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  1. 6 minutes ago, BuzzAndSting said:

    If Ben Fisk retires to “pursue other things” the league has a major problem... if it didn’t already.

    I hope he doesn't but it would be very understandable for him to pursue other options. I imagine he's been trying to eke out a living at this for 8+ years already and he's now into his prime. I can't imagine he's been paid well anywhere he's gone and I don't see a big pay day in his future.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Floortom said:

    Was just looking at the League’s top scorers. Who the hell is this Boupendza? What an insane run he is on 

    He's just about scored as many goals in the last 12 matches as he had up until that point in his career. Insane run, indeed

  3. 6 hours ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

    That means nobody can now emulate what Pacific did in 2019 and have very few imports so more money could be targeted at veteran former CMNT players.

    I've heard Pacific plans to go with very few internationals again, and that they'll just leave the dedicated international roster spots open and go with another short roster. Apparently that's some sort of loophole. 

  4. 22 hours ago, ted said:

    To switch the cameras to the other side would allow for a slight rise in height (the stands are not much higher than the platforms) but come with some pretty bad consequences:

    • showing the side without permanent stands on TV makes it look like very few people are at the game
    • currently that is standing room only as stands cannot be placed there so any people who are there, look like they are watching amateur games
    • taking space in the current stands to mount camera positions takes away ticket sales in an already small stadium

    I see no significant benefit. 

    It’s a different sport but the rugby games filmed from the stands that I’ve watched didn’t have the same issues with an invisible ball and terrible glare. Even night games. A significant improvement from what I’ve seen. I don’t think I need to repeat myself about showing the crowd 

  5. The same conversation seems to be happening in every single CPL related conversation I can find. I feel like everyone’s become so sanctimonious all of a sudden. Can’t we please preserve one place to talk about soccer.

    I think Petrasso will be the next sale for the league. He’s doing well on his loan and he has a history at a higher level. He just needs to stay healthy. 

    A month and a half of soccer is not a long enough season

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