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    Aird25 got a reaction from toontownman in Canadian MLS Players to CPL - Ideas   
    I might recommend CPL over MLS for some players that are looking to launch their careers, but not for players looking for a pay cheque. Not in the current situation, anyways 
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    Aird25 reacted to toontownman in Jonathan David   
    Confirmed on One Nation. 5am so will have to watch the replay - if they do that and when they likely upload it on Monday. Will see the result and highlights elsewhere. 
    No mention as to whether this is an ongoing thing. I wonder if One Soccer is going to just purchase rights from Bein to show just Lille games as well as them. 
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    Aird25 reacted to Macksam in Jonathan David   
    Lol, I guess UEFA rankings get the noggin a joggin as much as FIFA rankings. 
    Though In all seriousness, Lille was exchanging blows with the likes of Chelsea, Ajax and Valencia in the CL this past season...and they earned some stripes and respect from their performances IMO.
    If OneSoccer got the rights to Lille in Ligue 1, my investment in The Collective is looking better already. 
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    Aird25 reacted to El Hombre in Island Games - Best Canadians?   
    I find the blowback on Bekker interesting.
    The Whitecaps need someone now.  Not someone who'll be great in three years like Baldisimo.  If they are looking at CanPL, why wouldn't they look at Bekker?
    Forget about age, forget about potential.  If you are looking at the best, most consistent Canadian in a midfield role, I don't think you could look at anyone but Bekker if you are looking to solve a problem now.
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    Aird25 reacted to SpursFlu in Match Thread: Island Games - August 25, 2020 - Pacific v Valour   
    Call me biased but Pacific play the nicest style in CPL. Play the ball on the deck. Bustos on the ball is great to watch. Spanish guy on the other side always taking people on. I think they'll likely finish 3rd and could upset someone in the playoffs
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    Aird25 reacted to Northvansteve in Michael Baldisimo   
    MLS debut with the Whitecaps tonight in Montreal and damn, he played really well. Played mostly as a 6, and distributed the ball very well. Positioned himself very well defensively. I expect we will be seeing many more starts from him in the rest of the Whitecaps disastrous season. This guy should be back on our radar screen!
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    Aird25 got a reaction from Shway in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    After shutting PSG out for the first time in 11 months 
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    Aird25 got a reaction from An Observer in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    After shutting PSG out for the first time in 11 months 
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    Aird25 reacted to Bison44 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Ho Hum...canadian teenager played ok in the biggest match on the planet this year, but i heard somewhere he was bad defensively.  Grrr.  Pesky Neymar and Mappe...and before that messi and Suarez...and before that Chelsea, they can be tricky for a converted teenage winger playing LB.   Well maybe he can work on that before we get to World Cup finals against Spain, France or Brazil.
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    Aird25 reacted to Big_M in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    didnt watch the match but apparently he was bad defensively..obviously doesnt matter as they won but something to review for national team
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    Aird25 reacted to jonovision in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Where did you find this analysis? His defending was better, and safer, than usual, even if he didn't do much overlapping or attacking. Bayern kept a clean sheet against one of the best attacking trios in the world, and few of PSG's chances came from Alphonso's side.
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    Aird25 reacted to dyslexic nam in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Who cares what those ass clowns think?  I only see one flag in this picture.  

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    Aird25 got a reaction from toontownman in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Could have done without this dig, but cheers. Congrats Phonzy
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    Aird25 reacted to Stouffvillain in CPL General   
    Labour talk is the most barf worthy sports discussion possible. Those players are making that much because no one else is willing to pay them anything to play. 
    After 9 months of no CPL I’d rather talk about games. 
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    Aird25 got a reaction from Longrange in Liam Millar   
    All we have to do is a win. Let’s do whatever we have to in order to do that 
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    Aird25 reacted to davey_twelve in Match Thread: Island Games - August 18, 2020 - Pacific v York 9   
    First start for De Jong at LB!
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    Aird25 reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Bingo!  Also the reason TSN will never even acknowledge the existence of the CPL but that's a rant for another forum
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    Aird25 reacted to Free kick in General Discussion on CMNT   
    I dont think we loose as much as some people think (on the attacking end) if he plays LB.   LB’s can and should be pushing forward.  I can be convinced otherwise but I always thought that LB have more space to cover and thats where he can be best utilized.

    edit: in short, i would Like to see him playing where he can touch the ball most often.  I think that can be achieved at LB.
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    Aird25 reacted to Free kick in General Discussion on CMNT   
    Not necessarily.  I always viewed the LB’s and RB’s as rovers.   I always believed, like you, that he should be utilized more as LW.  But seeing what he was able to do as LB, i changed my mind.   
    also,  his pace in tracking back to defend is also extremely valuable.
    i think.s either way.
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    Aird25 reacted to damaaster in General Discussion on CMNT   
    I absolutely love that there is legit debate on twitter/forums about if Davies is the best LB in the world....and here we are talking about who should be our LB..haha
    Love it.
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    Aird25 reacted to canadianbacons in Ante Grgic   
    Born: 09/28/2003
    Hometown: Surrey, BC
    Position: ST/CAM
    Signed to GNK Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia
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    Aird25 reacted to dyslexic nam in Golden Generation?   
    Agree with all of this.  
    CPL is massive for Canadian footy - which is why I am so hopeful that it can succeed financially.   If we can get sufficient revenue flowing into the league that it is healthy enough for longevity and expansion, I think it will be the single biggest factor in our country’s growth and sustained success.  A national network of scouts and academies would offer a substantially increased number of opportunities for talented kids above and beyond what the 3 MLS sides could hope to do, and provide them with a pathway for talented young players to jump directly to professional competition.   That would be game changing.  
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    Aird25 reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Pacific   
    I was humming and hawing about subscribing, but must say that the play today was good, and I found seeing the Canadian youth great. CPL is really amazing. 
    Have to say as well that ref was quite good, I have no idea who she is but was very sharp, I think she controlled the match very well. 
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    Aird25 got a reaction from nolando in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Pacific   
    Thanks! I had read that but I was hoping there were some other details. We know so little about his plans. 
    As an aside, being a supporter of Vancouver Island, I’m finding all this talk of ‘the island’ in reference to P.E.I. confusing 
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    Aird25 reacted to Ruffian in Gabriel Pellegrino   
    The counterpoint to this argument is that players that have stuck with TFC like Ashtone Morgan, Jay Chapman, Doneil Henry, Jordan Hamilton, Liam Fraser and Ayo Akinola have had arguably more success than players who have left.
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