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  1. 2 hours ago, youllneverwalkalone said:

    Kadin Chung far more disappointing in my view.

    Many goals against can be pinned on Legault. I can't remember many that I would blame Kadin for. I quite like Verhoven though. He adds much more to the attack than Chung does as a RB

  2. I'm sick of the Fury, and I'd gladly welcome another group in Ottawa. I do feel for their fans though; kept in the dark and left to fumble for a valid defense of their club with nothing of truth and substance to build from. I get that OSEG has a strangle hold on the market, but fans do hold power. You have to wonder what they would choose if given a say. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, WestHamCanadianinOxford said:

    No  - top of the diamond in an adventurous 442.  Not something I see much these days. 

    I actually turned the game on out of interest. David seems to have quite a free role and he pops up in some interesting positions. He doesn’t seem afraid to collect the from deep, but he’s also in and about the penalty box a bunch. Regardless of where he gets it he’s always looking play the ball forward and attack

  4. 2 minutes ago, Lofty said:

    Nevertheless, the meaning today is different:

    "Then" means "subsequently".

    "Than" means "as opposed to".

    I'd rather score the first goal than (as opposed to) concede it then (subsequently) lose.


    But it's nowhere near as bad as the first two mistakes which actually mean the complete opposite of the intended meaning. I find this much easier to forgive

  5. 1 hour ago, vancanman said:

    I was just browsing, but I signed in just to agree with this.  "Could care less" is almost as bad as 'irregardless' or mixing up 'then' and 'than.'

    Old English than(ne), thon(ne), thænne, originally the same word as then.
  6. 47 minutes ago, Cheeta said:

    I'm read it as an accusation of underachieving potential.  Perhaps trying to emphasize a lack of patience or insight in the players who are by their current play suggesting they should never have been discarded from the 'Caps development program?  Players who will now never, ever, really achieve what they might have because they've missed the most vital years of their development, again, because the 'Caps develpment programs didn't feel they where worth the investment and cast them aside for other development opportunities.  

     And I also believe it's being asked who, exactly, were or are those other development opportunities.  

    Because as it stands, those other development opportunities aren't anywhere near close enough to being able to bring the 'Caps into the next round of the Vs Cup in spite of the massive financial advantages of their organization.  It's not as they say, a good look.          

    That's all a hell of a leap for me. Yes, the 'Caps are in the dumps right now, but getting beat by a solid team that has a few of your past academy players isn't enough to assume all of that. 

  7. 29 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

    I think off all the grading categories you could give the CPL so far.. the highest grade would be standard of play. Ironically a huge reason for that is the MLS Academies. Even if you analyze HFX v Ottawa. HFX (sorry guys) for me is the worse team in the CPL and they hung with what is a better USL team

    So what I'm saying is.. thank you MLS Academies for developing these players and thank you CPL for giving them somewhere to play

    This was my take when reading Duane's rant as well. How does pointing out that the Whitecaps developed a bunch of good players prove that they're not good at developing players? What sort of logic is that? 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    I definitely share your concern. 

    And yes, we saw this with Canada as well, didn't we? Since joining Bayern, Davies with Canada has become more polished in that he can pick out a pass with far greater consistency, but there has been a trade off. He now gets caught in two minds, opting to pass when his natural inclination is to dribble.

     So far he has not lost his ability, and I hope he never does, but it happens all the time to players. Look at Russell Teibert.

    John Obi Mikkel is another example, at Lyn he was a world class prospect at attacking midfielder and was destined for a Man United move, but Chelsea came and brought him in from Norway and developed him as a defensive midfielder. He became a very high level player in that position, very effective for years, but he lost those attacking instincts with time. And in the past with the senior Nigerian national team, he tried to play as a no. 10, just like he did when he was a star at the U20 world cup, but he just looked like a defensive midfielder trying to play as an attacker. It was sad to watch, quite frankly.

     I really have more hope for Davies though, because playing at left back gives him the chance to take players on. He'll still get plenty of reps doing that and, of course, he'll get chances at winger as well.

    For me it is a concern, but I do think he'll figure it out. I am not hitting the alarm bell just yet, but I do look at his development with cautious optimism.

    I didn't mean to fault the change in position. I actually like Davies as a LB and it's probably the position I would groom him for. But I would encourage him to use his pace and take players on. He can beat anyone at any level, but he seems hesitant to do so lately

  9. 1 hour ago, Obinna said:

    Before Bayern, Davies would dribble his way out of everything, but clearly they have beat that out of him.

    I hope they haven't. His ability to change games by running at the other team makes him special.  We haven't seen as much of that since he joined Bayern. Maybe it's because he's competing at a higher level, but even with Canada he has seemed more cautious. Other aspects of his game have definitely improved, but I worry he'll lose the willingness to take the game into his own hands.

  10. 3 hours ago, baulderdash77 said:

    Honestly the internal financial model is something that very few fans care about or really should.

    The product is what matters.  Team budgets matter because of the talent the team puts on the field but that’s really it.

    I love trying to predict lineups, transfer decisions, managers choices, and comparing strategies and decision between clubs. It makes you feel involved. That can't happen when basic details about the club aren't shared with the fans. From what I've seen, the overall football knowledge around the stadium has been pretty good. People know the sport, but nobody has a clue about the team and players they're watching. They haven't even added pictures for half the players on their website. It's a difficult way to win support, and I don't know what the advantage of operating that way is. 

  11. There's the financial incentive and there's also the dream of playing in Europe. Look how many young players have jumped the pond from MLS clubs at the first opportunity. Vancouver rarely seems to hold onto a player into their 20's, and many that leave end up in lower divisions or smaller leagues. And that was happening when they were still operating reserved sides. Has anyone tried to get contract information out of the players/clubs, and does anyone know how long the typical USL contract if for?

  12. 12 minutes ago, BradMack said:

    I think Sigma's connections are going to be the big driver here. There is probably not a better club to be at if youre looking to be sold on, Bobby has built connections that go way back with teams in Belgium, Greece, etc... which is also a good level to move on too, not crazy high level but still an obvious jump. 

    Other than Silberbaur selling to his old clubs I don't think any other team has too much of a connection to Europe unless I'm missing something obvious. 

    Pacific has Friend and Simpson as well as Silberbauer with years at a high level in Europe. They've also made it clear that their objective is to develop players and move them on. Look at the squad they've built. I think we'll see a lot of Pacific players get a look in Europe 

  13. 6 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    I think you better check your facts there. In any case, there are 8-9 internationals, including one that, albeit signed recently, played in Copa America. For a start....

    That's just what transfermarkt tells me. I'm curious which players they missed though?

    Again, this wasn't meant to be a comparison of players and their current levels. I simply disagree with the assertion that a player like Borges will never feature for the national team due to the talent Canada has at his position. He's 20. Who knows where he'll end up in his career. 


    On 7/14/2019 at 6:21 PM, Ingham said:

    I am taking the initiative and doing this piece. Under 23 (could be born 1995, but they have to have 23 or younger at the moment)

    Do you agree with this list? (no order, just the list of players I am choosing for this)

    1.      Nico Pasquotti (23)

    2.      Noah Verhoeven (20, Pacific)

    3.      Tristan Borges (21, Forge FC)

    4.      Emilio Estevez (21, York 9)

    5.      Kadell Thomas (22, Forge)

    6.      Marco Carducci (22, Cavalry)

    7.      Akeem Garcia (22, Halifax)

    8.      Matthew Baldisimo (21, Pacific)

    9.      Kadin Chung (20, Pacific)

    10.   Cyrus Rollocks (21, York 9)

    I'd choose Terran Campbell over Rollocks, Estevez or Thomas. Perhaps a few others too. I think he has 4 goals and 2 assists now

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