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  1. Is Norman Jr the first CPL player to play for a national team?
  2. Hopefully Baldisimo and Metcalfe have some chemistry in the middle of the pitch
  3. That true about the U21s, but without the rule I don't see Young and Hojabrpour being on the pitch much together. They're in direct competition imo. I also wouldn't expect Dada-Luke or Lee to see many minutes, but I've certainly been surprised before.
  4. Another underwhelming signing for me, but I hope to be convinced otherwise. Are we just going to flout these apparent U21 and International requirements? So far we've just loaded up on mid-20s Canadians; which is great, and should be allowed, but apparently isn't
  5. I'm confused. I had to re-subscribe last month. My subscription might have been part of my season tickets though, but it was active until someone here started asking about subscriptions. The following day I had to re-subscribe
  6. Yeah it certainly would have been nice if Atiba had spent his career in leagues that are more visible to Canadians. Outside of National team matches, and the odd matches in European competitions I haven't seen nearly enough of him. He seems to be aging like a fine wine though.
  7. I love Atiba and agree that he's involved in a lot of Besiktas goals, but I think you're giving him an awful lot of credit here. Plenty of players involved in the counter but credit should be given to Larin for winning the holdup battle on the outlet pass and then getting back into a position to score.
  8. Nice quick finish. He's playing with confidence these days
  9. Can you use chrome cast? I didn’t think it worked with OneSoccer
  10. Well I regret watching that. Not even a sniff at goal but I suppose he was responsible defensively. Both teams seemingly happy with a draw
  11. Big game today. Monaco are still in the hunt and they’ve been on a good run of late
  12. It’s not a league I typically watch but I’ve made an effort out of interest in Millar. I just feel talk of him being at least a championship player is premature. I don’t think he’s been able to maintain a good enough level yet. The potential is there though
  13. Somewhere in between watching every minute and looking solely at goal tally. How about you?
  14. I would hope the people choosing the team actually watch the players instead of arbitrarily ranking the leagues they play in
  15. I hate to say it but I think we’re once again overestimating the value of our players. Millar hasn’t yet done enough at League One to suggest he deserves a shot at a higher level
  16. It’s a bit early for me to be picking that team
  17. Are there many players that have come out of the Puma Elite Player trials?
  18. Larin is likely to break his best season's goal scoring record and Besiktas go 5 clear at the top
  19. I hope they add soccer people to the team early on
  20. Listen to the interview. Two groups and they each decided to go it alone
  21. Two goals and an assist now in a 5-0 lead
  22. You hear about most player signings before they happen. It’s actually pretty amazing so many of us are still in the dark
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