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  1. 4 hours ago, LeoH037 said:

    Why are so people so insistent on players getting transferred out? Geez, just because he would be hypothetically playing in a bigger club does not mean he changes as a player. For now its perfectly fine for him to stay where he is if thats how things work out. He is developing well, has the coach's trust, is starting games consistently, and scoring goals. Players shouldn't move just for the sake of moving.

    That comment really didn't seem all that insistent to me?! Anyways, in addition to the many possible arguments for wanting David to challenge himself at the top level, for me, I'd prefer if he was transferred to a league that I follow and take interest in. I'd simply like to watch him play more.

    Additionally, considering his production, I actually think he deserved more starts than he was given last season. He was the leading scorer on the team and he was stapled to the bench for a good chunk of the season, following a strong start. In the end, i don't think he could have started much more than half of Gents games last season. If he does stay, I hope he's seriously being considered in a leading role next season. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Yoginess said:

    ^ Agreed. 

    And after seeing 1 game of Alphonso Davies I'm willing to soften on the whole, only go where you can get significant minutes. Davies only saw sparse first team minutes and 2nd team minutes in much lower competition but training with elite world talents has clearly helped him.

    I saw the same old Davies. The pass to Hoilett was brilliant, and it was a great performance for sure, but not the best we've ever seen from him. His final pass looks to have improved, which is exciting, but we'll see if he can do it against stronger competition and on a consistent basis. 

  3. 1 minute ago, jonovision said:

    I'm not sure it's possible to know for sure, and against an opponent like Martinique I don't think it really mattered which approach was taken. Still, it was obvious Osorio and the wide players were often not on the same page.

     He should really be playing to his teammates strengths anyways. We want to be giving Davies the chance to stretch his legs every time he chooses.

  4. 1 hour ago, jonovision said:

    I think he chose the correct pass most of the time but lots of his balls to the wing failed to anticipate the speed of the wingers. I feel like Kaye and Davies were constantly having to check their runs as Osorio's passes weren't hitting them in stride.

    Still a better performance from Osorio than we've typically seen in a Canada shirt.

    Were they misplaced passes or is Osorio just a less direct player? Osorio might be thinking possession while the other two are wanting to counter. I'd have to watch the match again.

  5. Hasn't he only started 3 of those matches for Canada, and been primarily used as a winger? Even with Gent many of his appearances have been as a substitute/and or being played as a winger or in midfield. I don't think we've really seen what the kid can do as the main focal point of an attack yet. 

  6. Keeping Davies and David higher up the pitch might help keep Mexico honest. In the first half against Cuba they really pushed their fullbacks up into attack and often had 6-7 players in the box. I think Kaye is strong enough to defend solidly, and crafty enough to break Mexico's press, which might allow Davies and David to attack an open field where they're strongest. I think we could hurt Mexico in an open game, but it really depends on tactics against a stronger opponent. We've yet to see Herdman's style in these situations.

  7. 4 hours ago, Obinna said:

    Was it the Aird / Petrasso comment?

    No. The imbalance for me is in the overall value placed on the offensive side of the game over the defensive side, and the lack of appreciation for Davies defensive abilities, whose main contributions in a game usually involve winning one on one battles on both sides of the ball. I think that's where he's excelled most often, and on a team like Bayern, that ability is needed by Wingbacks.

  8. 23 hours ago, Bison44 said:

    What??  The best young attacking threat we have had since....since.....you name someone because i cant unless their name is SInclair.  We havnt been able to score...EVER!!  Whats the hardest thing to do...score.  You think we should take a guy that has god given tools and tons of talent to play an offensive game and we should put the brakes on. Tell him he needs to devote a large percentage of his time to learning defense.  Because we have all seen how well it works when we try and shoehorn AIrd or Petrasso into RB.  They play defense like a attacking winger.  

    I suspect we value the different phases of the game quite differently. That's quite an unbalanced view IMO

  9. 1 hour ago, Gian-Luca said:

    It must just be to make up practice squad numbers as he was not on the 40 man roster. I guess cheaper to fly in a CPL guy from the west coast since they are already on the coast? I wouldn’t have thought he was the top CPL prospect based on play so far. 

    He's played every minute in the league so far as a teenager. His talent is obvious but he's still prone to mistakes. I rate him highly as a prospect

  10. 2 hours ago, Shortdutchcanuck said:

    Based on his recent experience in Scotland it's been dropping yearly for the last 3 or 4 years.  Not sure why his arrival was quite so hyped.  Still useful at least but possibly overpaid.  Issey and Edwini-Bonsu though were pretty over-hyped by CPL media staff (including saying that REB might play himself back into CMNT contention) as was Son Yongchan, possibly to play up the importance of the open trials.

    The more experienced players on Pacific have all been pretty disappointing tbh. I'm not sure what that says about the league

  11. 4 hours ago, Lofty said:

    I quoted you because I did not agree with your implication ("...let's not pretend that is always the case...") that CPL clubs will drive player transfers and my post was in response to that point. I'm not trying to pick on you!

    I'm also not taking a position on what I think is best; I'm just commenting on what I think will happen.

    Your post above says that you disagree with what I said but I can't find anything in there that contradicts it as I don't necessarily disagree with anything you said there.

    To summarize, my only point was that it is CPL players and their agents who will drive CPL player transfers, not the CPL clubs (for the reasons I specified above). And I really don't see CPL clubs initiating lateral player transfers to Europe for the sake of player development; I think they will look after themselves and try to hang on to their best players. If our development pathway needs to be legitimized (I'm not sure why) then I really don't think it will be CPL.clubs doing it.

    I’m not sure we’re disagreeing on much apart from semantics. I agree that players and agents will be the ones ‘driving’ player transfers, but clubs still play a significant role in the process as they are similarly negotiating with those players and agents. My point was that we shouldn’t pretend that CPL clubs aren’t utterly powerless in determining whether a player leaves or not. If the player is happy with their deal they are less likely to leave. The ‘Caps probably could have kept Kianz Froese if they had provided him with more playing time and a higher salary, but they didn’t. Now he’s in Germany, and at this point I don’t think it was a particularly good move for either party.

    I disagreed that the two reasons you suggested (cashing in or shipping out) were the only ones for a club to move a player on. I suggested perception and image as another reason, particularly in a brand new league. Clubs may be more willing to move players on if they feel it will help them establish a place in the transfer market or improve their reputation as a club that can help players advance in their careers. 

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