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  1. Teibert took the last penalty didn't he? I don't think he'll be taking any direct free kicks, but I could see him on set piece duty when he's on the pitch
  2. I hear Kianz played well against a strong midfield? Not bad for 19.
  3. Agreed. I thought Clarke showed more than either Chapman or Manella, despite being played out of position. Very poor finishing tonight but he has potted some goals at every level he's played.
  4. I think that's Elva's longest appearance. It would be encouraging if he started to see some more minutes.
  5. Opare goes 90 for United and scores another champions league goal.
  6. Honestly though, while heartbreaking for us, that would be quite an accomplishment for the club.
  7. This view kills me. These kids may never have made it to the highest levels of the game without top level training, but neither would they have without a hunger and drive to do so. Have you ever tried to teach a kid something that they weren't interested in learning? They're masters of feigning stupidity. There are also countless top level footballers that credit the time they spent playing in the streets for a lot of their skill development. Just like Gretzky speaks of the hours he spent practicing on the back yard pond.
  8. I'm actually genuinely curious if they were rated that highly as young players?
  9. When Hutch was 20 he was playing for Toronto Lynx, and Dero was with FSV Zwikau. I certainly never watched them at a young age, but it seems unfair to discredit our youth already. This notion that development ends at a young age needs to stop.
  10. At this point Hoilett's career could use a boost. He has not just stagnated, he's declined. If he's not smart enough to realize that international football could help in this regard, and if he never pulls on the Red and White, so be it. He would have to work hard to earn my favour anyways.
  11. Blackburn Rovers ‏@OneRovers 6m6 minutes ago GB on Radio Rovers "Unfortunately for Doneil Henry it is going to be the end of the season for him, he's with a specialist as we speak" Yikes
  12. Aleman scores in the 90th but Belen still fall 3-2.
  13. By national team players I mean players representing Canada on senior and youth squads.
  14. I just don't see the trends supporting this though. Am I wrong in thinking that more and more national team players are both currently plying their trade within the MLS, and getting their start in MLS academies?
  15. But they are developing Canadian talent. The number of players from MLS teams that represent our national teams continues to grow. Just because they aren't getting significant first team MLS minutes, doesn't mean that they aren't developing as players. We're the 117 ranked nation, playing in a top 10-15 ranked league. Is it any surprise that our teenagers struggle to beat out players from around the world? Domestically, the players are now receiving a level of training and competition that hasn't always been there, and the sport is receiving more attention than it has in a long time.
  16. It seems a bit harsh that the kid would up and leave Vancouver without consulting the club. Especially since the 'Caps have shown they have plenty of connections abroad, and are willing to help their prospects with their careers elsewhere. Why burn those bridges if it's not needed? I hope that's not true.
  17. AC Milan? B-DOLLA ‏@brydhouse 11h11 hours ago Good luck to Maiboi @dario_zanatta in Europe!! #acmilan #footballgod
  18. We must either have wildly different opinions on these players, or the definition of a blue chip prospect. While all show great promise, I'd be very hesitant to name any of them a 'can't miss' player, with any sort of confidence.
  19. For me, it's more depressing that dejected Canadian supporters eagerly anticipate the failure of 30+ of our brightest players. There are opportunities for Canadian talent to get regular minutes in Canada, or MLS, but too few players to date have seized them. It's true that the MLS system is far from ideal for Canadians, but there isn't a crusade against us. Perhaps this is the year that a few more players break through. I'm certainly not going to write them off before a ball is kicked.
  20. Adekugbe outmatched. Concerning for sure... Although Lozano does have 47 appearances and 10 goals with Pachuca.
  21. Promising half but... JGL terrible in possession. Adekugbe scared with the ball at his feet. Carducci- ugly ugly mistake. Petrasso incredulous with CONCACAF officiating. I hope it this is a learning experience for all...
  22. So instead of leading the boys to glory, Carreiro rides pine for 90 and watches the club remain firmly mid-table. Infuriating.
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