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    Shway reacted to Bdog in Liam Fraser   
    I just hope we don’t panic sign some average MLS midfielder to fill in. 
    I’m confident Fraser can do the job, hopefully he does well like always and forces Vanney to keep him on the pitch when Bradley is back. Bradley doing Delgado’s role should work. 
    Also I doubt we’ll see it but it would be great if Okello gets a few chances because of this as well, even if it’s off the bench. 
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    Shway reacted to Club Linesman in Liam Fraser   
    Unfortunate but from what we have seen from Fraser he looks like he is a capable DM and hopefully he will prove us right. The biggest hole will be Bradley’s leadership.  Someone will need to step in and assume the captaincy.
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    Shway reacted to Bison44 in Liam Fraser   
    Damn, my cheap VOO DOO doll must have looked more like Bradley than Delgado.  
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    Shway reacted to Blackdude in Liam Fraser   
    He might not be in the U23 team with this. I assume that TFC will do everything in their power to keep him.
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    Shway reacted to Club Linesman in Liam Fraser   
    Bad news for Bradley but great for Fraser!
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    Shway reacted to Ams1984 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    I like the whole “York9” thing.
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    Shway reacted to Kent in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    For me it is more convenient for the team to be where it is now (although I only got out to the stadium one time last year). But here is why I think they should build a stadium.
    1. They said that was their plan. If they aren’t going to, they better at least tell the fans.
    2. They are currently playing outside of the region they are named after.
    3. New stadiums tend to draw fans out in significantly bigger numbers. Of course location is very important, but a new stadium has the potential to draw significantly more fans than a championship season. 
    I wont put down another number, but can someone refresh my memory on if it is natural grass or artificial turf? Someone above mentioned plans for the track being removed, is that confirmed? Will the field be made bigger then?
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    Shway reacted to apbsmith in Lucas Cavallini   
    " I was born in Canada to South American immigrants. I have spent a majority of my life living in South America and definetly identify as a Latino. At the same time , every time I put on the Canadian jersey I play with so much passion and as hard as I can for my country. Canada is an amazing country and it has done so much for my family."  
    End quote.
    I honestly think this is what he wanted to say, just very unfortunate delivery.
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    Shway reacted to Lofty in Canada vs Iceland - Jan 15th (Camp Poutine Match #3)   
    I have not seen one person post that they do not want to be in the hexagonal. Nobody is scared of playing against the best teams. On the contrary, that is exactly what we all want.
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    Shway got a reaction from baulderdash77 in Under 23 qualifying roster speculation   
    After this camp, here's my thoughts on how the squads would look:
    Olympic 20:
    GK: Pantemis, Breza
    DF: Godinho, Bassong, Abzi, Guillard, Mekideche, Cornelius, Kennedy, TMG, *Amuz, *Gutierrez 
    MF: Fraser, Shome, Okello, Borges, Paton,  
    FW: Millar, Brym, Bair, Nelson, Tabla
    Bubble: Buchanan, Choiniere, Dunn, Campbell, Verhoeven
    Men's 23:
    GK: Borjan, Crépeau, Carducci 
    DF: Henry, Vitoria, Laryea, Adekugbe, Didic, Miller, Cordova 
    MF: Osorio, Arfield, Piette, Kaye, Eustaqiou, Teibert, Wootherspoon, Hutchinson*
    FW: Davies, David, Hoilett, Larin, Cavallini, Akindele
    Bubble: Ricketts, Chapman, Edwards, Zator, Waterman 
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    Shway reacted to An Observer in Canada vs Iceland - Jan 15th (Camp Poutine Match #3)   
    These are my quick calculations for for qualification vis a vis the hex and the reperchase route;
    20% chance we are top 3 of 6 and qualify directly
    20% chance we finished 4th
    50 % chance we beat the reperchase winner; 40% chance we win the intercontinental (that’s difficult to call as we don’t know which conference)
    So the HEX route gives us the following: 20% + (20% x 50% x 40%) = 24%
    98% chance we win our group (assuming seeding)
    90% chance we win quarter final (assuming seeding)
    80% chance we win semi final
    70% Chance we win final
    50% chance we win 4th place 
    40% chance we win intercontinental 
    So Reperchase is 9.8% chance of qualifying  
    I would take the Hex route hands down
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    Shway reacted to archer21 in Canada vs Iceland - Jan 15th (Camp Poutine Match #3)   
    I understand we are all worried that it will be very difficult to finish 3rd in the Hex, but the alternative is the get through 2 of Curacao, Panama, and Haiti in semis/finals, THEN playing someone like Jamaica. THEN intercontinental playoffs. We’re gonna have to get by some really good teams no matter what.
    The HEX leaves more room for error IMO because we can lose a couple matches away from home and still get through. Panama finished 3rd in the Hex in 2018 WCQ with 13 points. We could get that by beating 3 teams at home, 1 on the road, and 1 draw. That’s very achievable. 
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    Shway reacted to TFC2017 in CPL new teams speculation   
    With Ottawa coming in that's a great market for the league. Would be nice to see a Quebec City team join. 
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    Shway reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Just to clarify the parent name: fans of Atlético call it Atleti or even Aleti. But in the club hymn it is clearly "Atlético". So if there is name confusion, even in Spain you see variations in pronounciation.
    Fans of Athletic Club de Bilbao also call it "Athletic" or really "Atleti", the final "c" not pronounced and the "th" not as it is done in English.
    I do think that for branding, either Atlético chooses the Spanish, or they get confused with Ath. Bilbao. So that it could be expected for them to not opt for either.
    Here's a video of the Ath Bilbao hymn, starts with the club name repeated a few times:
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    Shway reacted to Blackdude in Ottawa CPL Club   
    It does mention that the team could start in the summer. 👀
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    Shway reacted to Initial B in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Hmm, joining for the fall season sounds similar to what Cosmos did when they first joined NASL. How that ended makes this comparison... unsettling to me.
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    Shway reacted to archer21 in Canada vs Iceland - Jan 15th (Camp Poutine Match #3)   
    The Hex still gives us a way better chance of making it to the World Cup IMO. The fact that there’s a chance to get direct qualification trumps any other argument for me. Not that I think we’ll definitely finish top 3, but there is a chance. And even if we finish 4th, we’d play a weaker team than if we won the loser’s bracket. Then to just lose in the intercontinental playoff.
    i don’t get the argument that the lower route is better because we won’t finish 3rd anyway, but then say that we have a chance to beat someone like Chile over 2 legs, who would be 2nd best in CONCACAF. I guess if we knew we’d be playing Oceania then I would maybe buy it.
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    Shway reacted to Obinna in Lucas Cavallini   
    I don't even need to listen to this to know people are about to make something out of nothing. This is my perspective on it.
    Context: soccer
    Comment: "I am zero percent Canadian"
    My parents are both Latinos and this cultural influence has ultimately shaped my football. 
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    Shway reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Lucas Cavallini   
    I'm not going to be offended if he keeps banging in goals for the National Team, but somebody should tell him being Canadian means you can be Latino and think in Spanish.
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    Shway reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Ottawa CPL Club   
    At least the name of the city is in there, which instantly puts it ahead of Pacific, Cavalry, Valour and Forge. If people were asked at random which out of Atletico, Valour, Forge and Fury sounds like a top class professional soccer team, I'm confident most would respond with Atletico.
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    Shway reacted to Watchmen in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Atletico Ottawa is an awful name, and people on here should be ashamed for supporting it.  Especially after the big stink people made over hating "FC" or "City".  You can say that it's part of the Madrid branding, but it's entirely likely that at some point they depart as owners (I'm not even saying that in a negative sense. Ownership changes all the time in all leagues.)  At which point you're left with.....Real Salt Lake, a name and colour scheme originally chosen because they were going to be affiliated with Real Madrid.
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    Shway reacted to Initial B in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Go away for a week...
    Pardon me if I'm a little wary and gun-shy. I remember how NASL loved Rayo Vallecano being involved with Rayo OKC and that went south very quickly. 
    That said, I still haven't received a refund on my Fury Season Ticket Deposit for 2020, so maybe this has had legs for longer than I thought.
    I can't imagine JdG *not* being involved in the FO in some form (preferably as an Assistant GM) due to his years spent playing in Spain and could act as a bridge/translator for the several incoming young U-23 players from their Academy (and I'm sure Atletico would parachute in their own GM/Sporting Director and Coach). There are a couple of ex-Fury players still in the area, so they could easily flesh out a team that might not be pretty, but the quality to price ratio of the transplanted Atletico players should shine through.
    I was just about to put down season tickets for the new Ottawa CEBL team, but if this goes through, that's where I'm putting my money instead. I'll mourn the Fury, but I'm an Ottawa Supporter and that's what I'll do for the new team. And Red and White (hopefully with a little bit of black trim) is very appropriate for the Capital of Canada.
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    Shway reacted to Corazon in Under 23 qualifying roster speculation   
    Agree with these rosters as well.  I would be okay with Miller being called to the U23's as I feel he adds quality and experience needed.  We should be fine with Henry, Vitoria, James & Didic as CB's for a camp.  Also have Laryea & Cordova at RB & Morgan joining Adekugbe at LB for another camp.  Cordova can play LB as well.
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    Shway reacted to toontownman in Under 23 qualifying roster speculation   
    Pretty spot on for the U23's for me!
    If Amuz and Guiterrez committed it would be tough to pick across the backline. Some fantastic choices. I think Abzi would likely lose out which would be harsh. I think Dunn is likely a lock given his past with the program but you could argue most of the other deserve the spot ahead of him.
    Would add Zanatta to the list. We should bring 4. Ongaro would certainly add something different too. Dario has been playing quite a lot on the left wing too so maybe thats an interesting option. 
    Hasal/Busti might also fill a third GK spot, always feel a 3rd keeper is a waste of a place in a small squad though.
    Central midfield is a bit of a sleeper area. Paton has been getting great minutes and will hopefully get called. Fraser has been excellent for Canada and Shome is solid. Okello has always looked like a game changer and has been a game changer. If he can put it all together and be consistent this could be a break out tournament for him. 
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    Shway reacted to Ian Kennedy in Scott Kennedy   
    Scott played last Saturday in a pre-season "friendly" against Wolfsberger. After the game he felt good and was satisfied with his play and how he felt.  Here's some media coverage about his "come back" (translation from Austrian German) :
    For Kennedy, the time of suffering ends
    It wasn't long ago that Scott Kennedy had no way around. Last season, the defender was a fixture in Austria Klagenfurt, he was in the squad in all 30 games, 29 of them in the starting XI. But with the beginning of the new series, the Canadian became a plague bird and missed the entire autumn round. Now the 22-year-old wants to start again.
    "Scotty" had to wait for this moment for what felt like an eternity. On Saturday in the first test of the winter preparation against the first division fourth Wolfsberger AC, the defender put on the jersey of the violets again, after an intensive first week of training, he was allowed to start in St. Andrä from the start. It was his first assignment since June 1, 2019, at FC Liefering (1: 1).
    Head coach Robert Micheu later had a special praise for the 1.90-meter giant: “If you consider that he had to stay out for more than half a year, it was a very good one neat appearance. I'm happy with him. ”Up to the start in February, it is now a matter of“ that Scotty finds his rhythm and receives practice, ”said Micheu.
    Last summer Kennedy complained of groin problems. He paused, struggled up but always had to accept setbacks. In November, the coach then sent his defender to Canada early. There he worked with a rehab coach and came back stronger at the beginning of the year. Micheu: “So far it looks very good, Scotty is doing everything. But of course we always keep an eye on him, we won't risk anything. It is important that he is in top shape when it starts. "
    After difficult months, Kennedy himself is happy to finally get involved. "It was hard. Of course I was happy about the development of the team. But instead of just watching and keeping my fingers crossed, I would rather have helped. I'm happy to be back with the boys in the cabin and on the pitch, ”he said. Coach Micheu plans with him in the ascent fight: "You can always count on Scotty."
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