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  1. 2 hours ago, zaltan said:

    seems the Caps are loosing the best young players in their system first Zanatta and now Callum, some needs to ask the hard question, what is the point of the program if the best young ones leave for nothing

    I don't think Vancouver's academy yet has a big enough reputation internationally to expect much of a return on prospects like Zanatta. Maybe more proven academy players, but not the unfinished product at this point. If these kids want to try their luck in Europe, I don't think the Caps have much of an option other than to assist them. Hopefully players like Dario can perform well overseas and help build that reputation for the club. Once they've established themselves in the game we might even see some of them return to Vancouver.

  2. Clarke wasn't nearly as bad as people are making out.  He missed a few chances but he also created many more for us including the opening goal.  I was actually impressed with him on the wing, he runs well with the ball.  

    Agreed. I thought Clarke showed more than either Chapman or Manella, despite being played out of position. Very poor finishing tonight but he has potted some goals at every level he's played.

  3. This view kills me. These kids may never have made it to the highest levels of the game without top level training, but neither would they have without a hunger and drive to do so. Have you ever tried to teach a kid something that they weren't interested in learning? They're masters of feigning stupidity.

    There are also countless top level footballers that credit the time they spent playing in the streets for a lot of their skill development. Just like Gretzky speaks of the hours he spent practicing on the back yard pond.

  4. At this point Hoilett's career could use a boost. He has not just stagnated, he's declined. If he's not smart enough to realize that international football could help in this regard, and if he never pulls on the Red and White, so be it. He would have to work hard to earn my favour anyways.

  5. By national team players do you mean Canadians? If so I don't think there are any more in the MLS now than previous years. It's always been around 5-10 guys as far as I can remember. There are definitely more in MLS academies, but the academies are a relatively new thing.

    By national team players I mean players representing Canada on senior and youth squads.

  6. Unfortunately you and I seem to be in the minority around here. MLS acts as if they are the EPL and are not very development oriented, especially less so for Canadians with the ridiculously low quota. IMO MLS will be a "destination" league for our top players and the development of the hundreds of young players will have to happen somewhere else.

    I just don't see the trends supporting this though. Am I wrong in thinking that more and more national team players are both currently plying their trade within the MLS, and getting their start in MLS academies?

  7. I disagree.  Everywhere around the world there are domestic player quotas for a reason.  Playing Canadian kids will not instantly give Canada success, but giving giving these players a platform to build on and develop will help in the long run.  What is point of sanctioning these clubs to play in the MLS if they are not developing Canadian talent? 


    But they are developing Canadian talent. The number of players from MLS teams that represent our national teams continues to grow. Just because they aren't getting significant first team MLS minutes, doesn't mean that they aren't developing as players. We're the 117 ranked nation, playing in a top 10-15 ranked league. Is it any surprise that our teenagers struggle to beat out players from around the world? Domestically, the players are now receiving a level of training and competition that hasn't always been there, and the sport is receiving more attention than it has in a long time.

  8. I do not think that the caps had anything to do with Zanatta being at the club, as he left the club and is not signed by the caps from i have heard

    It seems a bit harsh that the kid would up and leave Vancouver without consulting the club. Especially since the 'Caps have shown they have plenty of connections abroad, and are willing to help their prospects with their careers elsewhere. Why burn those bridges if it's not needed? I hope that's not true.

  9. My guess is that he'll play with the youth/reserve team as Olivier Lacoste-Lebuis did years back. OLL actually played one match for Strasbourg senior squad in 2008 at 18 which I didn't know, a real shame that injuries slowed him down. He was a blue chip prospect in the same light as Boakai, Hamilton etc.

    Sorry to go off topic but is this professional game the reason he was never able to play for Maryland? I don't understand why the school thought they could bring in a kid who had played a match in Ligue 2.

    We must either have wildly different opinions on these players, or the definition of a blue chip prospect. While all show great promise, I'd be very hesitant to name any of them a 'can't miss' player, with any sort of confidence.

  10. Forget that whole Cyprus passport story, it's bogus. They don't hand out passports like sandwiches in Cyprus. Yes there might be a shortcut (in comparison with other EU-nations), but if it was really that easy, we'd see lot's of players (most likely from Brazil and Africa) doing the same. Where are the examples?

    I thought I read somewhere that the Cyprus passport deal only worked for players from commonwealth countries.

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