Trialist, I have a horse in the race. Very proud too!
  14. Canada played Morocco today. Won 3-2 despite going down to 10 men. Intense game.
  15. I forgot to add, thanks Unnamed Trialist. Greatly appreciate your updates! Also forgot this, the man in the picture of delegates might be Mark Parker, the team manager.
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