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  1. The V's : Build a stadium in Nunavut and freeze those CONCACAFing bastards! Also the V's : It may be too cold in...( insert city) & ( insert month) 🥶
  2. 1) Yes I think Brym is capable or running his butt off and pressing the Mexicans. 2) I would rather have Millar too but Millar plays on the Sunday instead if the Friday. --- No offence to Brym but Millar is more likely to get playing time in the other two matches. One of the main theories on this board is "Herman will not play his best XI against Mexico" and yet where does Brym fit in if not for this Mexico match?
  3. I think it's just for the Mexico match. That's why I feel Brym is in the squad. Herdman picked a guy who played on the Friday who can run his butt off this Thursday without needing to worry about match #5 and #6. Bayern and Lille both play on Sunday. I don' think Herdman plays David and Davies until the 60th minute and that is unless we still have a shot at beating (or drawing) Mexico.
  4. Altitude (Mexico) and tropical humidity (Jamaica) changes the game for this window. Let's look back at the three (non - GK) players that played serious minutes during the previous window. How much could they play after? - Laryea was rested by TFC on Saturday, September 11th after going 280+ (all possible) minutes during the 3-match window. - Johnston was a sub and played about 30 minutes for Nashville on on Saturday, September 11th after going 280+ (all possible) minutes during the 3-match window. - Eustáquio played a full match for Paços de Ferreira on Saturday, September 11th after going 265+ minutes during the 3-match window. An absolute machine. He was given no rest by his club. 😲 --- - Brym is in the squad to see minutes against Mexico to keep other players fresh - Piette also has to get minutes against Mexico to keep other players fresh
  5. World Cup Qualifiers - Matchday 4 Mexico vs Canada Thursday, October 7th 9:40pm Eastern / 6:40pm Estadio Azteca, Mexico City Online Broadcast: ONESoccer TV Broadcast: Telus Channel 980, Sportsnet 360 (EN) , RDS (FR) Referee: Ismael Alexander Cornejo Melendez https://twitter.com/desigarbitrales/status/1444776131480199169 (Replaced the original referee due to COVID The Canadian squad: http://www.twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/1443992293015527429 https://canadasoccer.com/news/canada-soccer-announces-fifa-world-cup-qualifiers-squad-for-october-matches/ 27 players (for now) Canadian players that are in the squad but that have been ruled out through travel restrictions: Hoilett Wotherspoon Canadian players that are in the squad but that may not play due to fitness/injury/illness: Cavallini Hutchinson Larin Borjan EDIT: Matchday squad with St. Clair added Canadian players that are on a yellow card: Adekugbe Buchanan Kaye Laryea Vitória ---- The Mexican squad: http://www.twitter.com/miseleccionmx/status/1443789015702859781 https://miseleccion.mx/noticias/3671/Convocatoria%20de%20la%20Selecci%C3%B3n%20Nacional%20de%20M%C3%A9xico%20para%20la%20clasificatoria%20de%20Octubre No injuries of suspensions that I am aware of for Mexico
  6. They need to get to Mexico City as soon as possible to be at altitude. Denver might be acceptable. EDIT: @RS Florida is a good idea for the January window. Maybe even a Camp Poutine match in Florida prior to playing Honduras.
  7. He seemed to have been on the road to recovery and then re-injured himself I think. Hopefully he can get some playing time this month. Maybe November!
  8. Honduras had promised that they would release it today. 27 players
  9. Buchanan will start. He will be our most rested player having 8 days between his previous club match and the Mexico game. Herdman hinted in the OneSoccer interview a few weeks ago about managing the first match of the window better and having players that were better rested (fewer guys who had played on the Sunday prior).
  10. Squad is here: https://tff.org/default.aspx?pageID=628&ftxtID=36124 Hopefully he hasn't filed his switch.
  11. Their 24 man squad is here: https://www.efa.com.eg/NewsDetails?k1=2PsMGaglqDlE3pf9j4BRTw== He will likely see some minutes.
  12. I'm just saying that it is unusual not to specify the absence.
  13. The "unspecified" thing is bizarre. Mental health issues? Excessive consumption (alcohol, drugs)? A more serious health condition that he doesn't want to talk about? It's like Corbeanu and his viral infections thing. 😬 It could be quite mundane but a lack of information tends to make us think the worst.
  14. He was in the squad in Prague today but did not leave the bench. As for this past weekend: Scott Arfield was absent from the matchday squad for Saturday’s trip to Dundee in the Premiership and he sat out of training on Tuesday with an unspecified issue, but is now fit and available for selection. “Scott missed training yesterday but he’s back available for today’s session so he’ll travel with us and come back into the squad,” said Gerrard https://www.rangersnews.uk/injury-news/rangers-receive-injury-boost-ahead-of-sparta-prague-clash/amp/
  15. Panama are calling 27 players El Salvador are calling 27 players The USA are calling 27 players Costa Rica are calling 26 players Jamaica are calling 24 players ( 23 for their first match only) Honduras release their squad tomorrow. Mexico ???
  16. He will play vs Andorra and never get called to an important match. 😭
  17. Update: They've confirmed it as an injury sub. Left knee.
  18. Speculation that he picked up a knock; hopefully he isn't seriously injured.
  19. He also played at Saputo May 18th 2019. Don't remember that match, I wasn't there and didn't watch it. A month before the 2019 Gold Cup.
  20. I was at that match and honestly had no idea who he was.
  21. Were you at the Montreal Impact vs New England Revolution match at the Stade Olympique February 29th 2020? It was couple weeks before COVID shut everything down. Montreal's first and last home MLS match of 2020 with a home crowd.
  22. Victory Tour - Match #2 Canada vs New Zealand Tuesday, October 26th 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific Stade Saputo, Montréal Broadcast: ONESoccer Tickets: Section 132 - will edit when more info is available https://canadasoccer.com/fr/news/canada-soccer-annonce-les-matchs-de-la-tournee-de-celebration-de-lequipe-nationale-feminine-a-ottawa-et-montreal/
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