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  1. 2 hours ago, BearcatSA said:

    With a need for competition and/or depth at RB, maybe they would have a look at Farsi.  I have never seen him play but he has garnered some good reviews from several around this forum so who knows?

    Farsi has loads of talent but I’d say Kadin Chung is more prepared for the next step. 

  2. 1 hour ago, MM3/MM2/MM said:

    I agree, MLS would actually lose more by locking the players out for a season then any of the big four, who have close to a world wide monopoly, while MLS has major competition worldwide for players.  They will be all in for an agreement and a season.

    Not to mention it's during a time when US/Canadian internationals and MLS graduates are actually performing in top European competitions. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, El Diego said:

    I forget where I read this (probably somewhere on Twitter) but the idea is that CPL off season is too long for some of these guys, so off season loans to Europe could become common place. Seems to be the case here.

    Some teams only played 3 weeks of competitive soccer last season. That's not nearly enough for anyone

  4. 1 hour ago, narduch said:


    So if this does happen, does One Soccer pick up St. Etienne matches too? 😀

    I’ve asked them a couple times to go after Besiktas games, but it would probably be far easier for them to games from another Ligue 1 side. I don’t know who has rights to the Turkish league in Canada

  5. 18 minutes ago, Ed_S said:

    Can't believe all the bitching and moaning over David's "suffering" at Lille who are sitting in first place in their league. 

    Are you watching the games?

  6. Just now, dyslexic nam said:

    David needs to do one of the following:

    1 - get taller

    2 - get stronger

    3 - get faster


    I doubt he is doing the first so I think he needs to focus on 2 and/or 3.  Yes he made some decent runs today but he is very regularly out muscled or out hustled.  

    I honestly think he's being played out of position. His strengths aren't being used at all. But yes, he loses out far too often.

  7. Lille up 1-0 at half. A quiet half for David. They need to find a way to get him more involved. I think he's one of the best playmakers on the team but he rarely has the ball with the chance to get his head up.

  8. 6 hours ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

    How can you be so confident in stating that given the lack of transparency about league operations? It's not so long ago, even though it should have been obvious that the numbers would not add up in budgetary terms, that it was close to an article of faith on here that there were going to be $1.5 million player salary budgets making top end salaries above the MLS minimum viable.

    Three years on and the median salary is about 22k according to the players association and the league isn't competing in any tangible way with the three MLS franchises on signing domestic Canadian players. Reality rather than aspiration dictates what actually unfolds. Losing WC 2026 co-hosting would be a major change in circumstances from what was envisaged when the Mediapro deal was signed. Mediapro would need to have lousy contract lawyers not to have had a clause inserted related to that contingency.

    Hopefully it all gets sorted out because Montreal looked like the Canadian venue most likely to be suitable on capacity for later round games. I seriously doubt FIFA will want anything to do with Commonwealth Stadium's running track format, so the focus was likely to be mainly on Montreal and Toronto after Vancouver dropped out.

    It’s amazing how many times you choose to have the same argument 

  9. 19 minutes ago, Dominic94 said:

    Yea Faccinieri pardon my spelling, but to Ottawa.

    Ahh right. I forgot about that one. 


    16 minutes ago, masster said:

    David Norman Jr. was also loaned to Pacific as part of the trade to Inter Miami.

    True, but it was my understanding that the loan came from Miami. That could have just been a technicality though

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