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  1. Lol if it’s the conversation I saw, then you didn’t really try to defend him, you attacked the rest of the team unprovoked. Most Lille fans I’ve found recognize that they are a better team with David on the pitch, and many thought Galtier got it wrong by keeping him on the bench. I completely agree that David has had next to no service this year. Many of his goals for Gent were first time finishes from balls coming in off the wing It doesn’t look like this team is going to offer that so he has to find another way to score. His finishing hasn’t been as consistent this season either
  2. What a tackle that was. David was completely in the clear
  3. Big game for Phonzie and Bayern. Leverkusen are in great form and currently sit top of the table.
  4. It's only Eto'o, Drogba, and Davies outside of Europe and South America that have made the team
  5. Fantastic accomplishment by Phonzie. Absolutely incredible. How many cities outside of the states would have a basketball team that's the most popular sports team in the city?
  6. They went light in Season 1 as well, and on more than one occasion ended up playing numerous players out of position just to field a backline.
  7. Your weekly reminder that Lille haven't won a game this season that David didn't start, they sit in sole possession of first place in Ligue 1, and they advanced in Europa League with a win and a draw against top of the table Milan (David played 90 in both games)
  8. Can this really be a complete roster? We only have 17 players, and none of the internationals that are supposed to come through that agency
  9. Cornelius had the second most minutes of any CB on the team and the 7th most minutes of any Whitecaps player
  10. Didn’t they just play a game without a forward option off the bench. From what I gather that’s a big part of why people expect him to get into the lineup in the near future
  11. Throw his name into Twitter if you have it
  12. More and more shouts for him to make the first team squad
  13. Horrible start from Bayern. Davies looks rusty
  14. Let’s hope to have games at Westhills!
  15. Tbh I don’t mind the concept of the logo with the tree and the island, but I think they could have done a far better job with the design. The shapes are so simplistic that nobody could ever recognize them for what they are supposed to stand for without being told
  16. I regret putting a negative spin on the signing, but that’s not a good look for me either.
  17. A one year deal for our best hope at a sale. Nonsensical. We’re looking solid for next season though! Now for the forced international signings and hopefully a local kid or two if there’s roster/cap space
  18. Glad to have Bustos back for another season. I think we’ll be competitive next season, but it’s still discouraging that we’ve yet to provide a multi season contract to anyone considering our supposed strategy of developing and selling young players. How can we ever expect to make a profit on players when we won’t even commit to them
  19. Apparently the first North American player in history
  20. Apparently he set the record for most dribbles completed in a match for this years Champions League.
  21. I’d be thrilled to have Montgomery at Pacific next season.
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