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  1. Excellent! I'm surprised he had to wait this long. He looked like quite a mature player while in Vancouver.
  2. Haha, alright. While I don't necessarily agree, I can certainly appreciate your honesty and bluntness. What a masterful job of nullifying one side of an argument.
  3. The hostility and bias on this board against the 'Caps organization continually astounds me. I just don't get it. Is it all because they're perceived as not giving Canadians enough playing time on their first team?
  4. Is Larin staying in Orlando now?
  5. Sure, that's a beautiful thought. Do you think there's a market for Surrey vs Edmonton amongst French speaking people in this country?
  6. I'm sorry, but I really feel like it should be the people involved with each club, that should decide their identity. Uniqueness should be celebrated. Yes, I think the league needs Quebec City, and overall investment from the Francophone community. That's a huge part of our county. But if Surrey decides to report their games in Punjabi, instead of French, I certainly wouldn't feel like it was a slight to anyone. The league should do whatever they can to incorporate the different communities across the country, but it's up to those communities to support that team, and decide their identity.
  7. Agreed. It's a shame, but Russell needs to find a new club. I think he could still perform at this level, but he's nowhere near the lineup at Vancouver anymore. There are too many players ahead of him.
  8. I much prefer Royal Athletic to Centennial to be honest, but wouldn't get picky. At this stage, I was hoping there might have been some whispers of interested investors flying around.
  9. Any rumblings coming out of Victoria? Apologies if I've missed a discussion on this.
  10. Weren't a bunch of Larin's NT appearances from when he was a college player?
  11. Fair enough. I hope you're right. To be fair though, I never said that MLS is not bearing fruit, or that it hasn't been a net positive. I just don't see it providing enough to get us where I'd like us to be. Or maybe we simply have different ambitions.
  12. Soccer is completely different. It's a global sport, and MLS is no where near the top league in the world. With how it's set up now, MLS will never help Canada compete on a global level. The same can't be said for hockey.
  13. At 25 and 24, Bekker and Welshman are no closer to solidifying an MLS spot than much younger 'Caps Kianz Froese, Marco Bustos and Sam Adekugbe. Laryea has never played a professional game. No disrespect to Sigma, I think they're doing a tremendous job, but I really don't think these examples prove that they're the best academy in the country.
  14. Well he's being tested against men now. That should tell us something.
  15. There seem to be enough Nickel Percenters to maintain the CFL. Which is clearly of inferior quality to the NFL. It's also a sport that has no international competition, and is a far less popular sport than soccer in terms of participation. National pride can go a long way when you start competing globally.
  16. I really don't get why you belittle this opinion. It seems to have worked for 200+ other countries. In spite of all the difficulties Canada might present, I don't see what is irrelevant or illogical about this view.
  17. I support this wholeheartedly, and will follow and invest in it far more than MLS. Regardless of quality. One of the beautiful things about this sport is that players, clubs, and Nations develop and express an identity through football. I don't think Canada can do that while we're piggybacking on another country's league.
  18. I had no clue he had moved abroad. I remember watching him in Victoria. Very athletic.
  19. I don't think Vancouver's academy yet has a big enough reputation internationally to expect much of a return on prospects like Zanatta. Maybe more proven academy players, but not the unfinished product at this point. If these kids want to try their luck in Europe, I don't think the Caps have much of an option other than to assist them. Hopefully players like Dario can perform well overseas and help build that reputation for the club. Once they've established themselves in the game we might even see some of them return to Vancouver.
  20. http://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/football-wls-hasselbaink-explains-why-he-played-henry-on-the-right-and-dropped-petrasso
  21. Excellent! I'll join at Elephant & Castle. I seem to know very few people in this city willing to watch Canada games
  22. Teibert took the last penalty didn't he? I don't think he'll be taking any direct free kicks, but I could see him on set piece duty when he's on the pitch
  23. I hear Kianz played well against a strong midfield? Not bad for 19.
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