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  1. Very strong game from Liam on both sides of the ball, and an important victory. Player of the match by a country mile on WhoScored.
  2. Thanks. That makes sense. That's too bad. I would have liked to see him at Pacific but I don't think we have space for him if he's not U21
  3. What's the cutoff for the U21 rule. Would Jonas Hakinnen squeeze in being born March 21, 1999?
  4. I'd like to see how a backline of Chung - Zator - TMG - De Jong does
  5. They literally said they’d prefer him fight to play in Europe rather than retreat to play in CPL. It’s pretty hard to misinterpret that. Plus it’s a loan for a player that’s not getting minutes. How can it be considered anything but a downgrade? You’ve now called me wrong-headed, disingenuous, and tried to explain the English language to me, so clearly my point isn’t being received well. Perhaps the poster was speaking specifically to James’ situation, but the way it’s worded reads to me that they think those who play in Europe have made it and those that play domestically have not. I f
  6. Choosing another option isn’t a knock. Calling the CPL option a retreat is
  7. The money needed for a CPL club isn’t that large. We can still expand. We need to stop projecting interest based on cities that have MLS, MLB, NBA, NHL, CFL etc. to places that have none of those
  8. His playing resume includes his Canada performances though. He’s been one of our better CBs recently
  9. It’s not disingenuous. If committed Canadian soccer supporters can’t get behind the CPL we’re going to be stuck forever. It’s great James still has better options, but it’s not helpful to call CPL a retreat Remove everything within those commas and I might agree. I’m not looking forward to Moldova raiding CPL though.
  10. That’s not what the poster said though. They coined CPL a retreat, and they considered Europe, as a whole, a better option
  11. The faster we lose this perspective the faster we grow as a footballing nation.
  12. Bayern, Lille, and Besiktas all stay at the top. Pacos moves to fourth. That’s a pretty good day.
  13. I don’t think he’s anywhere near the form that he can play at to be honest. He’s lost as many duels as he’s made passes tonight. He can play in a much more free flowing system, but that’s not how he’s being used. Instead he’s battling CBs with his back to goal
  14. Set up again by the keeper. If only his teammates would pass like that
  15. The linesman never should have made that call
  16. I can't believe they're already selling tickets. That has to be a good sign
  17. Important game for their promotion hopes. Both teams are currently part of a 3 way tie for 4th
  18. He played on the wing for Pacific, but he played mostly as an inverted winger. He's relatively quick, if not flat out fast. That wing was very good for us. Maybe the best right side in the league, but they rarely took defenders on out wide, as both Bustos and Kadin Chung are prone to cutting inside instead. One of the reasons Terran Campbell struggled last season compared to 2019.
  19. I'm perhaps a bit biased, but that far post curler that he's mastered is one of the sexier finishes out there. I'm looking forward to seeing him against stronger competition. He's a fantastic CPL player, but I worry he lacks the physicality to play on the wing for this fast paced Canada team. From the scrimmage highlights it looked like he might have been playing more as a 10. He had a fair bit of the ball at the top of the 18, which is exactly where you want him.
  20. Particularly when talking about a guy that made his money managing debt and helping once struggling companies.
  21. Expansion could help the other teams survive though. 10 teams is more interesting than 8, and it may mean less travel for some games. Getting into Quebec and the Lower Mainland would be huge. But yes, the pandemic couldn't have come at a more difficult time for the new league, and survival is key.
  22. Booted twice. I hate diving but I don’t get this take
  23. I don’t disagree, but we’re a still a ways from a finished stadium. The production quality is pretty bad and the in game experience could also use improvement. I love what’s been accomplished so far but further investment is still needed. From the city, club, or other investors
  24. 3 wins and they're all still in it at the top. Strong performances by all our boys too. David with a stoppage time winner, Larin with an assist, Davies 59/59 passing, Hutch with a goal line clearance and all round good game
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