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  1. This thread reads like one of those threads on other forums where Americans want MLS to be a top 5 league within this decade. Lets not act like them and have some self awareness.
  2. I thought the same as you did before the game but the US dominated the ticos tonight. Especially once Dempsey was subbed in.
  3. koolvid

    Milan Borjan

  4. Our defending is making Mattocks look like Neymar.
  5. Useless stat on its own. That possession stat with this scoreline is relatively normal.
  6. Every set piece Honduras gets I get close to a heart attack.
  7. Grips with what? I don't recall ever getting smashed by Honduras. This is our first meeting in my mind.
  8. Greatest number of points obtained in group matches Goal difference in all group matches Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches Greatest number of points obtained in group matches between the teams concerned; Drawing of lots by the Gold Cup Committee If we win by 2 goals then we would overtake Costa Rica for 1st since we would have scored more goals than them.
  9. Sucks being on antidepressants sometimes.
  10. The U.S is going to have to call in better players in the later stages if they want to have a chance at winning this tournament. MEX/HON/CR/PAN could all beat them and I wouldn't be shocked right now.
  11. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/302692/Show/Christian-Pulisic He plays on the wing just as much as he's play at the middle. He's not a CM, he's Winger/CAM. He plays CAM for the US do to their lack of creating talent in the middle. Even if what you say is true, if Pulisic was strictly a CM he still delivers much better crosses than Davies who's a winger. But Pulisic can also play as a winger. I don't care if Davies never joins a CL team or even goes to a top league in Europe. I just want him to be "our guy". The US has/had Donovan/Dempsey, Mexico has Chicharito/Vela/Previously Gio when he was in form, Costa Rica has Ruiz/Campbell/Wanchope, Guatemala had Carlos Ruiz (Pescadito), Panama has Blas PĂ©rez ect... I want to have a marque player who other countries/teams fear/respect and we rally around.
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