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  1. Fair enough. I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Perhaps I'm jaded. BTW I also assume a few others on here are trolling half the time.
  2. It's certainly in stark contrast to past seasons. The 'Caps rarely even let him give interviews until this season.
  3. Really? That's a very condemning statement IMO. He literally says that they won't support the club as it currently stands. Which is fair, I guess. They are supporters of another club. I can't see it being anything but damaging to the Victoria CPL team though.
  4. Stadium concerns, and now a campaign against the club from local supporters. Not a good start. I need some good news!
  5. At 17 shouldn't he be playing with his friends at the Toulon tournament. Not being used in a campaign. Are we asking too much from the young man? On the other hand, what a great experience for the kid, being around World Cup.
  6. Having Larin and Hutchinson around could really help Davies transition to Europe.
  7. Adekugbe has 1100 minutes injury free! I couldn't be happier for him. I still think it's De Jong's position to lose though.
  8. Brilliant from Davies. Incredibly promising.
  9. He was so decisive tonight! Brilliant
  10. It looks like Edmonton is over 800 already
  11. Mom and Pop co-op league? Am I way off in thinking that there are some very serious and wealthy investors putting up big bucks for this league and each of these clubs? That term seems a bit impertinent.
  12. I completely agree with regional Div 2 leagues, but I've never understood separate spring and fall schedules. If needed, I'd rather just have a 'winter break' with a continued table.
  13. Agreed. A preseason tournament or something against those clubs would be fun, but I don't see how Victoria could possibly included under the current format.
  14. It's crazy Straith is still only 27. I feel like he's been around forever. He'd be a great player for Victoria to pick up
  15. They did well to hold on for the draw. I guess we wait and see how the next game goes. Regardless, the boys should be proud of their performance in this tournament.
  16. Too many cheap giveaways as the half went on. Japan is strong in possession, but we've defended quite well.
  17. I don't like it either. I actually quite like the idea of marketing to Vancouver Island, but definitely not all of BC.
  18. Great pace and good feet! Pretty good awareness and finishing too. He could be a very good player for us.
  19. They still have BCFC trademarked. We'll see what happens, but I think it makes more sense in the capital than it would in Vancouver.
  20. Excellent! I'm surprised he had to wait this long. He looked like quite a mature player while in Vancouver.
  21. Haha, alright. While I don't necessarily agree, I can certainly appreciate your honesty and bluntness. What a masterful job of nullifying one side of an argument.
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