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  1. 6 hours ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

    How can you be so confident in stating that given the lack of transparency about league operations? It's not so long ago, even though it should have been obvious that the numbers would not add up in budgetary terms, that it was close to an article of faith on here that there were going to be $1.5 million player salary budgets making top end salaries above the MLS minimum viable.

    Three years on and the median salary is about 22k according to the players association and the league isn't competing in any tangible way with the three MLS franchises on signing domestic Canadian players. Reality rather than aspiration dictates what actually unfolds. Losing WC 2026 co-hosting would be a major change in circumstances from what was envisaged when the Mediapro deal was signed. Mediapro would need to have lousy contract lawyers not to have had a clause inserted related to that contingency.

    Hopefully it all gets sorted out because Montreal looked like the Canadian venue most likely to be suitable on capacity for later round games. I seriously doubt FIFA will want anything to do with Commonwealth Stadium's running track format, so the focus was likely to be mainly on Montreal and Toronto after Vancouver dropped out.

    It’s amazing how many times you choose to have the same argument 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Dominic94 said:

    Yea Faccinieri pardon my spelling, but to Ottawa.

    Ahh right. I forgot about that one. 


    16 minutes ago, masster said:

    David Norman Jr. was also loaned to Pacific as part of the trade to Inter Miami.

    True, but it was my understanding that the loan came from Miami. That could have just been a technicality though

  3. 15 minutes ago, Zem said:

    This year it will be players born 2000 or later, so no. The math is the same as with youth national teams, i.e. the year of the season or tournament minus the age category, so 2021 - 21 = 2000

    Thanks. That makes sense. That's too bad. I would have liked to see him at Pacific but I don't think we have space for him if he's not U21

  4. 12 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

    There are two senses of that word and I am starting to think you are assuming the wrong one.  

    1. A retreat is a relaxing getaway where you get to put your feet up and and chill.  

    2. A retreat can be a description of the process of retreating - as in moving backwards.  

    I interpreted his comment in the second sense.  And insofar as Greek tier 1 is a higher level than CPL (which it is) it is an accurate statement to say it would be a retreat. 

    if you are interpreting it in the first sense, which would imply that CPL is a cakewalk league that anyone could breeze through, then I can see why you would be critical.  Fortunately I don’t think that is what he meant.  

    They literally said they’d prefer him fight to play in Europe rather than retreat to play in CPL. It’s pretty hard to misinterpret that.   Plus it’s a loan for a player that’s not getting minutes. How can it be considered anything but a downgrade?

    You’ve now called me wrong-headed, disingenuous, and tried to explain the English language to me, so clearly my point isn’t being received well. Perhaps the poster was speaking specifically to James’ situation, but the way it’s worded reads to me that they think those who play in Europe have made it and those that play domestically have not. I find this a common belief amongst many soccer fans that I don’t necessarily agree with. I think it’s a broad generalization that is harmful to the growth of professional soccer in this country.

  5. 3 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

    Committed Canadian soccer supporters are behind CPL.  That doesn’t mean they need to be unrealistic about the current level of competition.  For a player who has aspirations of playing in a league like the top tier in Greece, it would represent a step down.  That isn’t a knock on CPL - it is just a simple recognition of where the league is at right now.  Being honest about that in no way equates to not getting behind the league. 

    Choosing another option isn’t a knock. Calling the CPL option a retreat is

  6. 6 hours ago, brianjc said:

    And do we really have 24 markets to create a closed 2 tier league?  After you leave the big cities, there is not really at lot of room for growth.  And can smaller to medium sized markets withstand the costs of coast to coast travel?

    The money needed for a CPL club isn’t that large. We can still expand. We need to stop projecting interest based on cities that have MLS, MLB, NBA, NHL, CFL etc. to places that have none of those

  7. 45 minutes ago, MM3/MM2/MM said:

    If James wasn't a centre-back he wouldn't even be in discussion for a Canada call-up.  At the moment his playing resume doesn't  deserve a place on the team.  He needs to establish himself as a regular starter somewhere. A champions league match does not a career make.

    His playing resume includes his Canada performances though. He’s been one of our better CBs recently

  8. 59 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

    That seems a bit disingenuous considering you only quoted the second of his two sentences.

    It’s not disingenuous. If committed Canadian soccer supporters can’t get behind the CPL we’re going to be stuck forever. It’s great James still has better options, but it’s not helpful to call CPL a retreat

    1 hour ago, Bikerack said:

    if a player like James has a Chance to play in a top Euro Tier, no matter what place they are in (it’s a loan) , I would rather see that then coming home to play in CPL.

    Remove everything within those commas and I might agree. I’m not looking forward to Moldova raiding CPL though.

  9. 6 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

    I am a big fan of CPL but this seems very wrongheaded.  Sure, if we were talking about some obscure 2nd or 3rd division or a lower tier footy nation I might agree.  But it seems obvious that it would be better for him to be competing in a European first division than playing in CPL.   Our league fulfils a certain function but it isn’t there yet in terms of that level of competition oR compensation.  

    That’s not what the poster said though. They coined CPL a retreat, and they considered Europe, as a whole, a better option

  10. 13 minutes ago, N1ckbr0wn said:

    Happy for Jo to be finding the form we’ve always known he’s had!! And from the little I’ve watched of them, Rennes play very attractive football. Were they not one of the teams rumoured to be interested in Larin? Looks like a nice destination if Besiktas are still set on getting rid of their top goal scorer.

    I don’t think he’s anywhere near the form that he can play at to be honest. He’s lost as many duels as he’s made passes tonight. He can play in a much more free flowing system, but that’s not how he’s being used. Instead he’s battling CBs with his back to goal

  11. 15 hours ago, An Observer said:

    He is too slow to play the wing; he needs to play the 10 if he is going to play anywhere

    He played on the wing for Pacific, but he played mostly as an inverted winger. He's relatively quick, if not flat out fast. That wing was very good for us. Maybe the best right side in the league, but they rarely took defenders on out wide, as both Bustos and Kadin Chung are prone to cutting inside instead. One of the reasons Terran Campbell struggled last season compared to 2019.

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