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  1. Imagine it was for this season. Best kept secret in history
  2. They're perhaps talking about youth squads getting compensation when a player transaction happens. I remember some fuss about US and Canadian teams not adhering to this protocol. I'm by no means an expert, but that's the first thing that jumps to mind
  3. TMG and Davie Norman Jr. make the olympic squad
  4. He had 6 goals and 8 assists in 10 matches for Wellington in 2019. I wonder how New Zealand premiership compares with CPL. Those are good numbers
  5. Oh I don’t disagree. I just think that when people pay to see an event many want to believe it’s of high importance. Sadly the money involved is a factor in that and this constant focus on the low salaries could have a negative influence. I hope I’m wrong and more people go to support the players like yourself. This focus on ‘poverty wages’ might actually help if that’s the case
  6. Good point. My concerns extended to sponshorship and corporate involvement as well
  7. I'd assume because that's the easiest way for people that don't know the sport to assess quality. Someone from every group I brought to games asked about salaries, apart from my parents. People know it's a global sport and they want to know how a new league fits into that
  8. This was always my concern. Bad press and damaging the perception of a league that needs all the help it can get right now. I don't think we'll have a clear understanding of this until we see how many butts return to seats, but many people I brought to games seemed to lose interest after hearing star players earned less than they did. That's likely why they kept people in the dark to begin with. There have been some positive developments that have come out of this, but I still wish this had been done behind closed doors. The league probably should have recognized the union to avoid this.
  9. Has anyone been watching his matches recently. It sounds like his form has really dropped over the last handful of games
  10. I haven't seen much of him, but he doesn't look to have much of a scoring record for a forward. He seems to have found himself in a good situation anyways though. Do those that have watched him more think he has a promising future?
  11. So we’re suddenly loading up on attacking mids after going two years without one. Interesting
  12. I'm happy the news is released and I'm glad a minimum salary has been introduced, but I still think Duane and his cohort have probably done more harm than good. Perhaps I'm wrong though. At least there's some chatter about the league again. I just hope it translates into revenue
  13. Isn’t it likely they’re assembling a team that will get them back into the top flight?
  14. I really don’t think this is true
  15. It certainly looks to be going in. I’d give it as a goal
  16. It sounds like de Jong is sticking around to coach youth soccer on the island. Pacific have done a pretty good job of having past and present players help out with youth development. Let's hope it pays dividends
  17. Didn't loads of teams/leagues/companies cut or defer salaries due to Covid? It just seemed like a reality of the financial situation to me, and not an example of them demonstrating less commitment. An interesting take I heard on the wage situation... would wages not be even lower if teams had to follow Financial Fair Play rules like they do in Europe?
  18. Another stadium well outside the downtown core.
  19. I think we need to recognize his commitment to pressing and defensive responsibilities this season. It’s a big part of his game this year and an area where I think he’s really improved
  20. I think that's his 4th or 5 game winner too
  21. How many of his goals have come off keeper mistakes now? Massive goal though
  22. I know we all get frustrated with the selfishness of some Lille players, but David actually turns up a lot of decent shooting opportunities
  23. Kianz Froese scored his second of the season in a 4-1 win. Also in D3 Germany, Caniggia Elva came of the bench in another win to stay in a promotion place
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