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  1. Critical games for Davies and David back to back this Saturday
  2. Fury fans have disagreed with me in the past about TMG, but I thought he was really solid for Pacific last season. I hadn't seen much of him before that, but I'd place him alongside some of the other CBs I've seen live like Didic, Montgomery, Norman Jr, and Waterman
  3. Pantemis and Norman were massive contributors this tournament and both of them most recently played in CPL. Though they both have MLS connections as well. I was surprised Farsi and Abzi were used so sparingly, and I think Ongaro or Campbell should have been in that squad
  4. So happy to have Pa and Merriman for another 5 years. They're excellent
  5. Hard to take anything away from this game, but it's great to see so many people getting their first games and goals for Canada
  6. He's been pretty blunt about the fact that he thinks Canadians need to be tutored, coddled, and patronized by Europeans about the game of soccer
  7. Has Canada ever had a shortage in the diversity of experiences department? Our players learn and play the game all over the world, whereas most top footballing nations pull from a pool of players raised in the same pyramid
  8. I thought he showed flashes of brilliance and he looks to have a lot of potential, but I'm surprised by how much clamouring there is for him at this stage. He still has a long ways to go, and players like this don't always get there. I hope he learned a lot from this tournament and had a good experience with our program
  9. Some gutsy defending but we clung to hopes of a draw in games we needed to win. Was this better than our previous cycle?
  10. This game is now the second most watched OneSoccer youtube video behind Humey describing the madness of Indian football and ahead of the USA win
  11. It wasn't until I watched the highlights that I realized just how many chances started with a good forward pass from Adekugbe. That bodes well for this formation
  12. Agree with many. I don't think that is the type of game you judge a player like Eustaquio on.
  13. I don't understand it. Everyone's been calling for this to improve since they launched, and it doesn't seem like they've made much of an effort
  14. We've known Davies was one of Canada's biggest ever talents for like 6 years now. I hate when people say he's had one good season. He's been incredibly impressive at every stage of his career, and in almost every match. Just not on a world stage
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