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  1. It's not just the quantity, but also the quality. The layers of meaning are impressive. At first I think they mean one thing, then the opposite, then I think they are meaningless. But if they are meaningless, am I meaningless? It is all very much a meta-analysis of being a voyageur.
  2. It's the North American soccer media version of diversity.
  3. Gold, Jerry, it's gold! Is this satire? Intentional or not, it is absolutely brilliant. Keep it up.
  4. Agree 100%. But I don't think he'll earn a call up if he regresses. Suggest you look up the meaning of "tautology"...
  5. It might be sunny tomorrow, but it might also be cloudy. I can confirm that it won't be sunny at night. But it still might be cloudy.
  6. Agreed! We have won in the past, and come close, and not done so well. I think 2019 might be the year we win it all again, which will turn some heads. But we might not win any games, which will turn some others. But I don't think we will win unless we qualify first.
  7. Like we'll build stadiums here. Get real. I was against the Vancouver hosting the Olympics™ for a number of non-zero reasons. I'm against this US bid for the World Cup™ for many non-zero reasons. But I attended and enjoyed the Olympics and if the bid is successful, I'll find a way to attend and enjoy the WC. Oh, I'm a hypocrite and that's ok, I sleep all night and I work all day...
  8. England! HA! Do you really think a one-off game will convince people to flock to the CMNT? How about we improve our ranking into the top 50, then we start talking about playing UEFA giants like Norway and Hungary, which would be at a similar level. Until then, let's try to beat teams like El Salvador and Honduras consistently. Or more importantly, playing anyone.
  9. I play it as well, usually when both teams in my old-timers league can't field a full team and we feel guilty about going straight to the pub, so we play 7 a side for a bit first.
  10. True, but these guys are also playing abroad. One more reason why we need the CPL, to clarify where we can post things.
  11. Leutwiler wears the Blackburn jersey. It's a stretch to say he plays for them.
  12. Nah, that's just 100 super excited Voyageurs watching it 100 times!
  13. Disagree. The time to experiment is in friendlies (oops, we don't play those).
  14. I can't wait until the day we are the 2nd choice!
  15. Looks dangerously like the Henry move to West Ham. Fortunately Larin hasn't been bit by the injury bug and he has more of a proven track record. But I have to remember to take off my red-coloured glasses, and recognize that there are far more young players that move to big European clubs and never see the field than ones that make it. But the optimist in me always thinks this time will be different.
  16. And let's not put ourselves on a pedestal. Our record against "mighty" Mauritania is 1W, 1D and 1L .
  17. How many others have scored 11 goals since 2014? Granted its a low bar, but those are the facts. I would agree that the future looks more promising, but it always does. Until Ricketts stops scoring, he deserves a place on the 18.
  18. And probably the flip side to this is there is lots more youth participation in Mexico that doesn't get accounted for because it is just people playing in streets, fields, etc. and not with sanctioned clubs. I would guess that it is only the top youth that get brought into club-type situation.
  19. Yes, this could be the best outcome of the WC bid!
  20. $15M minus: a) unspecified FIFA cut, b ) unspecified USSF cut, c) unspecified expenses for VIPs, d) unspecified...etc.
  21. I think it would be more cost effective for Government to cover the costs of all the Voyageurs to travel to the World Cup anywhere in the world than to stump up money to host.
  22. Reid is out for the rest of the season with a concussion and serious knee injury. He was stretchered off the field with an oxygen mask on.
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