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  1. Why in the world is this not on the main TSN networks.
  2. Not to rain on your parade but aren’t vaccination rates higher in the north because the risk of outbreaks are so high due to the remoteness from health services. Would it not be a slap in the face to that strategy to now bring a significant amount of people into that environment?
  3. Isn't the plan to let Hasal and Crepeau compete for the number 1 spot and loan whoever loses the battle?
  4. I'm confused. You're saying Pepple didn't stick at any of the clubs he trialed with, and Cavalry and all other CPL clubs are passing up on him?
  5. The coaches already had a chance to see how he looked in the last camp, and I'm sure they'll have another look at performances before deciding who to play
  6. A friendly reminder that Hoilett has 8 goals and 8 assists in 8 starts under Herdman
  7. It's brought up all the time, and I think it's in BC Hydro's hands. I'd honestly just move the main camera to the other side, and have a secondary camera pointed back towards the fans. Until it's proven that the new stand is needed at least. Being able to follow the play is far more important than showing the crowd in every shot. There are plenty of opportunities for that on replays and alternative angles.
  8. Pacific would be turning down approximately 450,000 in revenue by moving. They apparently get 85% of the deal. The cost to move the powerlines would be substantially more than that though, as were the costs to build the stadium and training facility as far as I'm aware.
  9. Davies with the start against Al Ahly in the CWC semi final
  10. A permanent deal is often a very probable end result of a loan, and we know Zator has intentions of trying out Europe. So it’s obviously fairly likely that he does move on, especially if he performs well. But none of that makes this a paper signing or confirms that the player never intends on playing for York. He could very well end up playing part of a season or more with York. If all goes according to plan he may not, but if there was a deal in place it would have been a direct sale. From the perspective of a loan, it would be stupid for York or potential suitors to agree on a deal bef
  11. The US also has a ton of young players doing well in top leagues right now, and Tigres just became the first Concacaf team to make the club World Cup. Hopefully with this talent we can surpass some of the other teams in the region and make it competitive against the big two
  12. Tbh Langford has done so much for the club. It would be a huge mistake. Would it even be the leagues decision?
  13. I did until today. I wonder if they were lurking
  14. I’m afraid so, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s home to Canada Rugby, will host Canada soccer and the stadium just received the biggest sponsorship deal in Langford history, yet it’s still an unwatchable product on TV. It’s a decent in game experience but they need to sort the camera angle out, and finish the stands.
  15. No, it’s not. It’s next to Starlight Stadium now, and the city wants to put a cell tower next to it https://www.vicnews.com/news/new-cell-tower-proposed-for-westhills-stadium-in-langford/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter https://www.vicnews.com/news/langford-sells-stadium-naming-rights-for-500000-to-starlight-developments/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  16. Caniggia Elva came on at half and scored one of two stoppage time goals to win the game and stay tied at the top of the table
  17. Great start to the match for him.
  18. I can tell you that I never returned to the same level of play following my first ACL surgery, and I'm nowhere close to that level after my second. I didn't have the same level of support during rehab as professional athletes these days get though
  19. Who wants to talk about our boy losing his spot to some no-name French player
  20. He's never really returned to form following his injuries, but if he does he'll be a great addition in a position of need. The guy has ~100 appearances at a level few of our players reach.
  21. Even if Zator ends up never playing for York, that doesn’t make what Duane said true. If there was a guaranteed deal he would have just signed directly in Sweden.
  22. I felt like ghosting into space was one of David's best qualities at Gent as well. I still don't love him as a #9. he loses too many duels. I'd be interested to see a front three of Larin - Cavillini - David, with Davies and perhaps Buchanan providing the width. Cav can occupy the CB and make near post runs leaving David and Larin to find space. I think that's largely the role David played when he won golden boot at the gold cup
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