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  1. Rovers fans are excited about the loan move. Henry did really well over his short stint the last time round. I think it might be more of an emergency cover - Rovers have a couple of CBs sitting on 4 yellow cards, but he could also see some time at RB, where there are few options in the current side.
  2. We need an attacking centre mid. Relying on Johnson and JDG to pull the strings isn't working so far.
  3. Yeah, he regularly had one or two Hondurans hanging off his back tonight (usually drawing a free kick), but he's as cool as you like. Never flustered.
  4. Yep, Hoilett and Hutch have been good. I would bring on Tesho for RIcketts - he hasn't been involved at all. The spacing seemed to be askew on that right flank - too much of JDG on the ball. I'd like to see them get it the winger a bit more.
  5. Have to wonder if Junior is match fit. Certainly hasn't played a full 90 recently.
  6. Junior has shown a couple of real moments of skill that remind us of what he can offer. He will make others around him better - save for Ricketts.
  7. We scored on Ghana...the stream glitched out while it happened...but it happened.
  8. Wow. Belize almost snatches a win in the last seconds of the match. Nice save by Borjan.
  9. Those first two may have helped some, but this is a sad-sack group; a mix of has-beens (e.g., Deguz, Jakovic, etc.) and players who never were great (e.g., Ledgerwood, Stama, Ricketts, etc.). I'd hoped for more from Larin and Akindele, but they're inexperienced as pros, let alone at the international level. I'm with O-de_M though. I'm extremely disappointed with the negative tactics deployed for the last two matches, but I'm not sure that sacking Floro makes sense *yet. I'm sliding off the bandwagon, clinging by my fingernails... could unceremoniously slip off.
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