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  1. Wheeler talking about feet (instead of metres) above sea level is almost as bad as saying ZEE instead of ZED.
  2. 1) 75% capacity 2) Cheap seat further up sell better. Not unusual for them to overprice the lower bowl. @Unnamed Trialist spoke of this. 3) Always difficult to sell an 80 000 capacity stadium in the middle of a pandemic.
  3. Thanks for the update. Let the man have time to recover and not stress out over having to take at least 2 flights to Toronto. --- At this point, a Borjan who is only at 80% may still not be better than Crépeau.
  4. Can't say I found that funny. Much better. @sstackho , I posted about it already but no apologies necessary. When a thread gets to 14+ pages it's easy to scroll by stuff and miss it.
  5. He was unwell enough to visit a hospital. Was he really going to travel so far and still be at 100% by October 7th ?
  6. Fair enough. If it had been for match #2 or #3 of this window that would be one thing but it always seemed far-fetched to summond a guy recovering from COVID so quickly. It always seem more delusion than optimism.
  7. Thanks for the YouTube clips @Joe MacCarthy. I didn't know Bair spoke French! (Didn't say much in that clip in French but didn’t seem to have an accent) He's from Ottawa so is he Franco-Ontarien like David?
  8. This is such B.S. I mean did they think he was going to play on the 10th for Minnesota? If he hasn't been in Mexico unannounced, then should have been from the get-go. Everyone knew Milan was in no fit state. Herdman gonna Herdman....
  9. Suriname's FA held a telethon back in May. I posted about it.
  10. Flores going to Marbella, Spain as he was called by Mexico U20. They will face England U19 ( without Jebbison) who stayed with his club.
  11. I am actually genuinely curious about how many people will flock to get the J & J vaccine. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/why-some-unvaccinated-albertans-are-looking-for-the-johnson-johnson-shot-1.6197451
  12. I just can't see how Borjan can be ready for this match. Herdman needs to name a 4th keeper for this squad. I wish we knew who got those "standby" emails.
  13. Well, once again, if Marseille have to lose... that might as well be the way.
  14. Not in the matchday squad again for Rangers. If he's not even on the bench, it means something is up!
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