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  1. Just picked up 6. Do you have more details on what section etc? Flying in the night before. Tres excite.
  2. Hopefully they ramp up the awareness in the next 60 days. A few billboards could do wonders. Maybe a street team like the Whitecaps had? I feel like they are just talking to the already converted and not doing enough to reach the families and casual sports/soccer fan which Ottawa is full of. This city needs a shake up. Going to do my best to make game day a party.
  3. Looking forward to more coverage on Ottawa Fury FC and FC Edmonton. Would be great to see the odd division 3 article as well. Who has the power to change the forum group name to FCED/OFFC and NASL?
  4. Apparently there was no consultation with the 3 supporters groups before deciding where their section would be. Poor planning on part of the Fury. Luckily they have lots of time to amend the situation. My main concern is the ability for people to join the supporters easily. My other question is what's the plan for Carleton?
  5. New site looks really good. Get those signs in the pubs too!
  6. So glad it wasn't a soccer ball on fire with a maple leaf on top! Here is a picture from the event today.
  7. I wonder how it will work with 5 Pro teams in Canada next year? Maybe do something similar to the US Open Cup having one game knock out rounds and when it comes to the final 8 include the MLS and NASL sides? Other idea is a 5 team group stage. (TFC, Van, MTL. EDM, OTT) Home and home. 8 games is a lot to ask but it would be a huge boost to the NASL sides bringing all 3 MLS clubs to town once a year.
  8. Looks like FC Gatineau will play in Mont Bleu. Not too hard to get to from Ottawa. There are buses from Rideau too. I plan on going to as many games as possible. Support Local Football right. Sounds like a good league. There has been a void since Capital City closed shop.
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