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  1. 2 hours ago, Floortom said:

    I mean - if he didn't get on the pitch during this one I can't imagine they have any intention of playing him in all but the most one-sided blowout.  They should release him for the Canada camp.

    That's how I felt after the last game I watched. I haven't seen todays match, but leading by a goal in a knockout game doesn't seem like an obvious time to blood a young attacker to me

  2. 18 minutes ago, Kent said:

    I think a lot of people are still thinking of him as a Liverpool player, hence the Davies/David talk. I think it’s best to set expectations and consider him a Charlton player (assuming he gets playing time) in D3 England. We shouldn’t expect him to score a couple game winners on the way to promotion and then walk into the Liverpool first team.

    Best of luck to him though. I like the move and hope he can thrive at Charlton!

    At some point we’ll have to stop comparing David to Davies as well. At least until his performances pick up at this level

  3. 19 minutes ago, sebdeserio said:

    I really dislike the idea of Buchanan at fullback. We're developing a good amount of right backs, with Laryea as the oldest at 25 years old. Meanwhile Our wingers are Davies, a 30 year old Hoilett and then he's arguably the 3rd best. We have players like Millar and Corbeanu who's ceiling may be higher but Buchanan's coming off a season as a starter where he helped score and assist important playoff goals.

    I don't know. I'd say we have far more players that I'd trust to do a job on the wing (Davies, Hoilett, Arfield, Osorio, Larin, Millar, Corbeanu, Buchanon, Laryea etc.) than we do fullbacks with any great deal of experience. Even David has played the majority of his games for us on the wing, and looked unstoppable doing so.

  4. 2 hours ago, One American said:

    When the other players stop passing to you, you're in trouble. 


    Fans look at that as, "He's not getting a fair shot!" But that's not the real story. 

    Yeah that’s shite and not the case at all. His teammates have been showing more and more confidence in him since he joined the team. He received next to no passes in his first few matches and now he’s much more involved in the play despite the initial reluctance from his teammates 

  5. 1 hour ago, Dominic94 said:

    It wasn’t you though. The minute he was signed It was coming.


    on Twitter glasscityfc pretty much called out WFC for missing him and it came out that the kid was released due to his behaviour. It’s one of those things that follow you everywhere, he will have to put his head down and work hard.

    Didn’t Rollins call the Whitecaps out for missing him and Glasscity provided the details?

    Regardless, I’d hate to have the first couple pages of my career read like this but I suppose his actions might deserve it. I have no way of knowing 

  6. 3 hours ago, Mikmacdo said:

    We have three or four (Ayo) pretty good strikers so I wouldn't want Davies up top. 

    We have three or four pretty good wingers/wingbacks too, but we don’t have a surplus of CBs. So why play with additional CBs?

    Davies would be up top to stretch the line, advance the ball,  press, ride the shoulder of the defender, create an outlet on the counter etc. Not to be a prototypical CF. He’s not as good in front of goal as many of our players, but he can create havoc with his speed and ability on the ball. Still, I don’t think that’s where he plays in most circumstances if we’re fielding our strongest lineup

    Tbh sometimes I’m surprised that a left side of Davies and Hoilett isn’t penciled in as core pieces in our best XI. Hoilett has 500 + games at a level we hope most of our players reach one day, and most of those games are at LW. He also has been ridiculously prolific for Canada in the last few tournaments 

  7. 1 hour ago, Mikmacdo said:

    I think a lot of us here believe a 3-5-2 is best for our roster. It gets Davies higher up the pitch but he can still play a role defensively. Our CB's aren't as bad as a lot of us think. Vitoria is playing regularly in a top 7 league. Kamal Miller started a fair amount for a good Orlando team and Henry is playing at a decent level. 

    But not all of us. Davies defers to his wingers/midfielders almost every time he’s isolated on the wing. Maybe it’s Bayern’s tactics but the run against Semedo is one of the few times I recall him taking a defender on from a deep stagnant position. He’ll just be double/triple teamed in that scenario with no overlapping run or wide support. We also lose our best defence against counter attacks.

    Its a poor use of our best player IMO. I’d rather see him as a true winger on the right or left side, or even in a strike partnership, than LWB. I prefer him as a LB in most scenarios though. Concacaf has few teams that will break is down defensively, but there are plenty that can counter us

  8. 14 minutes ago, Craig11rm said:

    I like the idea of Junior on the left too but I don’t think Junior is as committed defensively. I think if Davies and Layrea are interchangeable on the left then we don’t have to debate about having Davies as a LB or LW. On the right I like Junior and Buchanan but you could easily do Layrea and Buchanan on the right with Junior and Davies on the left. Cant wait to see or full strength squad play together again....


    I haven’t watched him this season but it looked like he did a ton of defending and was very committed in the Premier League last season. I think we largely nullify Juniors shot from distance if he plays on the right and that’s been our biggest threat in some games. It also buys Davies space on the overlap when teams have to defend against it 

  9. 46 minutes ago, BearcatSA said:

    If Herdman is going to use Davies at LB, he needs to have the right guy in front of him to allow our Bayern ace to do his thing and be a danger man down that flank.  Right now, I think it's either Osorio or Arfield, natural right footers used to playing that inverted role wider on the left but are good, two way guys who can maintain the team shape.  

    I’ve always thought Junior was good at drawing the defender and finding the overlap or playing it inside 

  10. 13 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    I think one of the untold stories here is what is happening with our player agents, and agencies. If you have a proper agent you should not be Unattached, if you are pro there should always be other pro opportunities. As long as you are willing to move to play. But you need a proper structure of agents and 15 years ago ours was very weak. 

    Just the simple fact of agents getting work via CPL, with modest contracts, means they are getting experience, their revenue streams in Canada itself have picked up, and with all the experience that goes along with this.

    I get the sense that southern Ontario is beginning to have decent scouting and agents but the rest of Canada still lags. Pacific’s roster is half signed to one agency. Loads of promising young players, but they haven’t found a single opportunity for their players outside of CPL. Alberta and Quebec may be further along than BC too

  11. 1 hour ago, dyslexic nam said:

     But it is also telling that in the biggest game of the Ligue 1 season so far, he started on the bench.  That sort of thing matters and shows that he hasn’t won everyone over quite yet.  

    It seemed like a tactical decision to me, but also it would have been his 5th start in two weeks. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Ansem said:

    David adapted to this level in my opinion, just need more frequent and better service while improving his touch and finishing. He's not over his head in France but Galtier can see what we all see, David in scoring position not getting service and the club playing better football when he's on the pitch.

    He’s not a scoring right now but Lille are still better with him on the pitch. Their record shows that. He was given clear instructions yesterday to press, stretch the defence and get in behind. In 30 minutes he nabbed the ball in and around the box twice creating half chances, and would have been clear through twice with better vision from his teammates. Lille were under pressure before the subs and he helped to turn the tide somewhat. Against PSG btw

    I think people had unrealistic expectations due to his 2019 season and the success of Davies. He’s in a completely different role than at Gent but he’s adapted and he’s now become an important part of a very strong team. A few goals and his value will sky rocket.

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