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  1. Just now, El Hombre said:

    Do you believe that was a well-coached game?  I don't think either Herdman or Olivieri deserve much in the way of accolades.  The kids on the other hand...

    I really feet like we need start providing explanations if we're going to be critical. How was it poorly coached, and what should have been done differently? I haven't seen the game myself

  2. 1 hour ago, KW519 said:

    As much as MDJ is an asset, he's a liability against a rapid team like Edmonton. 

    Time will tell if Pacific can get it right with the youngsters, but I do feel they need an experienced driving force in the middle with Baldisimo and Verhoeven

    I wish we had another option in the middle so we could free Verhoeven up to play his more natural position. As far as I know, he's never played as a holding mid before this season.

    Also, MDJ has some experience handling pace. He presence would be nothing but an asset for this young squad, and having him fit would be a game changer for this team defensively and going forward. He's still a very good player. His replacement has also been responsible for several goals against

  3. A thin squad, a very busy schedule, crazy road trips, and injuries to key players. This is exactly what I feared before the start of the season. Already some of these kids are being forced into a crazy amount of minutes. I really hope there aren't any more long term injuries as a result. 
    Growing pains for both the league and the club, as I really don't feel like we're getting to watch the best of this team.
  4. 3 hours ago, canta15 said:

    it really does answer the question though

    So Liam Millar should have been selected for this U17 competition? What does one player leaving TFC years ago have to do with the selection for our current youth national team? I asked for examples of players that were overlooked for this team. Football is full of players that were turned down at one point, and continued to develop. Look at Barcelona with players like Pique or Jordi Alba, who were both let go after playing their youth football with Barcelona, and both worked their way back to the squad. 

    Besides, you can't expect our national teams to always select the teenagers that end up having the best careers. That's not how it works. Development is gradual and requires constant progression. Clubs may select young players based on potential, because there is profit in that if that player develops, but National teams will select players that will help the team win right now because winning is the only way to help the national team, and future national teams. Winning allows our players to compete in bigger competitions which ensures there are more eyes on the squad and more opportunities for standout individuals.


  5. Could somebody please explain this complaint to me, I just don't get it. Just because the majority of the players were selected from MLS academies, doesn't mean that only those players were scouted. Isn't it possible that our best players are simply part of those academies? That would seem logical. Can anyone point to specific players that deserve, or don't deserve, to have been selected instead?


    4 hours ago, deschamp86 said:

    I really hope that this league doesn't turn into the old "MLS: whine about reffing after every single game". I thought the reffing was fine. Yeah that was a big call that was missed, but watching as a neutral, Pacific really didn't do a whole lot to deserve much out of this game, especially playing at home.

    Valour was the better team for the most part, with Haber really wishing he could have a chance at that double post again.

    What game were you watching mate? Pacific had the bulk of possession and created far more chances. Valour were lucky to walk away with 3 points.

    And just to clarify, you'd prefer that an incorrect call that resulted in the first ever goal against and the first ever loss for Pacific FC not be commented on by fans; you'd prefer that a call that was completely missed by the broadcast crew, and resulted in the first ever goal for, and the first ever win for Valour FC not be mentioned; and you believe that talk of refereeing decisions is somehow unique to the old MLS?

  7. 2 hours ago, masster said:

    Not a bad night? They allowed an offside goal. Confirmation from Kurt Larson.

    I haven't seen a replay yet, but I thought the distribution of cards was poor too. I don't mind allowing a physical game but some things are always a yellow, including deliberate hand balls to break up a play, and deliberate fouls after getting beat. I think Winnipeg got lucky with a few in the first half that might have changed the play towards the end of the game

  8. 1 hour ago, dyslexic nam said:

    At the end of the day, I assume these are still mostly business decisions.

    OSEG will decide whether or not it makes good business ro join CPL. 

    CPL will decide if OSEG makes a good CPL ownership group in the Ottawa market.

    And if OSEG fold rather than join CPL, I assume they would welcome the revenue another CPL owner (assuming one steps forward)  would bring in by playing out of TD Place.  I can't see them shooting themselves in the foot in an effort to torpedo the league if they have already folded their soccer operation. 

    What’s the business rationale behind all the cheap shots they’ve taken at the league. I think there’s more at play here

  9. I didn't love how she kept taking credit for saying the most blatantly obvious things, but many are guilty of that. I'm just nitpicking really. Overall, I've been pretty happy with everything (the win may be a big part of that)

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