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  1. Not sure if she is still in the job but West Ham’s head of supporter relations was a vocal Spurs supporter. That didn’t go over well with the West Ham faithful.
  2. Apologies. Looks like my memory is not what it once was.
  3. No Davies at the Canada v England match that Tomori captained Canada. I’ll see if I can dig out the program.
  4. I know about the rule change but it is still not 100% clear. I also can’t see how England continue to pass on him.
  5. Good to see the clear choice is Tomori. Still don’t think he’ll switch back and honestly really have no clue if it is possible.
  6. My grandparents were Welsh and English but I never had any interest in England as a football team. The Welsh on the the other hand, I always had a soft spot for as I saw a lot of Canada when looking at them. Football was behind a much more popular and physical sport and they had only qualified for one World Cup. I am still not a massive fan of Wales but I have enjoyed their success recently.
  7. I don’t think I am as hardline as you. As England is my home and I have a child here, I’d like to see them do well but do find it hard to cheer for them.
  8. Extended Fox highlights. Need to be in US or a vpn. Note: score is listed in title of video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PITQQk73h5k
  9. Was looking for highlights this morning and all I could find was a 2 min video titled USA 1 - CAN 0. I was pretty bummed but got very excited when Canada did score. The highlights were a bit odd splicing together different commentaries. I think at one point a Spanish speaking commentator referred to Tajon as a tornado.
  10. I am sure I am not the only one who can’t watch matches live or recorded so I thought it would be useful to start a thread where extended highlights or full matches can be posted without any results. If you do post highlights, please avoid posting any that have the score displayed on the preview image.
  11. I have a really hard time seeing Antonio being fit enough to play most of the qualifiers. He already has a minimum of 47 matches with West Ham and can’t last a much shorter season without a couple of injuries. As a West Ham supporter, Id hate to see him injured but if he does get injured, I hope it happens when he is due to play Canada.
  12. With TSN broadcasting, will they have extended highlights anywhere? Or will the yanks have extended highlights somewhere?
  13. Finally found a way to watch the extended highlights. Having not seen the full match, it is all I can comment on. After waking this morning, seeing the score and the crappy two min highlights on the CSA YouTube, I was pretty down. I figured it was another Canadian side devoid of any attacking ideas or cutting edge who couldn’t score from open play. After seeing extended highlights I am actually feeling much better. Yes, no goals from open play but I did see Canada create more than enough chances to have won that match but were let down by the finishing of David and Larin who do have a track record of scoring goals at a high level. Not sure why they were so blunt in front of goal last night but on another night they could have each had a goal from open play. I am more than happy for someone who actually saw the whole match to put me right if I have it wrong, but I feel a lot more optimistic for match against the yanks. And best of all, I should now be able to watch the extended highlights in the morning. The penalty conceded by Tajon was definitely a penalty for me. Very clumsy and the worst part was that it didn’t look like the Honduran player was going to make anything of it before being knocked over. It was a challenge that just wasn’t needed. Points dropped at home to Honduras is definitely an opportunity missed but a lot can happen in the remaining 13 matches.
  14. Are there better highlights than these? And why did they put the score on the front image? Doesn’t make for good viewing if you avoided the score
  15. Not sure what was more disappointing waking up to the result or the two minutes of highlights on the CSA YouTube that only show the penalties being taken and not why they were awarded.
  16. Good luck to all those at the match and watching around the world. Getting ready to call it a night. Hoping for some long highlights on the one soccer youtube in the morning.
  17. We done! I really want to watch but I need to be up at 5am to start my day before spending the next 14 hours with my 2 and a half year old. It will be highlights for me when I wake.
  18. Is that aimed at me? I have no knowledge of anyone’s situation but just putting two and two together when a footballer doesn’t play for several weeks due to an ‘illness’ in 2021. Not sure how speculating would constitute releasing personal information.
  19. Is that where you really live? I was just trying to think of a random place in the UK.
  20. I don’t think anyone know what his illness was and I loathe mention the c word in case I summon beetlejuice but there are examples of young footballers missing several months of football due to illness. Also I didn’t realise Hoilett and Cavalinni were suffering from illness. I guess it depends on the illness.
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