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  1. "Overseas based" people will need to find legal ways to watch the stream other than OneSoccer if they can't access it in their country. Posting illegal steams of the game should be discouraged and removed from this site. See you in 24 hours fuckface.
  2. Nah, I just realize there are legal streams to watch these games for the vast majority of people dipshit.
  3. I do realize there are legal sources of streaming in most countries and posting illegal streams helps nobody.
  4. Heat and field has taken our energy. Now just want to hold on to this 1-0
  5. Starting shaky again, this turf is messing with our mojo.
  6. This field really seems to slow the ball down.
  7. Come on boys, pay OneSoccer for the games rather than illegal streaming. If this isn't worth it for them, why would they keep providing the service? Then it's back to refreshing live text updates.
  8. Wait, this game is being played on carpeted (Astro Turf)? and not synthetic (Field Turf) Okay, seeing the previous game clips looks like it's synthetic with a whole crap load of rubber pellets!
  9. Watching the ES St. Kitts game (ES up 2-0) and I'm of the firm belief Canada would wax either of these teams. This is some USL (If lucky) level soccer.
  10. Did you not read the reasons he wasn't coming back? He told Herdman he wasn't interested in playing the minnows in the region. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.
  11. No thanks, he doesn't want to be here for the most important games to canada in what... 8 years? Thank you for your services, they will not be required in the future.
  12. We looked like crap but we are winning. I'm not sure how to feel. Definitely not loving this formation at all. Not sure why Herdman has the need to always get cute before important games.
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