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  1. 26 minutes ago, El Hombre said:

    Arfield wasn't at that first camp in Spain.  Wotherspoon was though.

    There weren't that many Spanish speakers either.  

    Looking at the attendees for that camp, it was certainly strange that there were cliques.

    Just going off the roster for the game vs NZ

    Potential Scottish speakers - Wotherspoon and Godinho(😀)

    Potential Spanish speakers - Piette and Osorio

    That's a recipe for fireworks.

    Alternatively, during that camp they also played Risk to pass the time and Herdman is still upset at some of the alliances/cliques that wiped him out of the game.

  2. 15 minutes ago, GasPed said:

    I mean we're all just speculating since we haven't seen the practices, and the coaches haven't been completely specific about the issue.  Is it his attitude in practice or with his teammates, is he not trying hard enough, is he not able to learn what they're teaching, is he physically not capable of doing what they're asking - these are the questions.  But the fact is, it has been almost 4 years since he signed with Barca, and we've not seen any real sign of improvement (if anything, it's been a regression).

    Agreed, it could be any one of these things.  However, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with him being from Montreal.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Shway said:

    I did say "I kid, I kid" ...but you're pride (rightfully so) was offended - so you defended it by saying something as a fact when I was only joking.

    I didn't call YOU naive but stated that 

    In reference to a gentleman who said:

    Meaning I'm aware people from "west of Northern Ontario" have a stigma about people from Toronto, and if you're from Toronto and haven't heard that you are naive....but now I'll say you seem to be naive of hearing that about Montrealers. 

    But don't get in your feelings man, it's just a little banter/joke. If you take offence to being grouped into being judged based off millions of people....I'll pray for you. 

    It is going to be a long month between windows... 

  4. 6 hours ago, canuckgbp said:

    Essentially we had only 24 called that we knew were available. Hoilett going down was unforeseen but that reinforces the need for a bigger squad. Think he has to get over only calling 23-24 and get 27 involved. This window should have been the one with 30 with 3/4 on "in the best case" we can use them. 

    But it is worse than this because we knew Hoilett and Wotherspoon were out for Mexico.  So only 22, plus a bunch already on yellows that would force additional rotation.  If we find out tomorrow there is an agreement with Bayern and Lille to manage the Dav's minutes...yikes!

  5. Also Herdman:  "Look, we know Atiba is a key player for us, but we didn't want to risk him setting the CMNT caps record in Jamaica.  So we put him on the list to keep teams guessing, but are saving the record for being back home in Edmonton where we can all celebrate in style after he scores the winning goal against Mexico.  All according to plan."

  6. 5 hours ago, RS said:

    True. No one else in this discussion has strayed from the absolute truth to make a point, just me.

    Hype the kid up in the media, then double down by saying the season is all about the young players. Proceed to shit the bed, but force the kids to sit around and watch, so they learn what not to do. 

    I don't understand why anyone is questioning this tried and true development plan. 

    Edit: was not meant to quote you RS. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    Starting lineup I’d like to see: 







    I expect Wotherspoon to slot into the midfield for Oso or Kaye. 

  8. 16 minutes ago, Hawkguy said:

    Nah, someone wants to tell me off then I'll tell them off right back. I like Millar. Always have. Read back my posts. Big fan. Followed him when he went to Scotland from Liverpool. Watched League One too. Haven't seen him in Switzerland though. Tons of talent. 

    I wasn't even chirping him when I said I wanted a player that runs at others in. I wanted Millar in as well, dropped back slightly. He played great. Honestly thought he was arguably our best player tonight. Also, I'm not student arrogant enough to think my opinion is always right. But it's my opinion. That's the joy of soccer. 

    Doesn't change that he should have had a better attempt on goal. And hopefully that develops over time because he has so many other great tools. I'm not going to go trash him on his social media or anything crazy. I talk about the game, admittedly emotionally, during games. 

    Are you telling me you have never criticized a player? Also, I didn't know that was his dad or I would have not replied to him criticising the shot attempt.

    I stand by saying it was a poor shot attempt, doesn't change that he was very, very good for the rest of the game and a huge reason we even got a point. 

    Disingeneous. Just own it and apologise and you'll get more respect. 

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