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  1. 15 minutes ago, shamrock said:

    God no! Horribly generic name. Although playing out of Langford, they might steer away from Victoria (bad idea). 

    I don't like it either. I actually quite like the idea of marketing to Vancouver Island, but definitely not all of BC.

  2. 19 hours ago, shamrock said:

    "Islanders" it is! Nice ref to the Highlanders as well.

    They still have BCFC trademarked. We'll see what happens, but I think it makes more sense in the capital than it would in Vancouver.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Stryker911 said:


    Haha, alright. While I don't necessarily agree, I can certainly appreciate your honesty and bluntness.

    5 minutes ago, jpg75 said:

    Mostly. The other part of it is the tendency of their supporters on this board to shit on Canadians when defending the Caps. TFC and Impact fans generally shit on their clubs for fucking up, but Caps excuse their clubs behaviour towards Canadians. Sometimes makes you wonder if some are club employees.

    What a masterful job of nullifying one side of an argument. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, ChrisinOrleans said:

    Neither would I. On principle, I would actually encourage broader access.  

    However, I think we're talking about two different things here. I believe the league should be officially bilingual, and that a media deal should have all games available in both languages for streaming; realizing that individual clubs may go above and beyond (IE, Punjabi in Surrey, or Chiac in Moncton).

    Sure, that's a beautiful thought. Do you think there's a market for Surrey vs Edmonton amongst French speaking people in this country?

  5. 3 hours ago, ChrisinOrleans said:

    Agreed 100%. 

    Speaking purely on the idea of a 'national' league, by Canadians, for Canadians; which is the hallmark of this entire exercise in the first place: Québec must have a team. 

    While Franco-Ontarians and Acadians compose significant populations in cities like Ottawa and Moncton, neither of those two cities have cofirmed that they're even interested in the CanPL. If the league is to be truly 'national', and not the Anglo-Canadian premier league, a team in Québec needs to be included to get French language media and fans on board. 

    I'd also like to point out that the Ottawa Fury do a decent job of promoting French language material for the Francophone population of Ottawa, and their supporters groups (The Bytown Boys and Stony Monday Riot) all put out French language material as well. The ByTown boys fly the Franco-Ontarian flag at every game. That type of mentality and acceptance of our linguistic duality needs to be present at all games. Yes, even out west. Winnipeg has a big Francophone population too (St. Boniface and St. Norbert). 

    I'm sorry, but I really feel like it should be the people involved with each club, that should decide their identity. Uniqueness should be celebrated. Yes, I think the league needs Quebec City, and overall investment from the Francophone community. That's a huge part of our county. But if Surrey decides to report their games in Punjabi, instead of French, I certainly wouldn't feel like it was a slight to anyone.  The league should do whatever they can to incorporate the different communities across the country, but it's up to those communities to support that team, and decide their identity.

  6. 2 minutes ago, A_Gagne said:

    Good to see the Whitecaps getting a big result tonight, but looking at the line up, if I'm Russell Tiebert - a first team player for 7 full seasons, about to turn 25 - and not making the game day 18 when it matters... I'm asking for trade. Robinson's not going anywhere, and he clearly doesn't rate Russell. I remember when was the teams leading assist getter, and I still think he's got a lot more to give and can prove he's an MLS starter, at least as good as guys who he's loosing his spot to, (e.g. Jacobson), but he hasn't been a regular starter since 2015 (arguably 2014) and he needs to get out of Vancouver.

    Agreed. It's a shame, but Russell needs to find a new club.  I think he could still perform at this level, but he's nowhere near the lineup at Vancouver anymore. There are too many players ahead of him.

  7. 38 minutes ago, Alex D said:

    I hope they are involved as well, it's the only town in Canada made entirely out of gingerbread. But the baseball team draws a couple thousand fans a game I believe and they invested some money into the stadium with a new outfield wall and scoreboard. The city runs the park, a CPL owner would have to do one hell of a sell job. 

    I do wish someone from the area could tell us more about centennial stadium and what it would need to be CPL ready. 


    I much prefer Royal Athletic to Centennial to be honest, but wouldn't get picky. At this stage, I was hoping there might have been some whispers of interested investors flying around.

  8. 47 minutes ago, Coramoor said:

    I simply don't agree with that, even now it's showing fruit for Canada and the oldest team is 8. When you look at the talent in the pipeline of the three clubs and what those clubs can do for that talent over the old way of doing things. I can't see how you can see MLS teams as a net gain. Let alone the fact that the 3 Canadian MLS clubs will probably be the primary purchaser of CPL talent as it will act as a good proving ground for a larger pool of kids.

    Fair enough. I hope you're right. To be fair though, I never said that MLS is not bearing fruit, or that it hasn't been a net positive. I just don't see it providing enough to get us where I'd like us to be. Or maybe we simply have different ambitions.

  9. 1 hour ago, 1996 said:

    The problem is that here in Canada we are dominated by American culture more so than most countries around the world just for the fact that we are so close and that one of our official languages is also their language. I mean what does it say about us when our most popular sport a sport that we invented and that symbolizes Canada does not have a national pro league to ourselves instead we play in a league were the vast majority of teams are American cities. If the Canadian NHL cities pulled out and formed our own league and maybe added another say four Canadian cities would this new league be as financially rich as the NHL is today? Would this new league with these former Canadian NHL franchises included in it be  able to pay the same player salaries as the NHL pays today?  Why do players in the CFL make so much less than NFL players, it's not even close? The point I'm trying to make is to some people on here wondering if this proposed new CPL would entice the Canadian MLS teams to join one day. They might if this new CPL rivaled the MLS financially one day where for example player salaries were almost the same and quality of play was pretty even. The only way this would happen would be if the MLS stagnated did not grow revenue wise just stayed the same. If the MLS continues growing then this CPL will be like comparing the CFL financially to the NFL in a certain way. There is a reason why even our number one sport plays in a mainly American dominated league franchise wise the NHL, it's because there is more money to be made playing in  a North American league for these Canadian franchises than it is in a Canadian only hockey league of their own. At one time we were on our way with the old CSL if that league had lasted we would be having a different discussion now, however, we did not have the real rich owners in the CSL back then, if we would have had the NHL or even the CFL type owners back then maybe that league could have survived. Look I'm not against this new CPL at all I think if managed properly it could turn out to be a viable league in the cities in Canada that don't have an MLS team right now, but I just don't see it rivaling the MLS in terms of money as long as the MLS continues to grow financially, if the MLS falters then that is another story, but in Canada just like the other sports we like to play in North American leagues because that's were these owners see more money potential. Moreover, if the rich guys in our other big cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg had the opportunity to join the MLS and the MLS wanted them I think it would not take much to entice them, I truly believe that some or most of these Canadian cities could support an MLS team with the proper stadium which out of the cities I mentioned only two have viable stadiums Ottawa and Winnipeg with Winnipeg stadium being the best of the two.

    Soccer is completely different. It's a global sport, and MLS is no where near the top league in the world. With how it's set up now, MLS will never help Canada compete on a global level. The same can't be said for hockey.

  10. 1 hour ago, DigzTFC said:

    The best producing academy is Sigma IMO.  Bekker, Larin, Laryea, Welshman.

    I'm starting to believe that sending players to the NCAA maybe a better idea than sending them to USL Pro for MLS purposes.  Even though the Super Draft is losing relevance, it still hypes up players and showcases them to american teams.  If you're an academy kid, it seems that if you don't make the first team you have to find your way in europe because no other MLS team gives you a chance.

    I'm really worried that Jordan Hamilton will never make it to the first team.  He should move to Europe before he's too old for them to consider a prospect.

    At 25 and 24, Bekker and Welshman are no closer to solidifying an MLS spot than much younger 'Caps Kianz Froese, Marco Bustos and Sam Adekugbe. Laryea has never played a professional game. No disrespect to Sigma, I think they're doing a tremendous job, but I really don't think these examples prove that they're the best academy in the country.

  11. 24 minutes ago, shamrock said:

    Sometimes it's not the players who are highly regarded when they're 16, that grow into great players. Especially if much of that promise is physical. For instance If you're bigger and faster than the rest, they can catch up with you. I don't know anything about this player, so I really wouldn't know if this would apply to him or not. 

    Well he's being tested against men now. That should tell us something.

  12. 20 minutes ago, Jahinho Guerro said:

    My thing is our "number 1" sport, that has developed and contributed Canadian professional players of upwards of 50% of the player pool from as far as the 80's, play in a league that has less than 25% of the teams located in Canada. 

    If we have never needed a National league for our number 1 sport - how do you get others (not Voyaguers) to understand the importance of this league.


    theaub said:

    But how many casuals would actually do this? I sure wouldn't and because I live in Ajax (30mins east of Toronto) and have absolutely no affinity to go to Hamilton unless I'm travelling for away support. I'll keep my seasons for life, but if there is a new team in lets say the Durham region then I'll get seasons for those too, but again my question is how many casuals would actually do this? 


    There seem to be enough Nickel Percenters to maintain the CFL. Which is clearly of inferior quality to the NFL. It's also a sport that has no international competition, and is a far less popular sport than soccer in terms of participation. National pride can go a long way when you start competing globally.

  13. 22 minutes ago, Jahinho Guerro said:

    You are apart of what I call the "Nickel Percenters". (and a lot of us forum members are)

    The Nickel Percenters are a group of people who are passionate Canadian soccer fans who will religiously support a Canadian league just on the merits of it being Canadian. Everything else is irrelevant noise to members pride and hearts even if its illogical. 

    I really don't get why you belittle this opinion. It seems to have worked for 200+ other countries. In spite of all the difficulties Canada might present, I don't see what is irrelevant or illogical about this view.

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