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  1. 2 hours ago, Shortdutchcanuck said:

    Based on his recent experience in Scotland it's been dropping yearly for the last 3 or 4 years.  Not sure why his arrival was quite so hyped.  Still useful at least but possibly overpaid.  Issey and Edwini-Bonsu though were pretty over-hyped by CPL media staff (including saying that REB might play himself back into CMNT contention) as was Son Yongchan, possibly to play up the importance of the open trials.

    The more experienced players on Pacific have all been pretty disappointing tbh. I'm not sure what that says about the league

  2. 4 hours ago, Lofty said:

    I quoted you because I did not agree with your implication ("...let's not pretend that is always the case...") that CPL clubs will drive player transfers and my post was in response to that point. I'm not trying to pick on you!

    I'm also not taking a position on what I think is best; I'm just commenting on what I think will happen.

    Your post above says that you disagree with what I said but I can't find anything in there that contradicts it as I don't necessarily disagree with anything you said there.

    To summarize, my only point was that it is CPL players and their agents who will drive CPL player transfers, not the CPL clubs (for the reasons I specified above). And I really don't see CPL clubs initiating lateral player transfers to Europe for the sake of player development; I think they will look after themselves and try to hang on to their best players. If our development pathway needs to be legitimized (I'm not sure why) then I really don't think it will be CPL.clubs doing it.

    I’m not sure we’re disagreeing on much apart from semantics. I agree that players and agents will be the ones ‘driving’ player transfers, but clubs still play a significant role in the process as they are similarly negotiating with those players and agents. My point was that we shouldn’t pretend that CPL clubs aren’t utterly powerless in determining whether a player leaves or not. If the player is happy with their deal they are less likely to leave. The ‘Caps probably could have kept Kianz Froese if they had provided him with more playing time and a higher salary, but they didn’t. Now he’s in Germany, and at this point I don’t think it was a particularly good move for either party.

    I disagreed that the two reasons you suggested (cashing in or shipping out) were the only ones for a club to move a player on. I suggested perception and image as another reason, particularly in a brand new league. Clubs may be more willing to move players on if they feel it will help them establish a place in the transfer market or improve their reputation as a club that can help players advance in their careers. 

  3. 15 hours ago, Reign said:

    I’m not saying that him coming to play in the cpl ends his chance at Europe.

    Yet my post that you chose to challenge was refuting that exact claim.

    15 hours ago, Reign said:

    It does however stunt his growth towards better league, teams, etc in Europe.

      According to you.


    15 hours ago, Reign said:

    If we are looking at his as a potential future NT player we should not want him to come back to play in the CPL.

    I wouldn't be shocked if Borges was closer to a look than Zanatta currently is, despite Zanatta being a far more established player. CPL players will get a chance.


    15 hours ago, Reign said:

    When he is doing great in Europe.

    Europe is not a singular, pre-eminent league. Let's compare leagues to leagues, not continents to continents. 

  4. 54 minutes ago, Lofty said:

    There are really only two reasons for a club to drive a player transfer: to cash in or to ship out.

    As mentioned by someone else above, the relatively small amount of cash that might be received by "cashing in" is not likely to be worth it. And if the amount of cash is likely to be large, then the player is much too good for CPL and will be driving the transfer.

    As for "shipping out", that implies the player is not working out so he will hardly be moving up.

    As I'm frequently the one arguing for Canadian clubs to try to retain their best players I'm not sure why you've chosen a post of mine to make this point.

    Regardless, I disagree with your assessment. For many in NA it seems that transfers to more established clubs in Europe are the only way to legitimize our development pathway. That's why I think many clubs/players/fans are encouraged by lateral moves to Europe, even though it frequently means that the player receives less than preferential treatment once they get there. These are the moves that I would discourage. I'd prefer to have our players competing at home unless they've obviously outgrown the league and they can garner a transfer fee and move up a level. That's how we get better

  5. 6 hours ago, Ansem said:


    Very interesting. It's nice to know their is a mechanism to fill the squads out. I was wondering how they would manage with such small squads. Is this the first time that something like this has happened in CPL?

    Also, it's great to see a relationship develop between the two clubs. The Highlanders have some strong players this year, and they've moved quite a few on to pro teams in the past. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Pottsy3 said:

    Many are not realistic, but a few players who are about to be out of contract according to transfermarkt include:


    Twardek June 30

    Elva June 30

    Ricky Gomes June 30

    David Edgar June 30

    Simeon Jackson May 31

    Stanese June 30

    Froese June 30

    Fresenga FA

    Cebara FA

    Harry Paton May 31

    Hemati June 30

    Messoudi FA

    I'm curious who you would consider unrealistic. Elva is likely beyond CPL at this point, but which others?

  7. 9 hours ago, Reign said:

    If you think a brand new league in Canada is going to be getting the same attention from European scouts as the very established Scottish league then you are delusional man. 

    Honestly if we can move our young players from cpl clubs to the top 2 tiers of Scottish football we should be happy to begin with. 

    Fuck off. You can't completely misinterpret a post and then call it delusional. That's not a comparison I made.

    My point was simply that a player returning to North America is not stuck playing in North America for the rest of their careers. That mentality needs to die. Players move back and forth all the time. Just look at Straith or Edgar or Fredy Montero

  8. 7 hours ago, Lofty said:

    It is the players and their agents who will drive the transfers, not the clubs.

    Sure, sometimes a club will have no say in the matter. Davies was leaving Vancouver regardless of whether they wanted to keep him or not. If a bigger club throws their weight around for a CPL player, than so be it, but lets not pretend like that's always the case. Particularly in North American sports

  9. 50 minutes ago, king1010 said:

    Playing D2 Scotland for another season as a stepping stone to the Premiership  in Scotland is the route to take. Not come to the CPL for the rest of your career and cut off any chance of progression in Europe. He can always come back to CPL after he has exhausted all options in Scotland. 

    He can have influence on the game playing at home in 3 years if nothing works out for him in Scotland, or in 3 years he could be in the Scottish Premiership or English Championship. Staying in Scotland next year keeps all options open. Coming to the CPL closes the door on 2 of those 3 options. 

    I’ve never understood the attitude that playing in North America ruins your shot at playing in Europe. That’s the exact pathway that we’re trying to develop. 

  10. 1 hour ago, LeoH037 said:

    Rather see him be where he is going to be paid more at the moment. Coming to CPL just for the sake of being in CPL is not a smart career decision...

    I really don’t think we’re selfish enough as fans sometimes. I can certainly understand a player moving to a much higher level to improve their careers or move on to the next level. That helps the national team. Otherwise I would rather see them playing at home. A player like Zanatta would have more influence on the game in Canada by playing in the CPL than he’ll have by playing in D2 Scotland for another season. Surely that’s important too

  11. 6 hours ago, JamboAl said:

    He’s still quite young and sees a future playing at a higher level.  It’s also likely that money talks; he’s probably being paid 3-4 times what he would make in the CPL.

    Huh, I really didn’t think the Scottish Championship paíd that much. That surprises me. I’d understand him choosing to stay if that’s the case, but I’d still rather see him back home. He’s been with Hearts since 2015

  12. 7 hours ago, baulderdash77 said:

    In my *ideal* 2020 season we would have Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City and then in an ideal 2021 season we would have Saskatoon and GVA.

    That would be an almost perfectly distributed 12 team league getting into all the largest media and business markets from coast to coast.

    I'd love to have them all join next season, but perhaps that's asking for too much. I do hope it's an even number of teams next season

  13. I think it's still too small a sample size to be expecting a transfer fee at this point, but if Borges continues to impress he'll certainly garner some attention abroad. He already has some experience in Europe, and must have an EU passport? I hope that clubs are careful with these early transfers away from the league as they will set the precedent for future sales. Let's make sure that the players are truly prepared to move up, and then find the right situation for them.

  14. 2 hours ago, Reign said:

    Everyone gets mad when they see Bayern playing him at lb/wb. But honestly Canada is weak at that position and if they are going to develop him at a position like that it bodes well for us. He already can play higher up the field if we need him too.


    also why is Bayern playing friendlies isn’t their season done ?

    Certainly not everyone. Mostly those that don’t seem to value the role or his defensive contributions. If Davies is going to make it at the highest level it could very well be in that position as he has the tools and mentality to excel there. He’s far from being a poacher. The fact that every manager he’s played for has tried Davies as an overlapping defender should be a sign. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:



    The video of the missile that sunk our Gold Cup chances  :( :



    I can’t watch the video at the moment, but our attack to start that match was Haber, Ricketts, Teibert, and de Guzmán with Johnson and Piette as CMs. I have to hope that any keeper we start now will now have a little more offensive support from the current squad than Borjan did here. Fingers crossed 

  16. 1 minute ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

    Borjan was the keeper who got beat on a screamer from distance from Martinique in that very same stadium in the last seconds of the game. He will have a point to prove. I am sure he wants to play that game.

    Who else was there for that game in 2013?

    Crépeau as the starter for game 3 vs Cuba is my call.

    I don’t recall this particular goal, and I’ve rarely played in net myself, but do keepers really hold a grudge when they’ve been fairly beaten? I always thought you needed to be able to brush those things off in that position. Goals are inevitable. Was this goal a mistake by Borjan?

  17. 9 minutes ago, gator said:

    I'm not going to get too upset about who is or isn't on the fringe of a 40 man roster, hopefully as CPL players establish themselves they will get noticed for future call ups, it's early days of the CPL!

    It's early days for CPL but that's exactly why a nod would have gone a long way in validating the league. If this is all to help support the push for the World Cup, then why not show the league a bit of support. Even if it's just lip service at this point it would send the right message.

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