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  1. Davies should have 4 assists so far, since I started watching at the first goal
  2. Tuned in seconds before the goal. Great ball and finish. Has Davies ever been on set piece duty before?
  3. What do you mean at all costs? You'd prefer they get knocked out this round than have to play Mexico next round?
  4. If they're reporting from Pacos perspective that might just be the fee coming to them, which would be a cool 1.2 M Euro profit.
  5. Why, I haven’t watched either team yet but is Mexico really that much stronger?
  6. Arfield is captain and his league is wrapped up. Meanwhile we get two key players from Besiktas who are in an actual title battle. How does that happen?
  7. Good on Besiktas for releasing two very important players in the middle of a title race.
  8. What will it take for CSA to consolidate into one pyramid? I don’t understand why we’ve operated with so many independent leagues for so long
  9. I'd probably invert Davies and Larin, but I'm sure they'll swap back and forth. I suspect Johnston might get the nod too, but we'll see
  10. I just go to the website on all my devices and I’ve never had any issues. I’ve never used the app
  11. I haven’t watched any games from the other group but why do we want USA over Mexico? Their goal differentials are almost the same
  12. I like that they put their most promising kids with the strongest XI
  13. Outside of Buchanan we’ve hardly threatened at all. I wonder what Ongaro or Campbell could have offered
  14. That game felt exactly like every other cycle I’ve followed
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