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  1. 59 minutes ago, shorty said:

    No word on the two new signings?  Reports made it sound as though they were done and only waiting for ITCs. The supporter night was a week ago and there’s been not a whisper online. Was hoping they might be at least announced before Saturday. 

    I seem to remember the Gonzalez deal taking a similarly long time to be made official

  2. 1 hour ago, CDNFootballer said:

    PHOTOS: Inside the opening of the expanded Westhills Stadium

    The grand opening of the expanded stadium in Langford is on schedule for Aug. 24

    Home to the Premier League soccer team, which approached the City in spring 2018, as well as Rugby Canada and the Westshore Rebels football team, the stadium has undergone significant upgrades costing about $8.8 million since Langford City Counil approved the expansion last July. Once complete, the expanded stadium will accommodate 6,000 spectators in the purple or white plastic seats that were added to the new and existing grandstands, on the folding bleachers on the field, or in one of 18 VIP suites.



    Lol it's certainly still looks like a construction site in some of those pictures, but the new stand looks amazing. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully it fills up.

  3. 3 hours ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    OneSoccer commentary has a problem that is starting to grate: they pay far more attention to Ontario teams, sometimes inordinately so (hanging around York9 training by their own admission), and then make peripheral, and often ignorant comments about certain other teams. One week review maybe two weeks back literally spent 2% of the time on Pacific, it was the least commented team by far. And often is, week in, week out. 

    They seriously need to hook up--literally, live-- with reporters in other locations who are not sitting on their butts in Toronto, where there is no CPL team and they are drifting into parochial manners after only 3 months.

    That Oliver whatever is a total dud, says nothing of interest, is boring as anything, and for me is taking up the spot of someone with a better connection to Canadian soccer--say Dunfield, much better.


    I wish OneSoccer would hire someone that understood and cared about soccer out west. Campbell was signed as a winger but they keep questioning his ability outside of the 6 yard box. Despite consistent contribution in hold up and build up play. 

  4. 35 minutes ago, JuicyHam said:

    Just made a great turn on a defender up the wing then moved the ball to the centre right on the mark for a Gent player who rocked the shot off the post. Really great play. Should've been an assist 


    Just assisted on Gent's goal at the start of the second half. 1-0 


    And he scores with another slick finish! 2-0 

    Another great finish. He's so clinical in front of goal

  5. 32 minutes ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

    If he's out of contract at that point, he'll be able to sign for whoever wants him on a free transfer. Transfermarkt who normally seem to know when contracts expire, have no info on that:


    I don't know about Campbell specifically, but I've heard most CPL contracts have a club option for next season. The way Pacific management has been talking I can't imagine them blocking a move to a bigger league right now, but they might ask for a fee

  6. 1 hour ago, ted said:

    What seems strange is that you think that a player has to be "unattached" to be signed by another team.

    What is strange is that you do not know that players in the NCAA system are technically "unattached".

    What is strange is that you are throwing shade on the club by suggesting we cannot sign a decent quality player because if he is "unattached" he must be crap.

    There are a whole myriad of reasons that a player might be available to PFC. You can **** on the signing after you find out who it is thanks.

    grumpy brad jones GIF

    Lol no kidding. I didn't expect that reaction. WTF

    I'm trying to figure out who the player could possibly be. How am I throwing shade? I can't think of anyone that fits the description given, because it's quite an impressive statistic to have 10 senior caps for a decent national team at 18. With the transfer window being closed, I thought they could only bring in players that aren't attached to another professional club. I suppose that could mean NCAA, but are there may 18 year old kids in the NCAA with 10 senior caps for a country that's ranked higher than Canada? I would have expected them to have gone professional long ago, or you know, just be finishing high school. I admit I don't follow NCAA, but I do follow international football.

  7. 20 minutes ago, nolando said:

    It could be a rubbish country. St. Vincent and Grenadines, Belize, anyone? I wouldn't be surprised if it's a player from one of the minnows Canada recently played or perhaps even that Guatemalan club that Forge played, scouting being what it often is.

    I thought Friend said that it was with a country ranked higher than Canada though

  8. 12 minutes ago, Bison44 said:

    Check the new club thread, people are advocating no franchise fee because it might scare off or hurt expansion teams.  Try bringing in investors if some teams are spending 5-10mil on wages and some are spending 1mil. 

    Sorry, I really don't follow this reasoning. You don't often have teams declining promotion, despite having to face teams with a much higher budget. Yet there are hundreds of teams in the states that don't compete in the MLS because they can't afford to buy their way into the league. I completely agree that out of control spending can sink a team, but nobody is advocating for that

  9. 5 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

    Every business in the world has a salary cap. It's called a budget. I like the idea of each team having a budget that they determine and enforce based on their reality. As a fan I don't want to know what it is, I dont want to hear about it 

    That's the major difference though. A budget is determined by the success of the club and by internal decisions on how to spend available funds. Those things have no effect in a salary capped league, so you end up with a bunch of clones that rely on each other for survival. It's difficult to build a rivalry when you need your opponent to succeed just as much as you need to succeed 

  10. 17 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    The CPL chiefs would be wise to recognize their competitive advantage to MLS.  CPL has a chance to differentiate and to be organic.  If we start using MLS rules people may as well support MLS.

    So you're saying it's a competitive advantage to differentiate ourselves from MLS by copying traditional leagues? Why?  

    I would honestly prefer if the league moved away from a salary cap and a avoided a DP rule. I think they make for a much less honest competition. But having different roster regulations from MLS is not the reason that Canadians should support this league. We should support the league because it's ours and because of the leagues commitment to Canadian players, coaches, fans, cities...

  11. 40 minutes ago, CDNFootballer said:

    Looks fantastic, seems they're foregoing putting the old family section bleachers back in? If so, probably a good idea as the extra capacity is not needed yet and it looks better without them below the newly erected stand.

    They might also just be moved to clear the endzone for football/rugby. They're still selling tickets for both the supporters stand and the family stand on ticketmaster, even though they're not currently in place. Tickets in the new end seem to be selling well though


  12. 3 hours ago, Kadenge said:

    when did Adekugbe last play a full game for the CMNT for anyone to properly assess him? GC 2017 vs CR and Honduras, where we tied both games? in the 2018 season he played 31 games (2600 mins) at LB for Valerenga. In the current season he has already played 11 games (+ 900 mins) 10 as a starter at LB. At  just 24 yrs he has been a consistent starter at LB for a decent team in top tier Norway. No other player comes close to that production at LB. I am not saying he is the solution, but don't you think he should be given a fair chance to prove himself?

    Absolutely, bring him in and give him another look. We need options and tactical flexibility. Adekugbe has always been a pretty good player, but none of those stats suggest to me that he's a better LB than Davies. I really think people are underestimating his defensive abilities. His recovery speed is ridiculous, and he wins nearly every battle. His defensive lapses are less frequent than most defenders his age that I've seen. I get that people want to see him further up the pitch, and that he lost his mark on that goal, but there's a reason Bayern Munich are grooming him to play the position. I'm actually quite surprised that so many think we have better options than Bayern's second choice LB. It was never meant to be a slight on our other players. Davies is just very, very good

  13. 6 hours ago, jonovision said:

    I don't doubt Davies will get better at LB if he's made to player there at all for Bayern, but at this point he is not our best option there. At least if you consider actual defending to be at least 50% of the job at that position.

    Which players have you been watching? None of our LB options that I’ve watched are particularly strong defenders. Adekugbe included, unless he’s improved in the last year. He’s also quite an attacking fullback. This has been a problem for us for a long time. Well before we tried either MAK or Davies there. 

  14. We've seen what Adekugbe offers in the position. Davies can provide more. I think he's the best option for Canada at several positions,  but we need to figure out how to use him most effectively; and that depends on the other players we have in the squad

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