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  1. Difficult to compare CPL to Europe. It's a pretty big place with many different levels of play. Regardless, we haven't seen the best CPL players move to MLS, and the best prospects seem to prefer to skip MLS You earn the chance to play at higher levels by performing at lower levels. Prospects aren't gifted loans to La Masia, before returning to MLS. That's not how things work The CPL has already proven beneficial, I don't get why so many seem resistant to support it.
  2. Waterman jumped from TWU Spartans to MLS after one season in CPL. A season where he probably wouldn't have been considered a top CB in the league by many. Didic spent 5 years in an MLS setup and never made the jump. I don't have a clue how you can discredit CPL based off of those two examples
  3. I think they’ve missed his pressing up top too. Their CBs have too much time on the ball
  4. There seem to be a couple of players I don’t recognize in Kah’s Instagram post from yesterday. New signings?
  5. That's a heavily biased view of Canada's options IMO
  6. Josh Simpson - “There’s a lot of action right now with a handful of groups. This demand is exciting. The goal is to have 16 teams in the CPL by 2028 with a West-East split that is ideal.” Some other quotes about the Fraser Valley bid in here as well https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/pacific-fc-may-get-b-c-rival-in-canadian-premier-league-soccer-1.24223403?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=dlvr.it
  7. The U-23 Tridents are off to a 3-0 start in VISL action. 14 goals scored, 0 conceded.
  8. Aren’t Bundesliga clubs majority owned by the community? I don’t understand the sentiment that community owned clubs in Canada wouldn’t stand a chance
  9. He never touches the ball. Very frustrating
  10. He’s looked anything but the ‘Iceman’ since joining Lille
  11. I don't think one player reflects all that heavily on an entire league. Does the reputation of scouting in Belgium take a hit because they got one transfer wrong?
  12. What a disappointing transfer this has turned into
  13. Guys, he’s the starting striker on the undefeated, top of the table team. It’s not all bad
  14. Has there been any roster news (anyone back for next season, anyone new coming in, anyone leaving the club, loans or otherwise)? It seems like another quiet offseason
  15. Could Edmonton actually be worse next season?
  16. I feel like this is said for every single young player recently that needs to find a spot
  17. Yeah, he's a tricky little player. I thought Pacific might go after him
  18. He doesn’t look to be placed on the post though. He’s covering the area at the back post
  19. It’s a storyline. A season can have more than one
  20. I’m not sure how Elliot Simmons makes it ahead of Baldi, but I also struggle to make it through 90 minutes of Tommy Wheeldon football. I don’t recall Simmons impressing me at any point though
  21. If he's called to camp and he's the best player for the job, then why shouldn't he play?
  22. His team responded with a 5-0 win in the next match, and for the first time in what seemed like ages the refs didn't award a penalty against us. So I'd actually call that good coaching. I could understand a fine for those comments, but I don't think it should reflect negatively on his coaching ability. A big part of a managers job these days is to make use the media
  23. It's the first game of the season. Davies played 3 games a week all last season without a rest.
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