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  1. Also, the pics that they are all taking are from the rooftop of The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. @JamboAl did you stay there or at the Marriott?
  2. I'm sure he is quite mindful that Eustáquio and Vitória did develop in the Portuguese youth system before switching to Canada. Unfortunately he doesn't have that option unless he thinks he will make the Portugal senior team because he would have to file a one-time-switch to play youth games for them. And let's face it, if he gets onto the Portugal U-21 team's radar, it means that he will likely be on our senior team's radar.
  3. I don't know what circuitous route they took but they are there. They didn't fly out of Mexico City but actually took the bus all the way out to Toluca to fly from that airport. The players are posting hotel pics from Kingston on Insta so it seems like they arrived safely and soundly.
  4. Thanks. https://www.transfermarkt.us/keylor-herrera/profil/schiedsrichter/7609/plus/0?funktion=1&saison_id=2021&wettbewerb_id= He was the ref down in Panama for Independiente vs Forge, the ref who gave Babouli the red card.
  5. It is indeed a full international window. As @narduch and I (and maybe others) have suggested in the past, there is nothing stopping the CSA ( if they have the money) from having a Camp Poutine friendly the week before in Houston / Southern California / Florida to get the North American guys back up to fitness.
  6. Allaaaah! Allaaaah! Allaaaah! Allah-allah-allah! A banger indeed.
  7. Before we lock or move this thread, link to the goal?
  8. He spent some years of his childhood in Ottawa... But O well, now he has a goal for the Egypt senior team.
  9. Voted Bundesliga rookie of the month for September: --- In the starting XI for the Egypt vs Libya WCQ that will kick off in 15 minutes: https://www.fifa.com/tournaments/mens/worldcup/qatar2022/qualifiers/caf/match-center/400204254 He is officially gone. My thoughts:
  10. True. But they can't call him in quickly. They'd look to other fringe players. For them to get Ferdi, 1) He'd have to get a Turkish passport 2) He'd have to file a one-time-switch
  11. I assume this was his is first match at altitude. Many of the other guys in the squad have played in Denver or have played in Mexico. I assume even Davies played in Denver or in Mexico before his move to Bayern. ---- Everybody reacts differently - sometimes dramatically so.
  12. Apparently complicating matters is that Ferdi doesn't actually have a Turkish passport! http://www.fanatik.com.tr/amp/stefan-kuntzdan-son-dakika-ferdi-kadioglu-aciklamasi-2244730 He is in Turkey on a "blue card", which is like a US "green card" but only for those of Turkish ancestry. http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_nationality_law The Dutch really make it difficult for people with dual citizenship: https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_nationality_law
  13. Wait... @El Hombre is in Deep River? El Hombre, I thought you had moved out from Ottawa to the Arnprior area...but that's like 130km past that! @MM3/MM2/MM are you in Ottawa?
  14. He got a non-COVID illness from his daughter! Kids are good at spreading germs around! https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/steven-gerrard-admits-rangers-curveballs-21759197 --- Also got his car broken into and a signed shirt for charity stolen: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7809461/scott-arfield-car-rangers-merchandise-stolen/
  15. Crépeau Pantemis St. Clair Adekugbe Brault-Guillard Brym Cornelius David Davies Eustáquio Fraser Henry Hoilett Johnston Kaye Millar Miller Osorio Piette Shaffelburg Wotherspoon Have I gotten it right? This is the squad that can play? So we can include two more guys? Despite our stringent anti-COVID protocols, I'd feel better with a full 23-man squad instead of simply having 21 guys.
  16. World Cup Qualifiers - Matchday 5 Jamaica vs Canada Sunday, Oct 10th 2021 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific Independence Park, Kingston (Empty Stadium) Online Broadcast: ONESoccer TV Broadcast: Telus Channel 980, Sportsnet 360 & Sportsnet ONE (EN) , RDS (FR) Referee: Keylor Herrera (He was the ref down in Panama for Independiente vs Forge, the ref who gave Babouli the red card) Canada Squad: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FAoW5ZPXoAky1rH?format=jpg&name=small Canadian players that were in the original in the squad but that won't play due to fitness/injury/illness: Cavallini Hutchinson Larin Borjan Buchanan, Laryea & Vitória are suspended due to yellow card accumulation. Canadian players that are on a yellow card: Adekugbe Kaye Eustáquio --- Original Jamaica squad for this window: https://twitter.com/jff_football/status/1443623586552496129 Updated Jamaican squad: https://twitter.com/jff_football/status/1446171515070951424 Centre-back Damion Lowe is suspended due to yellow card accumulation for Jamaica.
  17. I told you guys that Brym was called for this match! ( I thought Brym might even start but clearly Herdman went for a strong starting XI)
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