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  1. Who wants to talk about our boy losing his spot to some no-name French player
  2. He's never really returned to form following his injuries, but if he does he'll be a great addition in a position of need. The guy has ~100 appearances at a level few of our players reach.
  3. Even if Zator ends up never playing for York, that doesn’t make what Duane said true. If there was a guaranteed deal he would have just signed directly in Sweden.
  4. I felt like ghosting into space was one of David's best qualities at Gent as well. I still don't love him as a #9. he loses too many duels. I'd be interested to see a front three of Larin - Cavillini - David, with Davies and perhaps Buchanan providing the width. Cav can occupy the CB and make near post runs leaving David and Larin to find space. I think that's largely the role David played when he won golden boot at the gold cup
  5. I'm surprised that nobody has touched on David's and Larin's positions yet considering they're the ones that have altered roles this season. Does anyone think Larin will play wing for Canada? I continue to be surprised at the consensus on Davies position for Canada
  6. I've questioned playing him as a #9 before, but that was an excellent touch and movement with his back to goal. He completely lost the defenders
  7. Gooalll!!! What's with all these unselfish passing plays all of a sudden
  8. That's how you counter! Lovely pass to spring Araujo by David
  9. Larin drew a second yellow for this, and they scored on the free kick to tie the game. Antalyaspor fans are not pleased
  10. What are the odds that Davies plays left back, David #9, and Larin as a winger the next time Canada lines up?
  11. Farsi has loads of talent but I’d say Kadin Chung is more prepared for the next step.
  12. I’m curious if there are many David jerseys popping up in Ottawa?
  13. Not to mention it's during a time when US/Canadian internationals and MLS graduates are actually performing in top European competitions.
  14. I love that we're focused on continuity, and I think we have a strong squad, but it sure does make for a long, quiet offseason.
  15. Some teams only played 3 weeks of competitive soccer last season. That's not nearly enough for anyone
  16. Good for the player to get some game time. We haven't had enough soccer here. Hopefully some of these moves help build the league's credibility around the world. It would be nice to see more players moving on eventually
  17. It feels like an awful lot of MLS players are heading out on loan all of a sudden
  18. Cheers. I'm surprised they haven't already negotiated the rights for Besiktas games then.
  19. I’ve asked them a couple times to go after Besiktas games, but it would probably be far easier for them to games from another Ligue 1 side. I don’t know who has rights to the Turkish league in Canada
  20. Are you watching the games?
  21. I honestly think he's being played out of position. His strengths aren't being used at all. But yes, he loses out far too often.
  22. And they go top of the table. I watch this team almost every week and I'm amazed Lille are top of Ligue 1. I don't follow the league closely, but the team doesn't play very attractive football
  23. Lille up 1-0 at half. A quiet half for David. They need to find a way to get him more involved. I think he's one of the best playmakers on the team but he rarely has the ball with the chance to get his head up.
  24. PSG lost today so Lille can go clear at the top
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