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  1. That game felt exactly like every other cycle I’ve followed
  2. Please stop apologizing. I think we all value your input and you have a stake in this game
  3. If that pass to Bair had come a split second earlier he would have been through on goal after some quick passing up the middle. The other offside call on Buchanan when he was through also resulted from some quick passing up the middle
  4. Too many hopeful balls over the top. We were having success switching from side to side
  5. Not winning today, and needing a win against Honduras is also a risk given our history against them. Anything could happen between Haiti and El Salvador.
  6. I started cramping around 80 - 90 minutes in virtually every game as a teenager. Regardless of preparation/diet/supplements. I grew out of it in my 20s even though I was far less fit. Hopefully it's the same for Baldi
  7. I wonder how Atletico would feel competing in the Barcelona CPL
  8. I used to think David's movement and ability to find space was a strength, but I just haven't seen enough of it with Lille. I don't know if it's a positional thing or just a lack of understanding between players.
  9. I wish OneSoccer would drop Lille games so I wouldn't have to torture myself watching them anymore
  10. We don't need to be tutored, coddled or patronized. We need to be seen as a legitimate league by soccer fans in this country that grew up watching European competitions. Placing a European club/league as a league wide sponsor will have the opposite effect.
  11. How would you feel about the Premier League sponsoring La Liga? Or even Barcelona, or Camp Nou? The Premier League's La Liga. Or the Premier League's Camp Nou
  12. We’ll see. Before Yilmaz was injured every pass went to him, while David’s runs were ignored
  13. Are there examples of a foreign club or league sponsoring another country’s top division? I don’t like the concept
  14. Elva scored the only goal of the game to keep Ingolstadt in the battle for automatic promotion
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