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  1. I don't get all the complaining about the quality of the pitch. So it is shit, it always is. It is not unexpected.
  2. FIFA needs to turn this around - start deducting points so that the Mexican Federation no longer allows fans at the games.
  3. For people overseas... hesgoal.com has a good stream with what appears to be just stadium noise, no announcers. edit: spanish announcers just started
  4. Is this an actual thing - left over pizza? I mean sure I've heard of it, just have never seen it.
  5. Out of those options, Davies, David, Hoilett, Estaquio, Johnston, Henry and Miller are ones I would want to rely on and are also key to the must-win game vs. Panama. So I think it provides a good indication of whose minutes might be managed conservatively against Mexico (Hoilett aside obviously).
  6. Assuming the injured players are unavailable and a worse case scenario where all of Adekugbe, Buchanan, Kaye, Laryea and Vitoria pick up yellow cards in the Mexico game, how do you pick a team for the Jamaica game out of this? GK: Crepeau, Pantemis DF: Henry, Davies, Miller, Johnston, Cornelius, ZBG MF: Piette, Osorio, Estaquio, Fraser, Wotherspoon FW: Hoilett, David, Millar, Brym, Shaffelburg You would think that Herdman will be using the 5 with yellows strategically to avoid this risk, and that must play a significant role in how he goes about managing minutes across all three games.
  7. No, it is not arguing about covid. It is about a player making themselves ineligible to play in an important WCQ game.
  8. Choices have consequences. It is his right to get shitfaced the night before a game, his body, his right, but it still has consequences for the team.
  9. Is it because you don't get the pun-chline?
  10. But no one needs to be dropped, there is no roster limit. I wish everyone would stop acting like there is. We know the CSA reads these boards and I'm afraid they are taking their cue from us!
  11. Benefit of the doubt to go back and delete the post.
  12. Well I'm sure if you're not.
  13. I can't see the game moving. As far as FIFA is concerned, who are these leaves and birds you are talking about? Are they endangered? Is there an environmental group we can bribe to get them out of the way?
  14. I guess he beat the MRI like a rented mule too!
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