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  1. 11 hours ago, Cblake said:

    Do you think there are Canadians in USL who were of no interest to CPL? For instances Dante Campbell who was on loan to Valour last year on loan from TFC II, re-sgined with TFC II rather than CPL. 

    I don’t get it. Are you choosing this player as an example of someone that chose USL over CPL? I can’t say I know much about the guy but it looks like his loan ended after playing far fewer than half the available minutes for a poor Valour team

  2. 19 minutes ago, Shway said:

    This is not true. For a long period of time, the whitecaps were the only province offering players pro opportunities.

    A lot of guys from Ontario were travelling to the BC for this opportunity. (Kyle Porter, & Alex Sements (rip). 

    I meant currently and in recent years though. Hamilton’s age group 

  3. 1 hour ago, Dominic94 said:

    If he’s demolishing like this I don’t think they too.

    Their academy centres are starting to churn out players left right and Center, will be interesting to see what they do. Let’s not forget they’ve cast a Canada wide net, so will they play the kids or keep playing these random players from wherever ?

    This seems to be contradictory. If he keeps doing well they won’t sign him, because their academy is producing players? Amanda was one of those academy players, but he had to go elsewhere to take the next step. He’s not a random player for the caps 

  4. 1 hour ago, baulderdash77 said:


    I think it’s probably pretty fair to say that Ontario develops a lot of high quality youth players - to the age of 16 or 17.  Then there remains this big problem of how to get them to pros.

    There is a tremendous amount of talent coming up that either dies on the vine, goes to another country for development or gets caught in the TFC Academy quagmire.


    From a westerners perspective, I’ve always thought that Ontario youth had more opportunities than anywhere else in the country. They have the most professional and semi-pro options, the best pathway to pro, the best scouting network, and their youth players often seem to be preferred when it comes to youth national team selection. I suppose you could argue there is more competition, but that’s also a positive imo. 

  5. 51 minutes ago, Bison44 said:

    If you are talking about the fans, I would say they are passionate, dedicated and opinionated.

    I'm generally curious if this has been your experience, because I would say this describes a very select few of the fans I've met in stadiums in Canada over the years. Committed supporters aside, most just seem to be there to catch a game, but they know next to nothing about the players, teams or league. This holds true for MLS, NASL, USL, PDL, CPL, PCSL Varsity etc. I don't blame the fans. We give our players next to no recognition

  6. 1 hour ago, El Hombre said:

    I am impressed by Davies' vision.  He doesn't just lay off the easy pass.  He more often than not starts a movement with his passing.  Really impressive.

    I think this is a part of his game that he's improved on from last year. He still defers to his winger or midfielders too often for me in the final third, but that's probably by design. We don't see that with Canada

    52 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    Don't you think he was too conformist in the last 20, needing a goal? 

    I get the sense he does not have that urgency, being a LB you have to be able to charge ahead to get numbers, and if it does not work, charge back. It's like it is not up to him, he just has his role and that is enough.

    I definitely got the sense this was tactical. He had opportunities to overlap but he held his run. One of the few times he did push forward, Alaba ignored him and PSG went and scored on the counter.

    50 minutes ago, ghostknownunknown said:

    He had every right to be furious at Alaba after that third goal. He was WIDE OPEN down the left and instead Alaba played a hopeful ball into the box which lead to the counterattack and goal. 

    Alaba ignores Davies in space far too often. 

  7. Pantemis and Norman were massive contributors this tournament and both of them most recently played in CPL. Though they both have MLS connections as well. I was surprised Farsi and Abzi were used so sparingly, and I think Ongaro or Campbell should have been in that squad

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